Tuesday, 30 May 2017

On Strings Attached

I have found that in my old age it takes me some time sometimes to figure something out.  Bear with me for a moment of your time while I think something through out loud.  For it has to do with you, too, dear citizen of the American Republic, or believer in the rule of law wherever you live, in whatever country elsewhere in the world.

My question: Why does the act of giving federal tax monies to the states, or colleges/universities, entitle the federal government to regulatory powers over them that it would not have otherwise???  Since the federal government is, by the terms of the constitutional contract between the states and the federal government, in this federal form of government - more precisely, a federal constitutional republic - a government of limited and delegated powers - “few and defined,” in the rather authoritative words of the man known as the Father of the Constitution - and one of its subsequent presidents, no less - James Madison.

Oh.  I think that I am beginning to see, and answer my own question:

that it doesn’t have the constitutional power to use federal tax monies for that kind of purpose in the first place.  And so, by acquiescing in snd to that sort of activity, the states have signaled that they will go along with a, the, charade; that it is in and by the mere acceptance of such monies, then, that the states have been ‘bought off,’ so to speak (and rather precisely so).  That it is that very acceptance that is what opens the door for more, and more, and more extra-constitutional activity on the part of the federal government.  He who pays the piper calling the tune, and all that sort of thinking.*

If so - if I am correct in my conclusion - then the whole enterprise reeks of such corruption that it is a) pervasive, down to the very roots of the organism, and b) time, then, to let it rot away.  And start over.  In some way.

And I would suggest that that Way be the Way of our Creator.  In aligning human governance with that Will.  Totally.  

Blow the whistle on such activity in The Play, and engage, rather, now, in The Real Thing.  So that there will be no more such corruption.  Or corruption of any kind.

And talking about strings attached to our actions: 

the time of Free Will, then, over.  

The Right way.

Not the brutal totalitarian way of our erstwhile masters, lusting after Power Over, and waiting, now, more and more impatiently, to take over.  Their Way.

Giving us a clear choice.

As the Prodigal Son returns.

Home, again.  From his wandering in the wilderness of his making.

Long enough.


* And then there is the sordid business of our judicial branch of government allowing Shariah law to be practiced in this country.  Undercutting our rule of law - i.e., the Constitution - even further; and making it even more difficult to bring the corruption that is going on - and in spades, now - under control...

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