Monday, 6 May 2013

Lest We Forget

I had the occasion today to send a letter on the general theme of Lest We Forget to David Horowitz, Founder and CEO of Freedom Center.  One such example I told him about; one I didn't.  The one I did  went pretty close to the following:

David Horowitz
14148 Magnolia Blvd.
Suite 103
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Dear David,

I recently responded to your mailing inviting me to become a member of your Freedom Center in the affirmative, with appreciation for the good work that your letter indicated that you and your team are doing.  I have subsequently discovered that you are on the wrong, to say untruthful, side of the Obama eligibility issue.

You can keep the money that I authorized to be taken out of my bank account for the membership fee - live and learn.  But I cannot, in all good conscience, support you and your efforts further.  America needs deep, well-rooted (esp. in the Constitution) patriots; not wishy washy, weathervane ones.

Accordingly, please do not send me any more mailings, or requests for financial assistance in any way.  The Constitution has been violated.  It must not stand.  And the nation return to the rule of law.

Very sincerely,

Duane 'Stan' Stanfield

P.S. Thank you for the little booklet 'Rules for Revolutionaries'.  It's a good one.  A pity that you are not paying closer attention to its major theme:
     rules for deception.


So there was that one.  The Lest We Forget that I did not respond to him on (based on an immediately-following perusal of his two websites - and, since it was not germane to the specific purpose of my letter, was the following example:

'Oh; and by the way, David, I see by your websites that you and your Freedom Center are heavily supportive of the state of Israel.  That's another reason why we don't see eye to eye.

'Until the state of Israel apologizes to the American people for: the Lavon Affair; for the attack on and attempted sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty; for its sins of omission regarding the suicide bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Lebanon; for its sins of omission and commission regarding 9/11 - and for any other deceptive measures that it has taken against America, at the same time that it hypocritically manages very successfully, financially and sympathetically, to plead poor little similar democratic state against its big nasty authoritarian enemies in the Middle East - the United States should have nothing to do with them.

'Apology  And then we talk.'    

This issue will undoubtedly come out anyway, as we head down to the wire.  Not just in the Middle East.  But in the whole 'shooting match' - the whole drama that we humans on Earth have been involved in, for aeons of time; under the control of Forces of Darkness.

Now about to experience the Forces of The Light, along with the rest of humanity.  For having had their day in the sun; so to speak.  And about to face The Grand Reckoning.

Which includes their being given due credit for the roles that they have played, in providing the sparks of our mutual Source the stone to hone our swords of Self on - as it were - as we have explored the realm of duality - of Choice, and a degree of Separation - and found it wanting, against the luster of the real thing.

And are now about to start the Return in a more direct route, than wandering any longer in a circular fashion in the wilderness each of our making.

That wilderness tended by these erstwhile gods who have been grooming us for their purposes; thinking they are, have been, in control.

Apology.  And then we talk.  


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