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The Ancient Of Days

In my ancient of days I have taken to cultivating my feminine side, by sitting down while I pee; having gotten tired of piddling on my pants in my old age.  It’s probably a sign of prostate cancer; but I can’t be bothered doing anything about it, other than perhaps googling what sort of change in my diet that I can make to help in alleviating that particular problem for us males of the species.  But hey - one doesn’t live forever.  Although that truism may be up for grabs, these interesting days.  What with the rumored Ascension going on, and all.  

What do I think of that, and all that subject sort of thing; a time for the end of The Play, and the beginning of The Real Thing, in our return to The eternal Now, from our sojourn in the land of Time, and its experiences of Separation and Duality, in the learning of lessons, as in a classroom for aspiring gods??  As Regulars in the perusal of my blog would know and attest to, if the subject came up, I have an affinity for the idea, and subject.  But in reality, I simply have an open mind.  On this subject; and as with many others.  I have lived long enough in this particular incarnation to know that that is a wise choice to make, in living one’s life 

For example.  Christianity is the preeminent religion of Western Civilization; had a central role in its unfolding.  But what if we now came to an understanding that it was a false religion - merely a belief system.  As all religions, in actuality, are, anyway.  But let me take Christianity, for my purposes in this particular blog.

And to do so, let me back up a bit, on my personal timeline.  To the ‘time’ (this was in the mid-‘50s) when I was researching its roots in the stacks of the Main Public Library in New York City.  What I had considered to be ‘the largest public library in the Western world,’ which I chose to do my research in regarding the origins of said religion.  The background to that move: Whilst living in California, and attending university in that state (Stanford, since you ask) - and as real Regulars at this site will know - I had ‘a spiritual experience,’ which caused me to drop out of my formal education schooling (I was a pre-Med; and in point of fact, had just received my notice of admittance into Stanford Medical School in the following school year. Subject to ‘satisfactory’ completion of my studies to that point.  Which, in the event, failed to take place) and set out on a path that I hoped would lead to answers to the main questions of life -  usually couched in the form of the questions ‘Who am I’ and ‘Why am I here’, which I thought of at the time in the form of ‘What is this all about’ and ‘What am I here for’ - in general, and about the Christian religion in particular.  For example, I wanted to go study the books of the New Testament in their original form, which I assumed must be in Aramaic.  Only to find out - quite soon after starting to delve into my research, on my way to going even deeper - that no, the originals were in Greek.  And two, there was serious question regarding them; that is to say, their authenticity.1  Which included the fact that - lo and behold - there were a number of god-men remarked on in that era, with different names in different cultures, and all with the exact same traits as were assigned to the Jesus character.  And character he appeared to be, at that stage in my research: a composite figure, who somehow ended up being the sole god-man for the Roman Empire, after having a lot of competition for the title.  And all the rewards accruing therefrom, for his high-class followers.  Including great landowners, and noble families (spreading throughout Europe); and not to overlook the richly rewarded life of high figures in the Catholic Church, including many bishops, cardinals, and even popes, over the succeeding generations.

But I get ahead of myself a bit, in this telling of my specific journey in the wilds of religion.  Suffice it to say, that I found out enough in the initial stages of my research into the matter to alert me to the fact that there was something terribly wrong - ‘fishy’; as it were - with the Christian story, as it has been passed down to us over the centuries, and as it originated; and I would need to keep my eyes open from then on.  And my mind likewise.2

And that attitude has led me to this day, wherein I have struck paydirt, in the form of the excellent research of a number of scholars into such matters.  

I have referred to these recent entries into the field before in these pages, so I won’t go into those specifics here.  Just to say that we owe a great deal to such researchers, who have kept their minds open, and continued to delve into such mysteries; not content to accept things as they were, which left too many loose ends hanging, to satisfy a real scholar.3  The upshot, of all the good men and women who followed in the footsteps of their scholarly progenitors: 

