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On Making, And Resting, One's Case

How far from the rule of law - into the rule of men - this country has fallen:

from ‘BREAKING: 10 Federal Judges DEMAND Americans Surrender to islam, What’s Your Response?’ - Angry Patriot - May 26
(Another example of how TPTB are still trying to overthrow the Trump presidency, because he has 'unexpectedly' rained on their parade into their long-planned-for New World Order:)

“Federal judges invent a new legal standard where all legal precedent can be discarded to resist President Trump.

“The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals invented a new legal standard granting Muslims unlimited power over national security in their decision to maintain the injunction against President Trump’s travel ban executive order (via Breitbart).

“The 10 judges in the majority upheld the decision of district courts that the executive order violated the Fourth Amendment on the basis of campaign rhetoric, inventing a new legal standard.

“The order, called Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry, 'speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination’ ruled the activist judges.

“The court’s decision relies on a newly created legal standard that has no basis in previous Supreme Court decisions. The new standard allows plaintiffs to block neutral government actions on the basis of campaign or private statements.

“‘In looking behind the face of the government’s action for facts to show the alleged bad faith… the majority grants itself the power to conduct an extratextual search for evidence suggesting bad faith, which is exactly what three Supreme Court opinions have prohibited,’ wrote Judge Niemeyer in the dissent.

“‘The majority, now for the first time, rejects these holdings in favor of its politically desired outcome,’ continues Judge Niemeyer, who was joined by just two other judges.

“However, in a 10-3 ruling the majority have their way, and the decision will surely be brought before the Supreme Court where the matter will be settled once and for all.

“The activists’ decision is dangerous, not just for establishing a new legal standard that will have a chilling effect on speech, but the ruling will also allow Muslim plaintiffs to petition the courts to block just about any government action that predominantly affects Muslim-majority countries.

“Further, the court creates a new standard, where the feelings of a plaintiff can grant standing before a court. The Muslim plaintiff attempting to block the executive order was not affected by the travel ban directly, but claims the order increases hostilities towards Muslim-Americans.

“Essentially, the progressive activist judges are creating a new legal standard where the president can be blocked from acting in the name of national security if a member of a minority group finds the action offensive. (Emphasis mine.)

“If this decision is upheld by the Supreme Court, it will effectively block President Trump from taking any action against Muslim countries due to statements he made during the campaign offering unlimited protection to terrorist countries.”

As one of the commenters to this article wrote:

‘By the way, Muslims have said they are not here to migrate, they are here to dominate.”

Just so.  In any event, this is a perfect example of what can happen when a - the - nation drifts away from the rule of law into the realm of the rule of men.  Otherwise known as tyranny, for being subject to arbitrary law.  The law of the majority OR the minority, depending on which one holds the whip.  It is outrageous stuff. And needs to stop


And as another poster wrote:

“[The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals majority] are making law not following the law.”  And as another wrote, in clarifying the matter quite simply:

“In order for it to be a Muslim ban it would have to ban every Muslim from every country which it did not do.”  That is to say, it doesn’t matter what a candidate for the office of the presidency did or did not say at any given point on the election trail - by a slip of the tongue or otherwise -a law or Executive Order is to be judged rightly on what it says.  The Trump travel ban EO does not ban all Muslims, only those of a specific, potentially dangerous, few.

Which Obama, incidentally, did as well.  But then, he was of the political persuasion of the majority judges in this case.

And thus I rest my case.  Except just to end on the specific, and what should be the final, note of the matter:

The president has the specific constitutional responsibility for the national security.

End of story.

P.S. Except to make jut one further observation:
   You will note that it was a Jewish judge who stood against the onslaught of this specious reasoning on the part of the majority in this case.
   Thus, it is not only the Muslims that should not be judged as a whole.
   Or given a blanket pass either, for that matter.

And on this last note, of being discriminating, in the best sense of the word:

See also: Daniel Horowitz’s ’Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America’.  As World Net Daily says, in advertising his book:

“In "Stolen Sovereignty," Horowitz reveals just how truly disenfranchised America voters have become. On issue after issue, he reveals, we are witnessing a transformation of our society before our very eyes, all without the ability to stop it through the political process. We are becoming a government not of the people, by the people, for the people, but of the elites, by the justices, for the few…” 

These are some of the same elites. for example, who are also engaging in child sex and trafficking.  A crime - and a particularly abhorrent one; and including murder - that is going to catch up with them, now.  Because 

it's time.


And for my closing words for the day:

from; ‘Why Have All the Combat Troops Been Sent Out of the US?’ - Dave Hodges - May 26
(“Most of America’s combat troops are out of the country. With increases in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Syrian border, Somalia, Yemen, the eastern boundary of the Russia, Korea, and with military maneuvers near Venezuela, there is nobody home.  There is nobody home to protect the people should the Deep state decide to “trigger an event” and lock this country down.  Who will be left to protect the people?
“Subsequently, we have to ask the question, why are all of the combat troops outside the United States?”

Stan May 26, 2017 at 10:30 pm
(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

Yes, Dave, it’s very important to point these sorts of things out. These people that we are up against have been planning for the takeover of the U.S. for a long, long time; are very ardent in their belief system, that leads them to want to fasten onto humanity their totalitarian New World Order, and have the power to do so. It’s up to We, the People to rise to this occasion, as our Founding Fathers did in their time: that government of, by, and for The People shall not perish from the Earth.

Thanks for the alerts.


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