Thursday, 11 May 2017

On The Cusp

Signs of the times:

1) from ‘Hillary In Big Trouble - AG Sessions’ Grabbing Low-Hanging Fruit for State’s Evidence’ - Dave Hodges - May10
(“As “Pedogate” investigators turn their eyes on the next level up with regard to child-sex-trafficking, will they evenentually [sic] turn their eyes upon Hillary Clinton. Many feel that she is in the clear line of sight for those turning state’s evidence…”)

Stan May 10, 2017 at 9:55 pm
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I would seriously doubt that Trump will let Sessions take down Hillary. Why? Because his atrocious act in the bombing of the Syrian airbase – an act of war – without proper scrutiny of the facts had to have been at the behest of the NeoCons, and therefore evidence that he is a compromised man (most probably because of his own visits to Epstein’s Orgy Island) – that is, that America’s domestic enemies have something on him, and so he can only go so far on his leash. I would hope that I am wrong about this, and that he will indeed Drain the Swamp. But we’ll see how this particular facet of the corruption going on in our high political echelons plays out.

2) from ’Trump Is Purging the Deep State’ - Dave Hodges - May 10
  • Stan May 10, 2017 at 10:22 pm
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  • “Breaking news from the evening of May 9, 2017, at least five members of the Environmental Protection Agency‘s Scientific Advisory Board have been fired, likely to be replaced by representatives from industries the EPA regulates.”

  • Hold on – that’s fascism; just like we have experienced for many years, as an aspect of The Swamp. That would mean that The Donald is not The Man to take us into The New.

  • But he could take us a few steps in that direction…

Dear Donald,

We experience our reality through a limited set of senses.

There is more, much more, than what we sense with our current equipment.

This is all for a larger Purpose.

Stay the course.

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