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For What It's Worth

Still keeping my oar in.....Though doing my best to take my own advice, and begin to withdraw my energy from the system that now needs to fold.  But damn, sometimes one just has to make comment...

from Political Outcast - 'CBS Reporter Challenged Bosses, White House to Air Benghazi Stories' - Tad Cronn - May 11

my comment May 12:

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago

Thanks much for this article, Tad. For years, Sharyl Attkisson has been proving to be one of those rare 'birds' (and I do not mean this to be patronizing; just a gentle 'smilie' play on words) that seem so hard to find these days: a true investigative journalist on MSM.

CBS would be daft to fire her/refuse to renew her contract. She could bring them a Pulitzer Prize winner, if there is any justice left in the once proud profession of journalism.
Keep on the job, Sharyl. You are doing beautifully. And in more ways than one.
I stand in awe of your willingness to challenge the Establishment, in so many areas. Well done, lady. 


same e-newsletter site: 'Death is Part of Life So Don't Blame Administration for Benghazi Murders' - Marilyn Assenheim  = May 11

my comment May 12:

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago

Well commented on, Marilyn. Continue to give your good help in keeping this issue alive.
What did they know and when did they know it: these are the sorts of questions that the people of a free society have a right, and responsibility, to ask and know of their leaders. Or they are not a free people, responsible for themselves and their governance, but mere sheep.


…and one more from this same site: 'Is Government Regulation of Gardens Next?' - Dave Jolly - May 11

my Reply May 12:

  • OleDad48 6 hours ago

  • Note from Communist history re: garden plots and government.
    When Lenin took power in 1917 he instituted collective farms in which farmers produced food for the State, which then distributed it "as needed." The result? Mass starvation in two years. Why? Farmers did not like having all their food taken away only to be given too little to eat. (Sounds like Obama's tax policy). So they quit working so hard -- why work when your produce is stolen by the State? (Same response to Obama's increasing tax burden -- businesses are asking "Why hire?" when we are required to pay so much more in mandated costs.)

  • Lenin's solution to the starvation was to allow "private garden plots" of a given size. Families could raise whatever they wanted on these plots for themselves. Any food that was left over (excess) could be sold. These private plots were so successful that they fed the Soviet Union for the next few years. When Lenin died, Stalin took charge and made private gardens a "crime against the State." All food production was mandated for collective farms. Within a year, starvation was the norm, and continued for several years. Stalin took so much food from Ukraine to feed Russians in the 1930s that *a third of the population* of the country died of starvation and disease. (Parents sold their dead children for meat). 

  • Why government thinks it is smarter than individuals and families is beyond me, but I see that very idea growing right here in America. Hillary's "It takes a village" has dangerous precedents.
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    • kibitzer3 OleDad48 a few seconds ago

    • Thanks for the bit of history, OleDad48.

    • Those who do not learn from history, etc.

On this latter subject: I understand that the Obama administration is quietly implementing a policy of just this sort of thing: that farmers cannot grow things outwith the regulation of the state, for private sale or use.  (Is this part of Agenda 21??)  In line with their crackdown on farmers who sell raw milk to those who wish to purchase it.  

I may not have this latter story right; it may only refer to farmers who are selling their raw milk products interstate.  (And I will be happy to be corrected on the matter.)  But as to that: Whatever happened to the category in this country of raw certified milk and products therefrom??  Years ago I was involved in a fight in the L.A. area with 'the government' (I think it was only the local/county one at that point) trying to close down such producers.  (Alta Dena Dairy was the chief 'culprit' in the eyes of the regulators; that business regularly had a booth at alternative health conventions.  Go figure.)  Fortunately, there were some knowledgeable and independent physicians on the health board involved, who spoke up for the health properties of the product, and the value of the certification process; and their, and our, position prevailed.  But that was many years ago.  These sorts of Regulators just don't quit. 

As with the Establishment continuing to push fluoridation of the water supplies, long after the horse has bolted that barn, and the public has received ample warning about that practice.

And speaking of: Do tell me, Doctors, your answer to this poser:

Fluoride is an enzyme disrupter.  That includes the sustaining of DNA as well.  And you people are okay with that???…

For the record: I would clean house of all this sort of nonsense.  Including the dangerous vaccines (and substitute various natural treatments for the childhood diseases, that don't have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines do).  And so forth, and so on, and on.  

So many of these corrupt things going on in this day and age are simply the product of the profit-motive system.  Eliminate the profit motive, and you eliminate the bulk of our problems, that it has generated.

But without The State taking the place of that form of economic system.

Without an economic system, period.  You don't need to live within an 'economic' system, when your system of social living/interaction deals with abundance.

Abundance created by tapping into the Love - the essence - of our Creator.  The very substance - the Light energy - of the Creation.  

And hence, sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the one of profit.  Out of the highest one there is, and could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.*

For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and lose his soul???...

And when we have reached that point of awareness, of understanding - of consciousness - then we are ready to leave the confines of the 3D world behind totally, and graduate to a level where we no longer need to, for example, eat; because we will, then, be inhabiting our Light bodies.

More our true Selves, than we inhabit on this dense level of being.  Where we have been cooped up for long enough, now.  As birds, ready to fly, under our own power. 

So to speak.  



* In a Synthesis of the best of both camps/perspectives, i.e., of the Right and the Left: the primacy of the individual - for being responsible for one's own spiritual growth - on the one hand, and the value of cooperation on the other.
     The demise of the family unit - with the father the nominative, but cooperative, head of the household - is the rise of the totalitarian state, in the Left's Marxian perspective on things.  The Left's incomplete perspective on things.
     As is the Right's.
     And thus the Synthesis of the two.
     Just waiting in the wings, for its day in the sun.
     The new sun.
     Of a new heaven, and a new earth.
     Call it Nova Earth.
     Coming, to a universe very near you.  In fact: Take a bow, Star.

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