Monday, 20 May 2013

Right and Wrong

A few things have happened to me recently that have caused me to sense the end of Time, at least as we have known it.

1. I have received in the mail a number of letters from various Christian-oriented groups, alarmed and angry about the number of assaults on their religion, and as relating to the Christian heritage of America, by both the Obama administration ("We are no longer a Christian nation...") and various left-wing atheistic groups; and wishing to mount a vigorous campaign against this threat to their religion and to the country's traditional culture.1  I can sympathize with them; and, it was inevitable that their position would be challenged.  Because there is considerable eidence that the Christian religion is founded on false premises, in that there is no proof of the validity of the story told (with varying degrees of inconsistency) in the NewTestament, and ample proof that that religious story was made up of elements of other religions and (astrotheological) allegories.2  But the atheists are throwing the baby out with the bathwater, since there is also considerable evidence for the existence of dimensions beyond our present, 3D one; and if there is (even one) such a reality, then it presupposes a Great Mind behind the whole She-Bang3  So: They are both right. And they are both wrong.  And we are approaching a Synthesis between the two camps.  A capstone stage of the human project; when we begin in earnest to bring it all together, into a semblance, a recapitulation, a reflection in matter of the One 'I' behind the whole exercise.

2. On my daily 'power' walk out (and more leisurely return) the other day I happened to pass a couple of young (black) guys, sitting on their apartment's stoop, one of whom asked me, in a subdued tone, for any change.  I have had to do a tune-into these frequent requests; one, because I do not in my gut of guts condone or support in any way people getting caught up in a dependency mindset;4 and two, there are so many panhandlers in this area that I simply cannot meet all their requests.  As I reached for my wallet (my instinct, then, in this case was to offer him something, and more than just some change), I found myself asking him, "What happened that you can't get it together in your life?"  He mumbled something about "drugs".   That made me angry (not at him).  "Aw, that's bad news, man," I said. disgusted (again: not at him); going on:  "You need to get yourself a future."  I gave him a dollar; but it made me wonder: How long, before The New can kick in.

The Near New, that will lead to the Total New: the moneyless society that is on the other side of the degree of consciousness that needs to kick in first.  Which means, in part: to get people off the mentality of government benefits.  Of being dependent on 'the government' (read, in truth: the taxpayers) for meeting their needs.

And which is an answer to the dilemma facing 'my' black fellow's situation.  I wanted him to get a handle on the idea of 'getting himself a future'.  But what sort of future is there, for a guy like him, in this current economy's climate??  Was I asking too much of him, to reach for something that just wasn't there for him???

And then I read this earlier evening a report on the Internet, some 'business' blog, on how bad the economic picture is for a considerable number of the EU countries, with 60% youth unemployment in Greece...or was it Spain.....

The system definitely needs to collapse.  Not in the way that the socialists want it to, to give them their grand Opportunity.  But to give humanity as a whole the 'space' for The Next Step.

What would that look like, to my way of thinking??

We cease Prohibition on drugs; to take them out of the hands of profiteers on short-term highs and long-term misery; and help those already hooked get clean, including with major nutritional therapies.  (And no welfare/'disability' payments for anybody continuing in the dependency trap.)  And speaking of drugs: We get people off the anti-depressants, which are causing all manner of societal mayhem, from suicides to external violence.  Depression is a symptom; it is not a disease.

I could say more on all these 'health' points; but I'll move on, for now.

We bring in a new monetary system - on the way to a moneyless system - that starts our 'withdrawal' (a good word for it) from interest-bearing money, and especially fractional-reserve banking.  The new motive for economic activity to be, first, the health of The Commons - our Mother Earth.  On that motive's way to becoming the sharing of goods and services - and the giving of our best in the process - out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.  Recognizing, that We Are One Another; and so, As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves.  (For We Are All One.  And All IS One.)

But we have some cleaning-up to do first, before we can get too deeply into the We Are One stage of spiritual development, and consciousness-raising.  We need to enter into a Truth & Reconciliation process; where all those of us who have engaged in 'dirty deeds' need to face up to the personal consequences of those deeds.  And those deeds include the likes of:

* All those involved in the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK being brought forth to 'face the music';

* All those involved in the OKC Murrah Federal Building bombing, likewise;

* All those involved - on both sides of the political aisle - in colluding in voter fraud (including fraudulent electronic voting machinery);

* Bill & Hillary(she of the relativist philosophy) Clinton and George Bush Sr. and Jr. and Janet Reno (and others, including Mossad agents) 'facing the music' for colluding in the assassination of JFK Jr. (an atrocious story in itself);

* All those involved in the 9/11 atrocity (and there are many of them);

* All those involved in Mind Control capers over the years, including, apparently, the Aurora Theater (Colo.) shooting, and possibly the Sandy Hook massacre as well (more needs to come out about that caper) ;

The list, of course, goes on.  (Including, of course, Obama himself.  He of the purloined presidency, and its coverup.)  Because Justice will be served, in a just universe.

