Friday, 10 May 2013

A Better Idea

I have just been invited to become a Platinum Member of the Republican Majority Task Force for 2013.  This offer comes on the heels of a comment I made last night/early this morning in reply to a blog about freshman senator Elizabeth Warren, who has just introduced her maiden piece of legislation, the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, which bill would allow students eligible for federally subsidized loans to borrow at a lower rate than they have to pay now.  But first things first.

1) The letter from the Republican Majority Task Force ("A Special Project of the National Republican Senatorial Committee") reads, in part:

"(Your support as a Platinum Member will allow us) to rapidly spread the news across America that our candidates will vote for limited government, balanced budgets and against reckless spending…We must take America back to being a nation where there is a fair chance to achieve success through hard work and stop being one that punishes individual success through unfair wealth redistribution."

Yes; that appeals to me.   

2) Senator Warren - who has quite a reputation for being a consumers' advocate, and holding 'the bankers'' feet to the fire of deep scrutiny of their questionable practices - is appealing to 'fairness' regarding student loans, to lower the interest rate that they have to pay on them to the same level that the big banks get through what is called the Federal Reserve's discount window.  

And that appeals to me, too…but, as I said in response to the latter bit of news, carried on a 'New Age' blog site:1

kibitzer3 says:

Um…Can we please continue to hold the vision – and strongly – for The New here, folks; and give THAT at least as much energy as the idea of tinkering with the old???…
That old jalopy needs to be shunted out of the way. Not spruced up a bit. Yes, [Warren] is a good woman. And: priorities, folks. Priorities.   


So: My priorities are now very clearly calling me, to begin to 'put my money where my mouth is' and stop supporting financially and every other way all manner of (mostly political) 'worthy causes' that I have been doing for some time; in fact, ever since returning to the States a year ago and beginning my post-'New Age spiritual community' life, out here in the world that needs to have energy withdrawn from it, now, in order for The New to come in, and replace it with 'a better model'. 

A model that does away with interest-bearing money altogether - and its training-wheel partner, of fractional-reserve banking; and replaces them with a higher motive for human interaction than the one of making a 'profit'; of accumulating 'money'.  With the highest motive that there could ever be: 

to share goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a  word: Love.  As we move up in consciousness to a higher level than we have largely been expressing in this 3D realm - that we have inhabited for long enough, now; to get our free-will lessons, and thus evolve spiritually2 - where such qualities as hate and anger and fear and 'oneupmanship' don't exist, for being out of sync with the intrinsic frequency, vibration, plane of beingness.  

So: time to leave - totally - The Old behind.

I've got a better idea.



1 '2012: What's the 'Real' News?'

2 although some of our brothers and sisters have, unfortunately, 'involved' into a downward spiral; further into matter, and seeming separation from their divine Source.
     I say 'seeming', because that is all that it is.  And for them to wake up to that fact.
     And to the fundamental fact that our Source is one of loving Compassion; as well as all of the other higher attributes, ever calling us up out of our lower selves, the grosser levels of being.
     It all serves a Purpose.

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