Monday, 29 May 2017

Getting Closer...

1) from ‘Merkel Paying Kids To Tattle On Parents for Not Getting Vaccinations’ - Dave Hodges - May 28
(Hodges asked his viewers to comment on the story; which shows the Nazi mentality at work behind those who are attempting to take us over these days.)

Stan May 29, 2017 at 12:15 am
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What is behind this?? Because TPTB add ingredients to their vaxes to further their ends. An anti-fertility agent has been one of them. And an outright killer agent is another – a GM bacteriophage [a race-specific bioweapon]. Plus nanotechnology that has, in effect, chipped us. The more, the merrier. For them.

Clever, these fiends. Who need to be brought up short in their best-laid plans to take us over, and make us obedient subjects, or worse in their thinking: cattle, in their New World Order plantation.

Wake up, America. You are being taken over, by experts. Don’t let it happen. The world needs you to lead the way out of this trap, being engineered for humanity, by our erstwhile masters.


(Some of you may be aware that some of the girls who have received the Gardasil shot not only were left paralyzed by it, but some reported that their brains felt like they were ‘on fire’.  The shot has, or at least had, something in it that was attacking the brain and its systems.  Beware.  We are up against very Dark-side beings.  Having their last ‘shot’ at us.)


2) from ’50% of US Workers Are Supporting 50% of Americans Who Will Not Work’ - Dave Hodges - May 28
(Hodges points out that Automation, Transhumanism and a policy of Depopulation are going to take down many people, if we continue on the path that we are on…)

Stan May 29, 2017 at 12:29 am
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Actually, Dave, the point is that things HAD to get worse, in order for them to get better. That is to say, things needed to get to major Crisis point, in order for major Opportunity to kick in. Which TPTB have thought meant their agenda, for a totalitarian superstate fastened over the entire world. But which actually means just the opposite. In a phrase: the kingdom of heaven. In reaction to their Dark-side best-laid plans.

Patience, as always, is a virtue. And Be Prepared is a good motto for even more than Boy Scouts.

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