Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Reaching The Bottom

from rickwells.us: ‘Dobbs - Trump Team Must Wake Up - Left Declared War, It’s About Survival’ - Rick Wells - May 16/17
(Dobbs levels particular criticism at the WH Communications Room for not rising to the occasion.  But the public needs to pitch in here, too.)

  • Stan // May 17, 2017 at 1:56 pm // Reply (act. still May 16 PDT)
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  • Thank you, Lou. Telling it like it is. It’s all too obvious now that the New World Order crowd are out to take down Trump with all guns firing away, and over and over; almost ludicrously so – and the public doesn’t seem to have risen to the occasion yet. Indeed, Lou: “This is a war, dammit. So get to war.” Force the issue, wherever and however you can: on Comments threads – the lot. 

  • Trump has made some moves that seem peculiar to those of who want him to Drain the Swamp of the Deep State critters, and take our country back from their stranglehold. But trust that he’s the best we’ve got – and let him know that we’ve got his back, so that he can feel emboldened to do the job that the traditional-values American people elected him to do. The Constitution is hanging by a thread. Don’t let it collapse in a heap. It’s all we’ve got. Between the rule of law. And chaos. And a civil war that must not be allowed to happen, for its playing right into the hands of the NWO crowd – Crisis bringing Opportunity, as they well know. Trump can squelch the fires of the NWO crowd before things get to that extreme level in the country, if he thinks that the American citizenry have his back. Let him know that he has your support, however you can. 
  • There is no sideline in this war. It’s all in.

from rfckwells.us: ‘McMaster Tries Explainilng Russian intel Sharing To Thick-Headed Libs’ - Rick Wells - May 16/17
(The leftist MSM hyenas in the WH Briefing Room are obviously after blood, lusting for blood.  The slightest smell of it - even if it’s a concocted smidgin - and they’re off and running.  It’s pathetic, how obvious it is.  How low the ‘free press’ of the Republic has sunk.)  

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Indeed, Rick. Indeed.

They’re playing hardball. We need to play hardball back.


from thecommonsenseshow.com: ‘NSA Has Fraudulently Taken Control Over All Electronic Voting’ - Dave Hodges - May 15/16
(“The so-called Ransom Computer virus, for short has a hidden benefit for the globalists. America may have just had their last semi-honest election in which the results are 100% predetermined by the globalists. But now, winners and losers can be selected by the touch of a button.  Here is the story on how your political choice has been stolen…”)

No words.


And in the really beginning to get irritated dept.

from libertyheadlines.com: ‘Hillary Launches Unlimited ‘Dark Money’ Group’ - May 16  (from Infowars - May 15)
(Hillary rallying her troops for continued activity, both to hassle Trump and to keep her 
campaign alive...)

Jim Ted Green 10 hours ago (May 16)

Yep, We are in dangerous times, and THANKS to Politicians like Hillary Clinton and Obama and the Liberal Democrat FREAKS, The World got a LOT more DANGEROUS! If you really want to reach out and work together .... Then call, write, or e-mail your Liberal Legislators and tell them to set down, and get to work making America GREAT AGAIN, instead of being "OBSTRUCTIONIST"! How does being an "Obstructionist" help America???????????

You wanted some thing constructive .... Listen to President Trump, We have NOT HAD A PRESIDENT SINCE EISENHOWER, THAT HAS WANTED MORE GROWTH FOR AMERICA! JUST ask yourself,..... WHAT HAVE THE DEMOCRATS DONE TO HELP AMERICA? And for that matter ask the same of many Republicans! This is why Donald Trump was Elected to the Office of President, and my one Vote helped put him there, and I am very proud of that fact!

  • drdorothyamorganmaddox Jim 8 hours ago (May 16)

  • Hillary Clinton got three million votes more than Trump. The Russian hacks, and electoral votes that was hacked got him in office. Most of the country is not with him, but against him. He is a swamp dweller by the way he disrespect women and every body else.
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  •          kibitzer3 drdorothyamorganmaddox a minute ago (May 17)

    • And how many of those votes were by illegal aliens and other non-citizens, dead voters, and duplicate/multiple voters, and via Soros-programmed electronic voting machines?? My home state of California - jam-packed with illegal aliens - and New York State alone could have provided that plurality of votes for her. The Democrats keep blocking any decent, legitimate efforts to create some Voter Integrity in this country. It's a disgusting situation. And stop with the "Russian hacks" business. There was no such hack; it was a leak, by a Sanders-backing DNC volunteer who lost his life because of it. You libs have no shame. Go drink some more of your Kool-Aid.

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And one final entry, in the Enough is Really Enough dept.:

Garry Franchi of the Next News Network has reported on a court case filed by Sanders supporters against the DNC (regarding the leaked emails showing collusion between the DNC and the Hillary camp) which show that the DNC is arguing - in court, this is, mind you - that the Democrat Party reserves for itself the right to determine its candidates by "internal rule".  Has no obligation to run its primaries "in a fair and impartial manner".

Got that, you dumb sheeple Democrats?  Your vote means nothing to The Party, except at the end of its process, in the final election itself.  Your primaries are a sham and a delusion.  The Party has the right to determine whatever it wants.  Because it is The Party. 

Sound familiar???    

And these throwbacks to the former Soviet Union want to run this country.......................

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