The Christian religion was created - invented - by the Flavian-family dynasty of Vespasian the father and Titus and Domitian the sons (particularly by a Romanized Jew adopted therein named Josephus; together with other Flavian court intellectuals, and, presumably, with a particular assist from Titus himself, who was known to be a very clever dude) in order a) to put them on the empiric throne of Rome and b) to stop the incessant rebelling of the Jews, by ‘painting’ Titus as the Second Coming ‘Son of Man’ as ‘prophesied’ by the character Jesus (and the Old Testament prophet Daniel), in Titus’s sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple, for the Jews not heeding the pacifistic ‘turn the other cheek’  created type of Messiah-character Jesus’s admonition to ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,’ and to be obedient subjects, as conveniently written in Romans 13; all as buttressed by Josephus - a Hellenized Jew of priestly extraction - in his ‘Wars of the Jews’ and ‘Jewish Antiquities,’ written while he was court historian for first Vespasian and then his sons.4  

And thus did the Jews win the day.  By subterfuge.  Which deceit - and conceit - has carried down to our day.

And yet…and yet……

That’s the story of Hellenized Jewry, become Christianity.  They obtained worldly riches that way, almost beyond measure - landowners, noble families; the lot.  But what of the Jews proper??

Let me cut to the chase here, and my reflection on this matter.

To wit: There are good Jews and bad Jews.  (Figures.  They’re human.)  The bad Jews are coming after us from both sides of the political aisle - from the ‘left’ and the ‘right’: from the ranks of modern-day Jews, a huge percentage of which are 'liberals,' and from the ranks of the Hellenized Jews-turned Christians: the ‘noble’ families of Europe5 (together over on the right with the Jewish 'international bankers’); all lusting after Power Over Others.  The good Jews don’t want to have anything to do with these people - which includes what are called Zionist Jews6 - because they are essentially secularists, after world power; not true, religious Jews, trying to live a holy life, deferentially in the sight of their God.  And ‘we’ are the Gentiles.  The ’goyim’ - the Others.  Particularly to the ‘bad’ Jews, who are close - so close - to their goal, of world hegemony.7

And therein lies the crux of the matter.  For, it’s all on the table, now.  To say: The world is at stake.  And that makes it a game changer, in reactive response to the Dark side of the evolutionary equation.  Hence, the end - the final Synthesis, in Hegelian, to say Natural Law terms - of The Process.

Of The Play.  And time, now, for

the Real Thing.  

And ‘they’ - the Dark side - have had a hand in things getting to this point.  In the long, pageant-like Drama, of life on planet Earth.  And so, they need to be given due credit for their role in  

The Process.  

It has all been grist for the mill.  Grinding out

gods in the making.

Learning lessons - in multiple lives of experience - along

The Way.

And so, I call on the Dark side Players to give up their roles.  (Not an easy task, granted.  But, from those who are given much, much is expected in return.  It's karmic.)  And join the Light side.  Here, at the end of

The Play.

As we release fiat money - debt money - interest-bearing money, and its other half, its partner in drama-making, of fractional-reserve banking.  And enter into

a New Era.  

An Era of 


With the likes of free-energy devices.  And replicators.  And the more extensive development of telepathy.  And teleportation.  And so forth, and so on.  In

the New Era.  

Upon us.

As we speak.

For, you see, God - and we all; for we are part of The All - planned it all.  Including the fact that there is enough gold to go around plenty ‘deep’ enough for all to live the good life.  As long as we still need to rely on the relatively primitive concept of precious metals backing our ‘money’.  And the need for ‘money’ itself.  In a realm of Abundance.

Welcome to the other side of

the Old.   

P.S. What do I think of the Jewish Old Testament god?
     A: Not much.  Too vengeful, and lustful, for my taste.  Still very low-consciousness stuff.  More like a member of the Anunnaki,8 who ’from heaven to Earth came’ and colonized the planet for awhile. In its exceedingly interesting, and long, history.   (Which we will be learning more of.  Shortly.)  But I acknowledge all legitimately sincere belief systems.  For, they have been part of our Passages About Earth - our history.  And we have learned a lot from our history.  
     And let’s see, now, how well we have learned it all.  As we arrive at  
     our final
     And take our bows.
     Before we move on.  Into
     the Now.

     Oh - And as for Christianity:
     With all due respect: At some point, dear sincere Believer, you are going to have to decide what is more important to you, a belief system or the Truth.
     And yes yes: I understand all about the 'Revelations' part of this Drama, and how you are going to be looking out for the AntiChrist, and such End Times stuff.  All I can say to all that, is:
     Be careful what you invoke.
     Perhaps the last big Lesson of them all.

