Wednesday, 24 May 2017

There Is A Time For Love. And...

I would dearly like to get to the Love part of the matter of life, and particularly as regards the matter, pressing on us as we speak, of Ascension.  However, I keep coming across aspects of the Dark side's actions, in championing their side of The Process, that cause me no end of anger.  Cases in point.

In my emails today was one from Freedom Watch's Larry Klayman who informed his viewers that he/they will be pressing a House Ethics Committee case against Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) who was the chairman of a House Committee looking into the disastrous 'Extortion 17' affair, the tragedy in Afghanistan when a helicopter of ours was shot down killing 22 Special Forces men (including members of Seal Team 6; a story in its own right) and 8 other servicemen.  It turns out that there is a major issue here, that Rep. Chaffetz failed to allow to be brought before his Committee, involving mysterious activity on the part of the military superiors directly involved and the Defense Department  itself leading up to that atrocity, which some of the family members of the deceased have been trying to get some answers on and 'closure' about.  First, they were shrugged off, by a member of Obama's DoD, with the statement that "shit happens"; and now it turns out that a female Air Force officer who was involved with the 'Eye in the Sky' (night vision) part of that operation - and who was stood down from doing her job in it by orders from above - has come forward to blow the whistle on some of that suspicious activity leading up to that shoot-down.  And has said that she is even willing to go to Leavenworth, if that is what it takes to get this sordid story out, and dealt with properly.1

The upshot of this whole thing is how Obama and his administration - including his appointments throughout the various departments that were under his executive-branch jurisdiction, during his felonious time in that office - were actively engaged in the subversion of this country, including putting those men deliberately into harm's way; keeping them and that helicopter in the air for 17 minutes - as a sitting duck - until some of the rebels below could get in position with the proper equipment to shoot it down.

You did know that we have had an Enemy Within, didn't you???

Much like the commissars of the old Soviet Union, who were assigned by the (totalitarian) government to the various military units, to make sure that the military was toeing 'the Party line'...

It's time to see things as they are.  We have been up against a cadre of people who don't want democracy (representative democracy or not) to rule, but rather theocracy - for the Muslims, who have been put in position by TPTB behind even them to help bring down this country, and Western civilization (and will be dealt with later, as the cannon fodder that they are; first things first) - or Technocracy - rule by 'experts;' which is what the real PTB want.

And part of that agenda is now unfolding, with the advent, first, of the Gulf Oil Spill  - on purpose; Big Oil looking down the road (so to speak) and seeing that they needed to change horses (or, one might say, horsepower), and so figured out how best to do it: by applying a chemical (Corexit) to the Spill (that they engineered into being) that not only did not do the 'intended,' public-information job (as a dispersant), but did the real job that they wanted done out of that caper:

to drive the oxygen out of the water, so that it could become dead water (and thus eliminate the fishing industry in the area), in order for them to raise the fuel of the future:

biofuel.  In the form of algae.  The farming of which people like Al Gore and George Soros and Warren Buffet are heavily invested in, not so incidentally.

But wait - it gets worse than that.

Their 'experts' also let them know that such algae has a virus in it.  That causes people to be stupid enough to buy this whole caper on the part of their/our erstwhile masters.  By causing 'cognitive impairment' (alters the gene expression of brain cells).

And there is more:

There is some evidence that this is also the sort of thing that our erstwhile masters are up to in regards to the attempted blowing of the Oroville Dam in northern California - which will turn the rich Rice Basket and Winter Fruit Basket of that Central Valley into a wasteland, fit only for -

the growing of algae.2

I am indebted to Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show for these latter pieces of this picture; who has done in-depth work, both regarding the Gulf Oil Spill and the Oroville Dam pending calamity.

But of course, that latter perspective depends on one's perspective.  Doesn't it.

And which side in this End Times Scenario are you on, Citizen??????

P.S. And I have realized that the overwhelming anger that I feel over all this sort of thing is based on, is a reflection of, Love.  Love for humanity.  Which is being hoodwinked by its erstwhile masters.
     Whose time in the sun has come to an end.  For, incarnate souls like mine will not permit them to do their Dark-side thing any longer.
     The long Play over.



1 Well decided, Captain.  That is being a good soldier and true, to the Republic, and the American people.  Who deserve better of their authorities.  In the military.  And the political arena.
   And academia.  And 'business'.  And.........

2 'Oh, they wouldn't do that'??  Well, these are the same people who orchestrate wars in the Middle East over Oil.  And closer to home: who in an earlier era looked down the road regarding their industry and quietly bought up the electric tramway system in the L.A. County area and then just as quietly shut it down, meanwhile getting the California legislature to build the sprawling freeway system that still serves California to this day - and fending off mass transit systems as long as they could, to keep as many traveling in their individual cars as they could.   And seeing that electric cars never 'caught on'.
   Yes.  They would do that.  And could easily do that.  With the political clout that they have.


Supporting references:

1) from ‘The bombings have only just begun: “Progressive” Western civilization is slaughtering itself by foolishly appeasing those who seek to destroy it’ - Mike Adams, Natural News - May 23
(Good summary of the overrunning of Western Europe by “radicals” out to overthrow democracy and institute their Shariah law crap, and as being stealthily installed here, having  started under the Muslim usurper, Obama.) 

Stan May 23, 2017 at 11:17 pm
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Well put, Mike. Thanks for the posting, Dave.

It really is time to wake up, and put these overthrow people where they belong: in prison. Held for trial first, of course. So that all the facts can come out, in a court of law, for all to see. Not just those of us who are alert to what is going on.

2) from ’The Algae Conspiracy’ - Dave Hodges - May 23 
(A very perceptive article, linking a number of pieces of 'the picture' together...)

Stan May 23, 2017 at 11:50 pm
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Excellent analysis. Thanks, Dave.

Staying ahead of the curve…

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