Saturday, 6 May 2017

To Soothe A Savage Breast

I have just listened to some soothing piano music with my evening meal, to help me come down from watching episode 8 of the 'Vaccines Revealed' 9-part series.  Which included such interesting new information to me - from all that I had already come across regarding this subject, of the relationship between vaccines and particularly autism - as that Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC under whose watch much of the vaccinal damage had been wreaked, not only moved over to Merck after her tenure at the CDC, to head its Vaccine Division, but that that was around the same time period when Merck came up with such products as Prozac - for depression - and Strattera - for Attention Deficit Disorder.

Two of the main symptoms of vaccine damage. 

Specifically, of mercury poisoning/exposure. 

From various sources.  Including vaccines.  In a substance called thimerosal.1  Used, not for any particular efficacy reason.  But to kill any toxins that might have developed along the line of production.

Used, that is to say, for monetary purposes.  

And also in multi-dose vaccines, to cut down on any toxicity that might have 'leaked' into the process between stages of usage.  Found in multi-dose flu shots.

Which were added to the 'recommended' vaccine schedule, interestingly enough, when thimerosal was taken out of other vaccines, after a hue and cry from parents had reached sufficient enough of a level to be heard all the way up in the upper reaches of the regulatory-agency likes of the CDC and the NIH and the FDA.   So as - in effect - to mask any statistical signal that might have come about by the taking out of this mercury-containing preservative from said vaccines, and thus drawn attention to that factor, in this public health product.3

And not only added to the 'recommended' schedule.  But also 'recommended' for babies.

And even pregnant women.  

Who thus have been subjecting their babies in utero to the deleterious effects of the second most toxic element in the world.4

While 'responsible' males and females talk its use up in ads and on news shows.

'Get your damn flue shots,' one of those responsible females has been seen to conclude her rant on mainstream TV, in blaming pregnant women who don't do what she recommends for being irresponsible.

One of those 'responsible' people who are going to be held to account, when Justice is served in this matter.

As it will.

As.  It.  Will.

But just to conclude my short 'rant', for now; with a little background to my story regarding this issue.

As I have shared before in these pages, I first came across this issue, of the danger of vaccines (and not just from the mercury preservative in them), back in the mid-'90s, when I was living Down Under in Australia, and 'happened' to come across the book by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. - perhaps the foremost medical historian of the time - entitled 'Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assault On The American Brain'.  It was riveting, and appalling, stuff, going back into the beginnings of the epidemic of autism that has pervaded many of our countries to this day. in particular from this mercury-containing preservative.5  Reading that book led me to many others, as I dug out further information regarding this atrocious chapter in our social life; to the point where I felt confident enough in my understanding of the matter to challenge the Sydney Morning Herald in an omnibus body called the Press Council, on the Herald's abuse of the truth over quite a period of time in only allowing in their pages the 'official' side of the story regarding vaccine safety.  I submitted many samples of said articles, and even Letters to the Editor, in furtherance of my case.  To the Press Council's credit, they officially allowed me my say, and then sent to me the material that the SMH submitted to them to buttress their side of the 'case'. (I didn't want damages; I just wanted them officially to be censured, and the truth to out.)  It was, actually, an open-and-shut case: They had nothing to show for their side of it but a couple of cartoons by a cartoonist named Leunig (who, to his credit, did take the side of  parents who were inveighing against the increasingly strident push, on the part of both the medical profession and the Mainstream Media, for vaccinations),6 and a response to one of their articles by Dr. Coulter himself, who, though not being able to travel down to Oz from the States, sent them a statement.  Which was a good one.  But which the Press Council failed to note had never been printed by the SMH.  The Press Council just took it in as 'evidence' of the SMH's fairness; and, on the strength of a couple of cartoons and an unprinted rebuttal, concluded against my case. 

Go figure.

More tomorrow, after the concluding episode of this admirable series, by Dr. Patrick Gentempo.  And  in that spirit, to mention the premiere showing in this last episode of an excellent film entitled 'Trace Amounts' by a young man who has recovered from mercury poisoning from a tetanus shot and who set about on a personal crusade to find out what the hell it was all about, by the name of Eric Gladen.              



1 also known, in other countries, as thiomersol.

2 It wouldn't be the first time that studies were manipulated to get the desired result in this whole sordid story.  Like the Marsden study out of Denmark.  But to continue.

3 Touted as 'safe and effective'.  When it is neither.
   But to continue.

4 Second only to plutonium.

5 This episode of 'Vaccines Revealed' contained the important information that the list of symptoms of autism is precisely - almost word for word - the same set of symptoms of mercury poisoning.  And as confirmed by cases where the person was specifically poisoned by mercury not from the vaccine preservative source, but from other sources in our polluted day and age.

6 Which has now reached its obviously intended outcome, in a declaration of mandatory vaccination Down Under.  As is being pushed for in this country, and has now happened in my home state of California.  With no religious or philosophical exemptions allowed.  Period.
   But to continue...

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