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Further on the subject of 'usurpation' touched on/brought up in yesterday's blog, and including a 'pet peeve' of mine, to do with the irresponsible non-teaching of proper English in our American schools these days:

A nation of citizens who in the English language don't know the difference between its and it's, and your and you're, and their/there/they're, e.g., is a nation of citizens who are not paying attention to details.  Simple details.  Like how their nation is being taken over by ideologues; who know precisely what they are doing.

As to that takeover:

A 'domestic terrorist' has become, in part, anyone who blows the whistle on the corrupt practices of the current administration - and on its intention to fasten a statist form of government on the people of a formerly free country.

We are heading into a new stage, a new era, a new form of government, alright.  But it will not be one of Power Over many by some.  It will not even be one of 'Power Over'.  But rather, one of Power With.  And to be even clearer in the definition: of Power Within.  Coming, to say, from our hearts, over our heads.

And speaking of our hearts; to say, qualitatively, our feelings:

It has been said that 'the New Earth asks you to Feel'.  I would add to that observation, and admonition: 'with discrimination'.1

Case in point.

American taxpayers have been seduced into allowing some of their tax monies to be handed out to females to have babies on - not just to help families in momentary need of financial assistance, because of various life circumstances.  For some, it has become a way of life (in the intentional creation, by socialist ideologues, of a welfare class).2  That policy - and those attitudes; of both those behind the policy and those in receipt of the policy - must stop.

Someone might say, to my position on this matter, that "You are not a truly loving person".  My reply: 'If that's the way you call it, that's the way you see it.  I consider myself a loving being.  But I also consider myself truthful.  And in the current economic system, the truth is that giving taxpayers' money to females to have children on the taxpayers' dime is irresponsible; to the taxpayers, to the single moms,3 and to the children thus born into a poverty situation, dependent upon the taxpayers' income for their upbringing.'

And moving to a socialist system - what is called 'collectivism' (as opposed to 'individualism') - is even worse: because that makes it a systemic dependency climate, and consciousness; the state taking income from some to give to others in a systemic way.  It seduces individuals - females and males - into being indiscriminate in their actions.

And in saying all this, let me be crystal clear:4 None of this is to be taken as speaking for laissez-faire capitalism; whereby, e.g., commodities speculators create conditions for commodity prices to go up, thus leading to widespread starvation.  Or utilities managers being strictly out for making money, and the more - for them - the merrier.  I have no truck for the separate-mindedness, the separation consciousness, of classic capitalism, that thrives on the idea of competition, between 'us' and 'them'.  When in reality, We Are All One.

I am here to assist in the awakening process. Not in continuing, perpetuating the slumbering-consciousness process.

Let us no longer be labels; our roles.  Let us, now, be our true Selves. Creating a New World, based on Peace, Cooperation, and Love.

What is called 'unitive consciousness'.  

And therefore, let 'the government' be on All our shoulders.

For we are All, not only in this together.

But We Are All One.

Emanations of the One Light.  Which 'embodies', at and as Its essence:


And I would add:

with discrimination......



1 a word that has become a 'dirty' word; but which, in its essence, is an extremely important quality.
     Read on.

2 It is called the Cloward-Piven Strategy, after a couple of socialist academics who formulated the plan, in alignment with Marxist principles: in order to bankrupt the capitalist system, with such an overload of welfare 'entitlements' that it would collapse, and socialism could take over in the chaotic ruins.  And by eroding and weakening the fabric of society - the 'Established Order' - in general, through breaking down the family unit, promoting promiscuity and perversion, romanticizing the drug culture; etc.
     A very cynical strategy.  But it is of a piece with many of the positions of the Marxists; notably, the corrupt policies espoused by Saul Alinsky, and detailed in his two books, 'Reveille for Radicals' and his second one - which Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, was very familiar with, and used, in his 'community organizer' work in Chicago - 'Rules for Radicals'.  Which detailed, and encouraged, in part, how the ends justify the means.
     By Whatever Means Necessary.
     Including deception.
     And outright lying.

3 And note how that expression has become a tool, to beat stingy conservatives - hate mongers - over the head with.  All classic Alinsky 'Rules' stuff.
     The same with the labeling of 'hate speech' anything that smacks of the counter-revolution beginning to get a head of steam.  But, to move on...

4 a play on the 'idea' that we are moving out of carbon-based bodies into crystalline-based ones; on our way to our pure Light bodies.  On our way, from their, to pure Light.
     But first things first.

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