Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Law Is An Ass, Sometimes

What is this crap about a law against counselors who help people on the gender identity confusion spectrum with their identity issues?  It’s a) voluntary, and b) offering the public a choice.  What is the thinking behind the state’s position in this matter?? 

It would appear that said thinking is on the order of, ‘Offering such counseling implies there is something wrong with people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and that can lead to both discrimination and hate speech/violence against them, and therefore it is ruled illegal’.  If that is the argument, all I can say is, Bollocks.  And if you continue to press me, and suppress me, on the issue, I will say something like:

‘I refuse to punch you in the nose, for your terribly inventive but sophistic thinking on this matter, for that would be a matter of God punching God in the nose, and that’s not a very high-consciousness response to the issue at hand.  But I will take issue with you on it, along the lines of a part of God asking another part of God to get off a low-consciousness level of thinking, and look at the matter at hand in a more reasonable way.  That is to say, to deal with the issue from the perspective of basic human liberty, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Not from the perspective of oppressive state control over the individual.’

The Left seems to be on a roll towards a totalitarian state of being, for all of humanity ultimately to have to chafe under.  Total control over the individual.  As unto the former Soviet Union. And as Red China engages in in our day.  To the extent of harvesting the organs of its prisoners!  What an obscene practice that is.  Let alone the fact that many of its prisoners are merely political prisoners.  That state not differentiating between those who break legitimate laws, and those who have simply fallen foul of ‘political correctness’.               

With the same sort of politicized attitude having come to a head in this country, with Obama’s appointees to the various judgeships in the country, and many of them rendering purely political decisions now, in defiance of anything that the Trump administration attempts to establish, in a change of direction from the Usurper’’s time at the helm of the American ship of state.*  

Yes, judges have often demonstrated a political perspective, with a liberal or conservative bent of mind.  But not like what has been going on in this country, ever since the Usurper raised the ante on the charade of running the country by the rule of law - the Constitution, for not having been an eligible candidate for that office in the first place; and so giving his appointed judges carte blanche to try cases merely by their personal socio-political proclivities, not under the fig leaf of abiding by constitutional law any longer.

It is a situation that needs to change.


If we don’t have the rule of law, we have arbitrary law.  Which effectively is anarchy.  Which will lead to shooting in the streets of America.

More than has been going on, under the pretense of law, and order.

* ‘Klayman Appeal, Ethics Complaint Against Obama Judge In Clinton Benghazi Cover Up’  (rickwells,us for May 31)
   Etc. etc., in that vein over the just-previous years.
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The law is an ass, sometimes. And needs to be called on that unfortunate fact.

Thanks, Larry, and Rick, for doing so, in this glaring instance.

P.S. And to clarify: My understanding of the ‘gender identity’ issue is that there is a very considerable problem here regarding that matter, which needs to be addressed by more than counseling; that it goes to a fact that the fetal brain in its early stages of development can be affected in such a way, by the maternal hormonal bath that it is developing in, as to have male-patterned brains ’wired’ into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage along that ‘gender confusion’ spectrum in between.  So there is more that needs to be happening as regards this issue than just the counseling of the affected individuals.
     But it is certainly not something that we should be living with so cavalierly.  It is a canary in the coal mine, in effect - a warning, that there is something going on in our environment, that is causing this epidemic of gender confusion issues.
     And which is being used by our erstwhile masters to create another ‘minority’ class of persons susceptible to their subtle, and satanic, appeals to societal overthrow, of 'the established order' that is keeping such tyrants at bay.
     As to America, and its primary role of standing in the Way of our erstwhile masters:
     A nice, succinct commentary on the Constitution and its companion document, the Declaration of Independence; from Hillsdale Online Courses:

About “Introduction to the Constitution”

"This 12-lesson course explains the principles underlying the American founding as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and secured by the Constitution. The Founders believed that the principles in these documents were not simply preferences for their own day, but were truths that the sovereign and moral people of America could always rely on as guides in their pursuit of happiness through ordered liberty."

"In their pursuit of happiness through ordered liberty."  Just so.  And just so the basis for America's claim of exceptionalism.

The dignity of the individual.  As not born with saddles on our backs.

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