Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Summer Of Rage. Or...

I have just come to the considered conclusion that I must have, could very well have, been V. Lenin in my last past life.   For I have just come across a quote of his, that causes me to boil so furiously in outraged reaction that I MUST be experiencing the consequences of my actions, in a speeded-up version of karmic activity.*  To help with my Ascension. I would presume.  That I don't get left behind, with the rest of you who are going to make it this time around.

It came in an article by Kelleigh Nelson, carried on NewsWithVIews.com for May 22/23, titled 'Message to President Trump, Time To Pull The Plug On The Swamp'.  Very near the beginning of her warning, Kelleigh writes:

Communist Vladimir Lenin stated, ‘We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.’”

'Aha!' I thought, reading this (for the first time).  'This is where the Marxists have gotten their inspiration from, about demonizing the opposition, in order to seize on anything and everything they can, even to making it up, in an attempt to bring Trump down, for raining on the parade of the Marxists on the one hand, and the corporate-government complex of fascists on the other, into their oh-so-desired New World Order, which will (they are under the impression) bring the cancerous mass of people under the control of, and for many of them, the elimination by, the almighty state.  Not necessarily from Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' after all.  But from closer to the head of the snake.  This is it - their very marching orders!  The Party speaks!'

Nelson goes on to say: “Our globalist establishment socialist media and politicos are following Lenin’s words to a ’T'...Our President is in a nest of vipers, a swamp with treacherous and traitorous snakes intent on destroying his Presidency.  It’s time to take off the gloves and drain the swamp.”  And she emphasizes the point a moment later:

“It is why President Trump must pull the plug on the swamp.”

Indeed.  And sooner rather than later.  Especially after I came across, in my 'surfing of the net' in my emails tonight (Monday just past), reports of the intended 'Summer of Rage' this summer, beginning in early June (June 2nd, to be exact; concentrating on the fake 'Russian hacking & link to Trump' meme), but gathering a crescendo of action on July 2 leading to the crowning clash of cymbals - and symbols - on July 4.   

And the 'message' that I get from all this is that I must do all I can to head such a summer off.  That it would be a terrible thing to happen, with no good end out of it; for either side in the current face-off.  For, we are at the end of The Play.  And it's time to move on.  And Up.

Pulling all the strings of the Drama together.  And realizing that we have been doing just that:

playing parts.

To learn lessons from.

And some of us, to pay off our karmic debt.

However that works out, for each of us.

To 'redress the grievances' that we have helped to create.

And thus, to move on.

And leave the darkness of our slumber time behind.

In the Light, rather, of a Summer of Fruition.


* Not 'retribution,' really.  Just rebalancing the scales.  Of Justice.

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