Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May The Purge Begin

from 2012: What's the 'Real' Truth - May 6 

5 Responses to Ben Fulford: Netanyahu summoned to China, cabal purge begins in UK, May 6, 2013

  1. kibitzer3 says:
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    You’ve said it. The American military, who are bound by oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” are the key players in this drama, and need to step up to the job. If they do – when they do – the American patriots will be right behind them; cannot do it on their own. They – we – don’t have the official legality to do it, as the military does. The legality, to move into all the noted places, and secure them, holding the political space until new elections are organized and can take place, and as cleaned up from a corrupted election process as best they can; going by all the information that is now extant about how that process has been perverted – for years.
    It’s time for The Big Clean-out. And may the military leadership hold firm against the slings and arrows of the outraged forces that have attempted to take over the American Republic, from both sides of the political aisle; with those on and from the far Left so close at this point in time to accomplishing their goal that I’m sure they can almost taste it. May it turn to vinegar in their mouths, as the American military stands tall, and true to their oath.
    And then – and only then – can we move on; including from a Truth & Reconciliation process; and move up in consciousness to the new level of being that is just awaiting us to get to it; purged of our lower consciousness selves, and inheriting our real, vibrant, holistic Selves, as sparks of our divine Source, finding their way now more directly back Home, ready to leave the 3D level of experience behind and move up into a state of Unity; the stronger for the experience of the evolutionary process of soul growth, in the kingdom of free will. Now to say Yes!! to our graduation from it.
    Yes!! And Yes again!! For it is that time. The time that we have been waiting for. Some, more consciously than others. But all together now: Yes!!!
  2. Lightseeker says:
    It seems to me, that as long as the Arcons are “allowed” to exert their influence over the population of this planet, that mankind is destined to continue to fight among themselves and thus remain the “emotional” food source they have been for longer than recorded history. Removing the Arcons is the goal of… the job of whom? Most folks on the planet do not know that they even exist, or in what manner they exist. So where does that leave us? We clean out the corruption, only to have it re-establish itself in less than a generation. Again it seems to me that something more than cleaning up the surface level issues must come before any lasting success can be attained.
    • Jean says:
      Lightseeker, you need to dig a bit deeper. The energetic vibrations are reaching the point where these creatures can no longer survive here. They cannot continue much longer . . . There time is over. Graduation time is almost here! Hugs, ~Jean

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