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How Long Is A Piece Of Rope?

1) from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘American Academy of Pediatrics declares “no science” needed to prove vaccines are safe, because they BELIEVE’ - Mike Adams/Natural News (with material from JeremyHammond.com) - May 7/8

Stan May 9, 2017 at 12:49 am
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One can assume, with some legitimate excuse, I believe, that The Boss is giving every soul as long a piece of rope as they need either to pull themselves out of the cesspit that we have gotten ourselves into or to hang themselves by.

It’s yours to choose, Citizen. And lukewarm isn’t going to cut it.

2) from rickwells.us: ‘Kushner Visa Scandal Is President Trump’s Chance To Remove Family Swamp Creatures’ - Rick Wells - May 9
(Jared Kushner’s sister caught selling access to Chinese investors in the EB-5 Visa program, which gives them an inside path to citizenship.)

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Get Kushner out of there. Period. He’s part of the swamp that needs draining.


First of all, to comment on my comment that "lukewarm isn't going to cut it".  I am referring to the fact that in the Ascension process that we are in the latter stages of, some are going Up in frequency with Gaia, and some are not going to make the grade.  There will be no in-between.  You either graduate to the next level or you don't.  

That's just the way that it is, in these things.

Second.  About the 'Kushner' thing.  This is 'a long story'.  But the gist of it is that the Jews have been used for centuries - millennia - as a sort of deus ex machine; a means to progress the plot, to add juice to the historical process; to The Play.  Much like an adjuvant to a vaccine; to give it some kick, in order to generate antibodies to the vaccine's prodding, as 'Other'.  According to my most recent reading, they made a major move out of a permanent 'nuisance' (to their neighbors) status when a priestly-class Jew named Josephus saw the writing on the wall regarding the power of the Roman Empire over the Jews's stronghold in Judea, and decided that if you can't beat them, join them, and work from rhe inside to accomplish your goal: He talked a Roman general by the name of Vespasian into a deal, whereby Josephus promised him that he would help him become emperor - and thus, a living god - by making moves to pacify the constantly rebelling Jews, in exchange for being taken in under Vespasian's wing to become a Roman citizen, along with some of his friends.  The number of 'friends' turned out to be about 250 of his fellow priestly class of Jews and their families;1 and the pacifying move was in the form of writing up the scourging of Judea - including the sacking of Jerusalem and the demolishing of the Temple - by Vespasian's son Titus as due justice for their incessant rabble-rousing against the yoke of Rome, and making Titus out to be the promised (and Second Coming) Messiah of the Jews (chastising them as 'this wicked generation').  He did it by making up a story2 about a Messiah figure back at the beginning of that generation - made up of pieces of the many god-men of the day, and their traits - whose public ministry precisely 'foretold' Titus's military campaign in Judea, starting at Lake Galilee.  The deal was made, and carried out; and thereby, the Jewish priestly line lived to fight another day.  In the form, ultimately, of most of the emperors during the succeeding centuries, and many of the bishops and even popes of the thus conjured-up Christian religion, and finally, of the royal bloodlines of Europe.  The Jews gaining their desired Power Over Others via cunning, trickery, and deceit - utilizing their native subversive talent.    

And we come down now to our day and age, and they are making their long-planned-for move to take over the United States of America, as their last stop before controlling the whole world, and ruling it from Zion.

Is their plan.  But as we all know by now, 'The best-laid plans' etc. etc..  There is another outcome for us humanoids to come to.  In alignment with our Path, from (seeming) Separation - in order to learn lessons thereby; and prove ourselves - to Unity. 

All, another story.  Just to say, now, in closing this brief interlude of commentary on History (i.e., his story; about Man), that the U.S. needs to be vary cautious about letting this bunch of 'adjuvants' control this country.  They can be very ruthless, in their determination to gain their final goal.  

Which needs to being the best out of us in response to that prodding.  So that we can achieve a form of Unity.  Which will resonate us with the final outcome thereof.                        

And believe me, it is not made up of Force.  We have been given Choice all along.

It is, rather, made up of its opposite.

Of, in a word:


What it has been all about.  


The End.

P.S.  The three most significant books in this whole story, to my mind, being: 
     'The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold' by Acharya S (pen name of D.M. Murdock); 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus' by Joseph Atwill; and 
The Secret Society of Moses: The Mosaic Bloodline and a Conspiracy Spanning Three Millennia' by Flavio Barbiero.  (Also 'Christ In Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection' by D.M. Murdock.)



1 He mentions "about fifteen men of high priestly rank" numbered among those family members.  Which is well enough of a number of priestly caste to 'carry on'.

2 in which he wrote himself a part, as his alter ago; a major figure in the narrative, and succeeding set of book chapters (ka the New Testament) named Saul become Paul.  (The name change being a bit of a pun on his part.  The sort of thing that he wrote into his story a number of times.  All, another story.)


And speaking of our having just scratched the surface - of itself, and in this telling thereof - of what all is going on in our day and world:

from rickwells.us: ‘Author Of New Obama Book Describes Things Missed BY MSM Propagandists For Over 8 Years’ - Rick Wells - May 9
(A 'progrssive Democrat' who liked the early Obama but became concerned about what happened to him with the assumption of power...)

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“The appearance to those curious journalistic minds would be that there’s nothing new to discover, the 1,000 page book got it all. Maybe it did, maybe not.”

Obviously it didn’t, Rick. This is a story a long time in the making. We’re just scratching the surface.

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