Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Eagle Has Landed

Hallelujah.  The unthinkable has been thought, into a viable proposition; into a state of possibility: the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama - or whatever his true, legal name is.1  And once that unthinkable has been brought into that state of being, it can unleash a train of such thoughts.  Like the creation of, not just a New World Order, but a New World.  Nova Earth.  Total 'transformation'.

Energy follows thought.  If you don't - or can't - think of something, it can't coalesce into being.2  It remains inchoate; latent.  Until Edison and Tesla came along, electricity was just something that Benjamin Franklin had 'captured' with a key on a string to a kite he had flown into a stormy sky. The 'key' to further development was missing until the minds of those two men brought it into being.3

So now that BHO's excesses in office have brought his administration into the realm of concern of the MSM (think the Associated Press, which has just found out that the Obama administration has secretly conspired to monitor its reporters' telephone calls, in search of a 'leaker'), the idea, the concept of impeachment is no longer so far-fetched as to belong merely to the fevered minds of those tinfoil-hatted loonies on the far Right.4  

And some commentators on the scene are doing an excellent job of citing 'chapter and verse' of the Obama administration's excesses.  I have in mind a particular summary of its constitutional overreach: the 'Special Report' of the legal watchdog, Judicial Watch, out of Washington, D.C.  Resident Obama and his Attorney General, Eric the Hatchetman Holder, have, in short, become a law unto themselves.5

It must not stand.

In sum.  We now have a litany of grievances towards this man as to rival those enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, towards that other monarch who figures in U.S. history.6  This one has been singing the Frank Sinatra signature song, of My Way, to a 't'; by-passing the Congress and creating an executive 'command and control' system that rivals that of the former Soviet Union.7  But such top-down governance is ill-suited to a free people.

Unless it comes from the real top.  And down to a people who have awakened to their true identity; as sparks of the One Light. 

 Coalescing into being the world just waiting for them to manifest it. 

The Eagle has landed.  And it is You. 

More precisely: It has landed in some cases.  And is circling in others.  On a holding pattern. Until the individual landing strip is cleared for just that.

For the work we have now to do, to proceed.



1 There is legitimate question regarding this.  
     Which doesn't speak well of the American public's overall attention to detail.

2 This was the principle behind the socialists' attempted takeover of Education in America in the '30's.  The tactic was to control the child's reading vocabulary.  If (s)he doesn't have a word for something, (s)he can't think of it.  It's similar to the 'principle' that was embodied in the report of some native tribe that, having never seen a car before, had no word for one, and, not understanding the concept of internal propulsion, the best that they could come up with to name it was 'a box that moves'.       
     It's similar also to the story about the appearance of Cortez's fleet.  Those natives on the shore, who had never seen a ship before, purportedly could not even see them, just saw Cortez and his mates rowing to shore from the open sea.  The story may be apocryphal; but the principle is the same.  

3 Not precisely true: There is evidence that some 'ancients' on the planet knew about the phenomenon, in the form of a rudimentary battery that was found and put in a museum in I think it was Turkey.  But it makes a good story.

4 And here we need to get to a clarity of descriptive political terminology.  The 'far Left' is clear to everybody; which gets into the realm of socialism and outright communism: in a word, statism, or collectivism.  Some would make 'the far Right' of the political spectrum as meaning the total opposite: anarchism, i.e., no government whatsoever; each man for himself.  But most people, I believe, think of the political spectrum as relating to the concept of 'the right' and 'the left'  in relation to the classic concept (taken from the French parliament, with the socialists sitting on the left of the room and the royalists sitting on the right) of being on the right or the left of the parliamentary aisle; whereby the far Right means, in U.S. terms, to many people, the likes of the John Birch Society and the Tea Party (staunch, unbudging opponents of 'big government' usurping the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and staunch, unbudging proponents of 'fundamental values'), and further to the right of them is fascism/corporatism: the unholy alliance of the Big Business/Big Banker crowd with the government, to further the former's interests.  Both of theses extremes fold into each other in the form of 'the total state': the New World Order as espoused by either the Left or the Right. 
     When actually, both scenarios are controlled by the same crowd - aka 'the Cabal', or 'the Illuminati'.  But that's another story.

5 And you will note that I called Obama the Resident.  He - with a lot of help - has usurped the office, for not being eligible for it in the first place.  Constitutionally eligible, that is.  Some people still remember that document; as the law of the land.  Of a nation governed by the rule of law.  A misty memory for some, apparently.
     And then, compounded the crime by filing - officially, on the White House website - a document purporting to be a true copy of his birth certificate, that has turned out, under considerable scrutiny, to be a forgery.
     A fraudulent document.  Which alone, in and of itself - regardless of any questions regarding his nativity - puts him in the criminal category, and subject immediately to impeachment proceedings, at the very least.
     Although it may a bit of a tricky wicket, trying to figure out how to deal judicially with an illegal occupant of the office; who can't, therefore, in effect be impeached, from an office that he has not legally occupied.  But I'm sure - with all the clever lawyers that abound in our day and age - that A Way can be found.
     (Keep reading for a play on this latter theme.)
     As for Holder himself.  I see that he has just been quoted as saying that the treatment by  the IRS of conservative groups for being subject to special scrutiny is "outrageous and unacceptable".  But Eric, it's of a piece with the likes of your good office's Civil Rights Division, Voting Section, not pursuing cases on behalf of white victims; or of that Division itself not pursuing the New Black Panther voter intimidation case; and so forth and so on, and on, and on.  You and your Department of Justice office in general have demonstrated the type of government that you wish to employ.  (I believe it's called The Chicago Way.)  Why should the IRS act, or think, differently???
     N.B.  I stand corrected.  Holder apparently did not call the political activity by the IRS "outrageous and unacceptable".  He was directing his ire at House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Darrel Issa's grilling of him on another matter (which he considered "unacceptable and shameful".  The grilling.  Not the matter).
     So the politicization of his DOJ Civil Rights Division stays.  And the politicized actions of the IRS.
     I should have known.

6 Although George Bush the Junior came close to qualifying for the same 'league'; and cannot be faulted for want of trying.  His administration's excesses (with the unfortunate collusion, in some instances, of the supine Congress) paving the way for the current Resident to make his monarchical-like move.  

7 Note that, Barry?  The former Soviet Union???…

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