Friday, 10 May 2013

On Growing Up

Yesterday I was drawing attention to an article that was drawing attention to how the Constitution had been changed, making it harder for the states and the citizenry to oppose the behemoth that has 'grown up' - and only so to speak - in Washington, D.C..  The article did not refer to the most heinous of sins that have been committed against the Constitution.

Listen carefully.

Does it really make sense to you that the Founding Fathers in general, and Framers of the Constitution in particular, going to the trouble of establishing an exclusionary requirement of eligibility for the office of the president of the soon-to-be United States of America - and that particular federal office only; which just so happens to include the job and capacity of being the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - that they would intend the requirement to include a person with dual citizenship: with, therefore, conflicting loyalties and allegiances???

What is the matter with you people; you Citizens, especially at this crucial time in the history of your country, when it is under fundamental attack?

Use your common sense.  The term 'natural born Citizen' means at a minimum that the candidate for that office has two U.S. citizen parents.  Does NOT have dual loyalties or allegiances.1

I can only imagine that the issue we have here boils down to one of, quote, 'original intent' vs. ''a living document'.  Which issue reflects how the Left has tried to pry the nation free from its roots in the rule of law by making of its constitution a malleable instrument.  A worthless document, in reality; by substituting, in classic prestidigitatious fashion, the idea of 'current interpretation' for the principle of 'original intent' - that words mean what the intention at the time of their inclusion in the contract was for them to mean.

The relativity of the matter is a pernicious notion - making words mean whatever you want them to mean (2 + 2 = 5; black is white; War is Peace) - and needs to be rejected.

And the man currently occupying the office of the president of the United States along with it.

Said man being - having been all along - ineligible for the office.  And therefore, being an illegal president.  And even perhaps an illegal alien, for all that is actually known about his real birth certificate.  The purported copy of which on the White House website having proved - in the eyes of many people, including mine, and my six-year-old neighbor2 - to be a forgery.

A fraudulent document.  Which renders the man ineligible for the office right there, and subject to criminal charges and proceedings in and of itself.

At the very least, what should happen is that the man - whatever his true, legal name is - should:

confess his crimes, and the corruption that he has been involved in;

apologize to the American people for having misled them; and

ask them for forgiveness, as he vacates the office, voluntarily; and faces whatever legal proceedings ensue from there.

I envision at the least a Truth & Reconciliation process.  As many souls confess the crimes they have committed while inhabiting human bodies.  And then let's move on from there, into a New Era for humanity as a whole.  An Era - really, a state of Being - of unprecedented prosperity and abundance, as we live in alignment with our highest potentials.  Not our lowest; as so many of our brothers and sisters have been doing.  Of which, let us all say:



it's that time.  

The Time for Unity consciousness.  No longer to be the separate selves that we have imagined ourselves to be, in this matrix, this artificial realm, of duality and polarity.  As we leave this illusory realm - this prison - behind; like the kindergarten class that it has been.

And inherit our High Selves.

Having earned our wings.  As it were.          



1 It could also mean that the person has to be born as well 'of the soil' (jus soli; not just jus sanguinis -  'of the blood').  But the key factor in the matter is undivided citizenship.  Undivided loyalties/allegiances.

2 I jest.  But barely.  To make a point: that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the facts, of what is not even a very good forgery.

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