Monday, 1 May 2017

Can It Get Any Worse?

A breather first, on a time when America was so much more pure than it is today: the time of the Northwest Ordinance, guaranteeing decent civil protections, religious liberty, and no slavery, in the expanding confederation (at that point; 1787, but before the gathering in Philadelphia that summer, for what became known as the Constitutional Convention).  A refreshing 'moment,' from Hillsdale Colleges's episode 7 of its interesting series on American Heritage, this one entitled 'Western Expansion'.   Ah, the good old days (except for the Native Americans; another story)...

...and then back into our dark time.  To clean up our act.  Before we can move on.  Further into the Light.   With work to be done.  Not ignored.

As my day progressed:

Another excellent episode - in an informative way/meaning of the word (it is, in fact, appalling, outrageous stuff) - of 'Vaccines Revealed' (late Sunday night).  And then there was also this:

from ‘Reporter Jailed Under the NDAA - The Disappearing of a Reporter’ - Dave Hodges - April 30
(It turns out that a reporter, one Barrett Brown, has been ’disappeared’ into our penal system, apparently under NDAA ‘regulations’, without due process.  The handiwork of a rogue government, Soviet-style.
It can’t get much worse than this.  So……………………???????????????????
Part of the charge, apparently, is that he was leaking info that pointed to the reason why Syria - and NK - are being fingered for being taken out by TPTB: because neither of them belong to the Rothschild family of central banks.  And that’s also why Iran is next in line……)

Stan April 30, 2017 at 11:01 pm
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Thanks for this heads-up, Dave. Important stuff. 
By the way, another reason why TPTB are going after Syria is because of the oil pipeline that they want to run through that ‘area’ (read: duly elected state) in competition with the one that Russia wants to run through it, and is going through the legally elected government of the ‘region’ to do so.

What an arrogant bunch of people we have running the world – or that is to say, most of the world – these days…Whatever one may think of Putin, at least he is not under the thumb of these, our erstwhile masters. Who need to be run out of Dodge. And fast.


Later, this day, and in answer to the query I posted as my title:

Very possibly.


from ‘May Day Mayhem - Thug Attacks Innocent, Unarmed Students At UT - Stabs Four, One Dead’ - Rick Wells - My 1/2
(Apparently an ‘antifa terrorist’ - a lone attacker, looking like a jihadi complete with beard - walked up to some students eating at a picnic table on a gun-free-zone university campus site and caused them to suffer for their sins.  Whatever they were in the mind of the crazy.  Who was a ‘student’ there.  Yeah, right.)

Stan // May 2, 2017 at 6:38 am // Reply (act. May 1 PDT)
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This is all just disgusting stuff. First of all, it shouldn’t be that difficult to trace where the money is coming from to fund the likes of BLM – there already seems to be evidence that it comes at least in part from Soros-funded fronts – and if/when they engage in violence, the money bags goes down with them. Secondly, these thugs in balaclavas should never have been able to get away with covering their ID that way: Anybody masking themselves gets taken in, mug shot, fingerprinted, and goes into the record as to who they are. And into the slammer at least overnight. And WE TAKE BACK OUR STREETS FROM THESE THUGS.

Stan // May 2, 2017 at 6:59 am // Reply (still May 1; moments later, as an afterthought)
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P.S. As terrible as a lot of this crap is, we must be careful not to overreact in retaliation. That is just what these assholes behind all this stuff want – to get the mayhem escalated – ‘Chaos’ – to such a degree as to impose ‘Order’ out of it. Their Order. Not ours.

Not to take it ‘in stride’. Just in awareness.

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