Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Pet Peeve

from Political Outcast.com: 'Pro-Gay-Adoption Is Now A Conservative Position' -  Chris Graham  - May 13  
( "At least apparently.  I accidentally discovered this when I negatively remarked on my website that Rep. Paul Ryan now supports gay couples being allowed to adopt children.  It amazed me how many conservatives came to Ryan's defense…")
my response early May 14:

kibitzer3 2 minutes ago
I really wish that we could have a 'decent' debate about this issue, and look at it just as to its basics.

1) Yes, the Left wants to break down the traditional family unit, so that the State can become the provider of record. It's pure Marxism. And
2) Homosexuality IS 'abnormal'; and we need corrective measures to be taken, to lessen its incidence, since it is a) unfair to those so afflicted, in [their] not being able to live a 'normal' life; and b) a sign of abnormality, i.e., of something wonky in the environment, that needs clearing up. And this is all the real 'sin' in the matter. Take the Bible out of the picture, and misplaced arguments about morality, and we as a society will be able to deal with this matter more easily.
Briefly: Homosexuality - and the whole abnormal spectrum - is caused by an imbalance of hormones in the fetal bath at a particular, early stage of pregnancy, when the brain of the developing fetus is being sexed; so that female brains are being wired into male bodies and vice versa and every abnormal stage in between, like Bi's and Trannies. The causes are manifold. One is faulty adrenal glands on the part of the developing fetus or the mother or both. (A subject in itself; to say, What is causing impaired DNA in our society??) Another is the presence of endocrine disrupters/estrogen mimics in our environment, caused by plastics and various drugs (both in our water supplies). Another is stress. (It has been demonstrated that more homosexuals are born in the wake of wars, e.g., than the 'normal' background 'noise' could account for.) But perhaps the key player in this crime is the effect of drugs like barbiturates, which have been prescribed indiscriminately for years to pregnant females without sufficient regard to their effects on the developing fetus.
I called this whole thing a crime. And crime it is. And especially to those souls who have had to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, in being affected by their environment - that we the living have ALL helped create - in ways that have skewed their 'gender identity'. Some people say, 'Oh, they enjoy [flaunting] being gay.'  Tell that to a young person who is [contemplating suicide or] willing to go through major surgery and hormonal treatment, just to try to get his/her body to match her/his brain identity.
It's well past time that we as a society got to the root of this matter, and stopped putzing around with its effects on our society, and playing political football with it. What shortsighted automatons we seem to be. Come ON, folks. Get a brain.
(A good source of info on this issue is the book BrainSex by Anne Moir, Ph.D and David Jessel.)


'Nuff said on the matter.

For now.


2) ...and this one.  From obamaballotchallenge.com: 'Lucas Smith Files Amicus Brief in AL McInnish/Goode v Chapman Obama Eligibility Case' - posted by George M - May 13
my comment posted My 14:

In reading Lucas Smith’s brief, I am appalled to see the number of interpretations of the NBC phrase that there are out there amongst supposedly scholarly types.

‘Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: It is very clear what the Framers meant by that phrase. They didn’t want a candidate for the presidency – who would ipso facto become also the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces – to have dual loyalties or allegiances. He, or she, must therefore at a minimum not be a dual citizen at birth.

I rest my case.’
Stan, 7 hours ago
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