Monday, 8 May 2017

On The Path

I have been having difficulty with my linkage to the Internet, and though a technician came out and cleared things momentarily on Friday, I am back to the same difficulties (regarding downloading).  So I have been unable yet to view the 9th and concluding segment in the series on ‘Vaccines Revealed’.  But I would like, at this interim point, to comment further on an observation that I have made in these pages recently, in regards to this business of vaccines: that ’the sicker we are the healthier the economy is’. 

That is to say, referring to the corruption - the in-built corruption - in the capitalist system.  With ‘the bottom line’ being the only thing that matters to many of these, our erstwhile capitalist (or at least, multinational corporate) masters.  And so the ‘progressives’ are on to something, after all, in highlighting the value of the 'evolutionary' tendency to move out of the historical status quo, with its in-built danger of submitting to an affinity for it, whereby things can stagnate, and/or move into a stuck position.  But what that ‘progressive’ attitude highlights as well is the need to do it in such a way as to improve things.  Not make them worse.  As in moving into a totalitarian state of mind, ‘to get things done’.1  

Nor does a more egalitarian ‘socialism’ improve things, in one main adverse way.  And that is, in imposing control still from the top down.  From the State running things - the people - to within an inch of their lives.  As if we were not all gods in the making; and needing to wake up to our true Selves.

The Scandinavian states are often pointed to as examples of how socialism can work without descending into totalitarianism, rather than looking at all the basket cases that have accrued from the socialist approach to social life.  But they work only because they have a cohesive similarity of citizenry, one - a clear sense of Us -  and two, they stifle individuality, which stifles true progress, succumb to the status quo mentality themselves.  Which in the long run cannot be a good thing, for ‘progress’ to take place, absent the environment for it to take place in; to encourage it.  Encourage innovation.

So, it’s a dance: between Individualism on the one hand - what we Americans call ‘essential liberty’2 -and ‘Collectivism’ - an attitude of social responsibility; ‘all of us in this together’ - on the other; which ‘socialism’ certainly inculcates in its citizenry.  And so, in steering clear of the shoals of rampant Individualism on the one hand and coercive Collectivism on the other, let’s steer the ship of state down the middle of the strait with an attitude of Cooperation.  With other parts of your Self.

A closing word about some of these New World Order advocates amongst us, who think that they are doing ‘God’s work,’ in the sense of being ‘The Chosen People’.3  To such people I would say: You really have to be a fool to think that a/the true God (rather than a tribal god; most probably one of the Anunnaki from Nibiru) would want you to go around slaughtering people.  How did you get such rocks in your head?? to think so little of the Creator???  And to other cases of individuals exhibiting foolish, low consciousness, I would say:

Start living up to your true nature, and your true potential.  Not living down to your lower potential, to be either a mere piece of shit, to be wiped off the boot of your master.  Or such an inglorious master yourself; subjecting ‘the Other’ to your arrogant control.  

To both cases, I would say: Wake up, liberate yourself, to your true destiny, ultimately, anyway.  It’s either that.  Or annihilation, for having gotten so off

The Path. 


1 And the danger in the 'progressive,’ top-down, big-state attitude of the need for the individual to be willing to be sacrificed ‘for the greater good’.  As in a person’s child being severely damaged, or even killed, by the side effects of the vaccines.  Which ‘progressive’ attitude excuses the manufacturer - and the State - from needing to do a better job of making sure - as sure as possible - that their products are as safe as possible, from having a major duty of care in such matters. 
   Without which attitude, the federal government, e.g., ruined the lives of a huge number of its military personnel in forcing them to take what was, after all, an experimental vaccine against anthrax.  Which contained an ingredient that exists in our own bodies.  And which, therefore, would cause the body to attack itself, recognizing that substance in the context of a foreign/invasive agent (hence, an autoimmune disease). 
   Such a consciousness behind such a mandation is not only corrupt.  It is illegal.  And whatever body behind it needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  And found guilty.  And punished severely.
   And since it was the federal government itself that was involved in that heinous crime, it needs to be dissolved, and those responsible for this atrocity, jailed.  As we move into a new, and better, way of doing things on planet Earth.
   But to continue.  
   Oh - but just to mention a bit of synchronicity here: how the current segment of the Hillsdale College’s (excellent) online series on ‘American Heritage’ is on this very subject, of ‘Progressivism,’ whose adherents argued - tried to argue; from the end of the nineteenth century (i.e., post-Karl Marx and ‘Communist Manifesto’ thought) well into the 20th, and gained great ‘pitch’ with the advent not only of FDR’s New Deal, but such ‘progressive’ thinking leading up to it as under both Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson; statists all - that the American founding principles were ‘archaic’ and ‘obstructive’ - that is, obstructive to the progressive’s attitude towards taking over and making of the State a behemoth, in order to make people behave the way that the progressives wanted, and want, them to behave.  To replace the founding principle of ‘republicanism’ (i.e., self-governance via elected representatives) with rule by ‘administrative experts’ - i.e., statism.  As in the (former) Soviet Union.  Which was the type of end result desired by these so-called ‘progressives’.
   But to continue.    

2 I was struck by what a poster said recently to an article bemoaning the taking-over of the U.S. by (New World Order) totalitarians, wherein he lamented: ‘The leaves have shriveled on the tree of liberty.”
   That pretty much sums the situation up - and the feeling regarding it - for me, too. 
   Along with the sentiment that: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

3 referring here to what are called Rothschild Zionists, or Khazarian Mafia.  Many many Jews in our day and age are not bloodline Jews; they are bloodline converts, from the historical country/area in Middle Europe called Khazaria.  Besides being, then, called Khazarians, they are also called Ashkenazim.  (European Jews; as opposed to the Sephardim, from Africa and Spain.)  Their king converted them wholesale to Judaism, presumably because the teachings of the Talmud - Babylonian Jewry - appealed to him, and them.  Chief among which were the teachings of The Others as ‘goyim,’ to be thought of, and treated, as cattle; and of the lustful god of the Old Testament, given to such low-consciousness emotions as wrath and vengeance and admonition to his followers to Power Over Others.  
   The Others being the key to that way of thinking.  Which leads to the sense of superiority of Self over Others.  Aka Service to Self.  Rather than Service to Others; in an equation - a way of thinking - that makes us all One, with an attitude of Power With, and Within.  Not Power Over.  That is separation/duality stuff.  The stuff of the Illusion.  Of what dreams are made on.  Not the real thing.  Not to be entrusted to us until we have proven ourselves capable of treating it with the respect that it deserves.  As part of Us.
   But to continue.

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