Sunday, 28 May 2017

Enough Is Enough

1) from ‘Lieberman no longer considered for FBI’ -  May 27
(“Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is no longer the front-runner to become the next FBI director, CNN reported Wednesday.
   “President Trump said last week he was “very close” to choosing a replacement for James Comey, whom he abruptly fired as director, and indicated the former Democratic vice presidential nominee was his top pick…
   “Lieberman is a partner at the same law firm as Marc Kasowitz, whom Trump is expected to retain to lead a team of private attorneys to represent him in the federal investigation into his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.”  Oh, just great…)


So are we going to Drain the Swamp or aren't we, Donald???

The people you are surrounding yourself with leave much to be desired. Remember your promise to your base: "I will never let you down."

You better not.

1) from ‘Prosecutors Helped Boston Slayer Avoid Deportation’ - Judicial Watch - May 27
(“After committing two crimes state prosecutors agreed to reduced charges against the African immigrant who recently murdered two Massachusetts doctors, allowing him to dodge deportation. This crucial information is being ignored by the mainstream media…it’s especially alarming because it appears to be part of a movement by local officials nationwide to help illegal immigrants avoid removal. Earlier this month Judicial Watch reported that state prosecutors in two major U.S. cities have ordered staff not to charge illegal immigrants with certain crimes because it could get the offenders deported. It’s an effort to help alien criminals avert “collateral immigration consequences”…
   “Under federal law legal U.S. residents can be deported if they commit an aggravated felony with a prison term of at least 12 months. Under the deal, Suffolk County prosecutors cut with Teixeira, he got a 364-day sentence, which was a day short. Immigrants with green cards can also get deported if they’re convicted of crimes involving “moral turpitude,” the news article points out, but Teixeira’s 2014 robbery case was resolved as “guilty filed,” which allows a judge, with prosecutor and defense consent, to forgo imposing a sentence on a defendant. The official statement from the Suffolk District Attorney’s office is to deny that this thug received any sort of leniency to prevent him from suffering immigration consequences, though the facts sure seem to contradict it.
   “It appears to be part of a broad effort by local prosecutors around the country to shield illegal immigrants who commit crimes from federal authorities…”)
kibitzer3 3 minutes ago (May 28)

When did these state prosecutors and local authorities begin to be hired by the New World Order crowd?? I thought they were hired by The People to protect them. Not get criminals off...

Something very rotten here, that smells to high heaven. Citizens of states are also citizens of the United States, whose rights are being trampled on, by these corrupt activities on the part of state and local public servants. Time for a MAJOR cleanout in the country.


I repeat: Send me in there, Coach.  I feel I've got a hot hand... 

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