Tuesday, 30 May 2017

On Coming Into My Own

P.S. So I intend to set 'progress' back twenty years??
     Oh no.
     Or forty years.
     Or four hundred years.
     I intend to set this kind of 'progress' back as far back as before the money changers devised the (self-serving) concept of money as debt.
     Interest-bearing money.  Which, in its switching of the focus from money merely as a convenient medium of exchange to money as a desired entity in itself, generates such features of 'his story' as wars.  And artificial shortages.  And the likes of poverty amidst plenty.  And child sex trafficking,  And...
     Do I need to go any further?  Into the need now for
     The New.
     And us with it.
     Having gone just about as far as we can go on this path.
     Before calamity sets in.
     Major calamity.
     Which is decidedly not what 'it' is all about.
     'It.'  Life on this planet.
     And life itself.
     About to change.
     In perfect timing.
     According to the larger aspect of things.
     Of which all this is but a part.
     In which we have played many parts.
     And now,
     are asked - by Necessity -
     to come up with our best.
     And love may grow.
     For all we know.

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