P.P.S. And so, to the questions:
     Q: Who am I?
     A: I am an expression of the Creator.
     Q: Why am I here?
     A: To awaken to that truth.  And be like unto my Creator.  Living in alignment with the highest Will of my Creator.
     As to those sorts of questions in the specific forms they took for me at the start of my quest:
     Ah well.  That's getting a little too personal.
     You don't think that I'm going to tell you all about myself, do you??  Isn't the fact that I dribble while peeing sufficient enough of a personal sharing, for you to handle, at this time???
     (Now, where is a Levite when you need one.  For your Levi's...)
     I'm saying: Don't take all of 'this' too seriously.  After all, it's just
     a Play.)


1 That there was no evidence that they were written by the names attached to them, one.  And two, that the earliest copies extant only dated to the very late first century/beginning of the second century CE; i.e., far enough after the time period involved to have different fingerprints on them than purported.  And three, that there was no supporting reference by any other writer of the period to the story in the New Testament. Except for a reference in the works of a Jewish historian named Josephus; which has been considered by many conscientious scholars to be an anachronism, inserted later on by Christian apologists in order to buttress the Church’s story.
   As for Josephus…well, I’ll get to this interesting character in this story - this fable; this work of fiction - in a moment.

2 Primarily bothering me was that I didn't know what was the purpose; who was behind it, and why.  I still needed to have my Eureka moment on that score.
   A piece of the puzzle fell into place for me when somewhere along the way I came across the scholarly observation that the New Testament seemed almost designed to 'acquit' the Roman power structure of any blame regarding the trial and crucifixion of Jesus; that it was the Jews who refused to acknowledge him as their expected Messiah, and thus, his outcome was on their hands.  That Jesus seemed to go out of his way to tell his followers to 'bend the knee' to the Roman imperial rulership over their territory.
   What a prime clue.  Little did I know then, just how much of a clue it was.     

3 I will name here in particular a woman scholar who wrote under the name of D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S, who, unfortunately, died a couple of years ago, of breast cancer, after an admirable career as a scholar; and far too soon, to be able to be given her due credit while she was still alive to appreciate the acknowledgment.  But, as these things go - as we understand, now; better than ever before, thanks to such keen, inquiring minds - she knows.
   And has moved on, in her personal part of The Process; to new challenges, and accomplishments.

4 And who brought quite a crowd of priestly-class Jewish families with him, who became among these first Christians, in his having figured out how to save the ‘tribe’ from their excesses - to live, and fight another day.  In another way.
   N.B.: That earliest group of Christians also included the 'real,' initial members of the Flavian family dynasty - who numbered the earliest Christian martyrs amongst them.  All a very interesting story.  For those who like Truth in their diet.
   But to continue.

5 Hence the concept of 'the divine right of kings': descending from the Jewish priestly line of these families, dating from such families that were saved by Josephus in bringing them with him into the Flavian court.
   Actually, in dating much further back in history, to the days when life on Earth was affected by ETs - and not the benevolent kind.  But to continue, for here and now.

6 Even though ‘they’ - in the form of the Rothschild family - were responsible for the ‘return’ to the Jews of the modern state of Israel.  Catch-22

7 Which is why they are going after Trump with all they’ve got (including the MSM).  They feel that they lost their big chance when Ronnie ‘Ray-gun’ Reagan came riding out of seemingly nowhere - specifically, the West - on his white horse, to queer their best-laid plans in the ‘80s; and they aren’t about to let their prize slip out of their clutches this time.  Too much is at stake, now.
   To say:the world.
   Which means: Game Over.

8 Who apparently 'gave' the Israelites, in their time of wandering in the wilderness, a machine that manufactured 'manna' out of dew and sunlight - a form of algae.  Which it was the job of a particular tribe - the Levites, as I recall the story - to keep clean and working.  And which became known as the Ancient of Days, because of its 'beard' - the 'manna' dripping from its mouth, before it was ritually cleansed after each morning's delivery..
   At least, that was the decided opinion of an engineer who lived on the Isle of Mull, and came up with this idea as, er, food for thought many years ago.  And which I always pictured as a sort of Foster's Freeze machine.
   Don't know about those??
   Ah well.  Give my age away, there.
   As in other ways in this blog...

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