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Sincerity Is A Virtue. And Yet...

The further I get into my read of Joseph Atwill's 'Caesar's Messiah,' with his irreproachable scholarship in ferreting out the numerous parallels between the New Testament 'story' and the Jewish historian-turned-Roman-apologist Josephus's 'Wars of the Jews' (as they interact with one another, intricately matching Jesus's purported public ministry precisely with Titus's 'subsequent' military campaign in Judea, down to location and sequence.  An impeccable job of scholarship),1 the more on the one hand that I marvel at the deception that has been played on people by the Flavian court (in setting up Vespasian's son Titus as the Son of Man whom the NT fictional character Jesus supposedly prophesied, in his sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple, for the rebellious Jews being a "wicked generation" in opposing the Roman Empire's control over them),2 and on the other hand, that I sorrow for Christians, in their sincerely held belief and implacable faith in this fraud, perpetrated on them, and, ultimately, the wider world, in order to enhance the Flavian dynasty's hold on the Roman emperor's throne.

Take modern America, especially with all the anti-Christian venom that has been enhanced by the Obama administration's policies, as the Usurper set out to 'dethrone' Christianity in the country ("Whatever we are, we are no longer a Christian nation") and enthrone in its place his (fond) childhood religion of Islam, as part of the larger agenda that he was involved in - and was put into that unparalleled position of power to enhance - of taking down this nation-state, and making of it merely a part of a region of our erstwhile master's totalitarian New World Order; with America being the last stumbling block before the accomplishment of their end, with its fundamental, foundational position regarding especially the 'essential liberty' of its citizenry, as an ensign unto the nations.  In my mail for yesterday (now), for example, I received two mailings in particular regarding this theme.   One was from the wife of a judge whose career was impeccable, except for the fact that he happens to be a Christian; and as such, quietly recused himself from ever officiating at any same-sex wedding.  Not that he was asked to (nor was he, as a judge, even required to, in the normal performance of his duties).  But the Left got wind of his position, and have forced him and his family to spend huge amounts of money - selling everything of value except the final insult, of having to sell their home - to fight their smears of him.  For his sincerely held religious belief, that such 'marriages' are in conflict with his religion - with the will of God, the Creator of Man and Woman - with the normal order of things, including the religious sacrament of marriage.3  And the other mailing was from a Christian organization that fights such things as the Obama administration's deliberate war on Christian chaplains in the military, and all the other persecutions of Christians that are going on in our civil society today.  As a reflection - albeit not as deadly.  Yet - of the persecutions, including the beheadings, of Christians in other parts of the world, particularly in the Middle East, with the rise of militant Islam, as that impulse sweeps through the world at this time, endangering very Western civilization itself.  As the Europeans are experiencing in spades at this time, with the politically motivated flooding of their nations with 'refugees' (overwhelmingly young males, of military age; curious, that.  Not) from Islamic-dominant countries, who have no intention of practicing the art of 'live and let live', because their religion tells them to conquer, not get along with, their neighbors.

Did 'Christianity' do some very serious bloodletting of its own through the centuries?  Yes.  But that 'redress of grievance' is not what this modern push for annihilation of Christians is all about, as some sort of karmic due.  This is a putsch for power, on the part of Dark forces, who mean to control humanity to within an inch of their individual and collective lives.  Is an unquenchable thirst for such power. 4

And just so, needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.  But at the same time, there is an element of God's Will going on here.  Which I can summarize simply.

Sincerity is a virtue.

But not as big a one as Truth.

P.S. And I am fully aware that many such very sincere Christians will 'read' such utterances as this as 'the anti-Christ at work,' and will reject it out of hand.  Which would be a shame.  To such people, I would counsel:
     Take it inside.  And see how it resonates with your heart of hearts.  And ask yourself: What do you really stand for??  What really has your loyalty and fidelity???

P.P.S. I forgot to mention that I was also reading at this time, interestingly enough, in the May issue of Whistleblower magazine - all about 'How Islam Is Secretly Transforming America' - about to get into an article entitled 'The secret history of the Muslim subversion of America,' with the subheading: '[Muslim] Brotherhood leader: Our purpose is "destroying the Western civilization from within" so "Allah's religion is made victorious"'.  Shades of Mossad's motto: 'By Way of Deception We Shall Wage War'.
     A pox on all such houses.  Fidelity only to Truth.  The main quality -  along with Love - of our Creator, the Source, the All That Is.
     The All That Is really.  Not including this Illusion, this 3D illusory realm, that we have created for ourselves, as a stage to act out our poor parts on.  Learning lessons as we go.
     Chief amongst which is the need to stay in alignment with, in fidelity to, our Source.  And not get caught up in the brambles of our imagination along
     The Way.
     Out.  And
     Back in the Source - as One; in Unity - from which we came.



1 Ask yourself the classic question: Cui bono?  Who benefits, from the narrative?? Answer: the  Roman caesars.  And especially at that time: the Flavian dynasty.  The royal household of which Josephus became adopted into, for the good life thereafter.
   Go figure.

2 "All of Jesus' ministry was about the coming war with Rome and was designed to establish Jesus as Titus' forerunner.  Therefore, the relationship between Jesus and 'the Father' referred to throughout the Gospels is a forerunner of the relationship between Titus and his father, the emperor and god Vespasian." - 'Caesar's Messiah,' p. 303 (Flavian Signature Edition), in the chapter titled 'The Father and the Son of God'.
   Ah they did think of themselves highly in those days, didn't they...    

3 Got that, people?  It is a sacrament to him.  As holy as all of the other sacraments of his religious belief.

4 Power Over.  Rather than Power With.

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