Which this one is.  And is about to contribute to the further mind-opening of the human populace on Earth by an event that has been called Disclosure: the 'uncloaking' of our neighbors in this neck of the galactic woods; to help us in our Ascension process.

For - as we raise our consciousnesses to all the above - we are involved in leaving the old behind;5 and are joining with our galactic neighbors (and Gaia Herself) in a wholesale ascension of the universe into a higher dimension.

Because it's that time.

And we've earned it.  After our long imprisonment in our 3D 'reality'; learning lessons.

Sometimes - unfortunately - the hard way.

But them's the best learned, after all.

So, now: the Harvesting.  When everything of the darkness will be revealed, for the Light to shine upon it, and transmute it; before we can move on.  To say: Move up; and out, of the Old, into the New.

A bright, shiny future ahead.

For those who choose it to be so.  For themselves.  And for as many of the rest of our brothers and sisters as can manage the vibratory intensity of that New Stage of our spiritual evolution.

Going up.  With you.  Or without you.

Your choice.



1 As to the latter point: it also involves the rise of the LGBT brigade, and their hatred for the 'hate language' of Christians towards their subculture.  A culture than I am currently vary aware of, with the activity this weekend of the Gay Pride Parade in my home town, of Long Beach, and my downtown area decked out aplenty with their Rainbow flags and colors, as many shops show their allegiance to 'the movement,' or merely to the pink dollar...
     ,,,and their goes off another firecracker, somewhere in my neighborhood.  After I made my way back to my apartment from my late afternoon 'read' in my somewhat local park, and then stop-off for the milk for my mornings' bowls of cereal, and returning along what I can only presume is a major avenue ('Broadway', would you believe) for their post-parade celebrations, judging by all the rainbow flags and bunting, and half-naked, tank-topped bodies adorning, and parading on, the sidewalk...when they're not in drag......
     Do I disapprove of all of this?  Yes.  But that's for another time...but coming closer.  As I indicate.          

2 See in particular the research by D. M. Murdock, aka Acharya S.

3 A little play there on the concept that it is the Divine Mother/'feminine' aspect of the Creator that is involved in action/the creation; with the the Divine Father/'masculine' aspect 'just' holding the space, as it were.  And which conclusion is as well conveyed by all the evidence that has accumulated in our time for the reality of the phenomenon that we call reincarnation (books, videos, studies, research papers...)  So: We Are One Another   And if We Are, then, One Another, we are, then - ultimately - One.  Of One Being; obviously experiencing Itself through Its different parts.  Fractals.  Aspects.  Points of view - us.  On our way back to a total state of Unity once again, after our seasoning in realms with a certain degree of separation.
     But this latter part has to be mere conjecture at this point.  As attested to by Occupants of some of these realms, coming through various of us who have gifts of clairvoyance.  But more on that, another time.

4 And thus, why I detest the Left in their intentional creation of a welfare class in America.  The better to eat us with, in their attempts to "fundamentally transform the United States" - in the words of their Dear Leader, the one who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama (real name a question mark) - into their socialist paradise.  Or at least, intention thereof.
     (But, as one of their main mentors - Saul Alinsky - has put it to them: Don't waste time thinking fluffy thoughts.  A quote from David Horowitz's (highly recommended) little tome 'Barack Obama's Rules For Revolution':
     "The following anecdote about Alinsky's teachings as recounted by The New Republic's Ryan Lizza nicely illustrates the focus of Alinsky radicalism: 'When Alinsky would ask new students why they wanted to organize, they would invariably respond with selfless bromides about wanting to help others.  Alinsky would then scream back at them that there was a one-word answer: "You want to organize for power!"'"   
     Forget any other goal.  The goal is power, for its own sake.  If it results in a heaven on earth, well, it does.  But the real point is to take from the Haves and give to the Have-nots.  What they do with their power then is their business.
     A further note here, about socialist radicals' attitudes towards means and ends.  Horowitz refers to another quote of Alinsky's: "Power is to be 'seized' - the word is revealing," Horowitz comments; going on to say: "The present system will not allow justice to be realized, so sooner or later immoral, illegal, even violent means are required to achieve it."  Whatever It Takes.  'By Any Means Necessary,' Alinsky counsels at some other point.
     It is the sort of thing about his technique that Hillary Rodham picked up on strongly, when she wrote her senior thesis on his theories.  Titling her paper 'There Is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model,' she was apparently so captivated by the man and his ideas (she interviewed Alinsky personally for her project) that she went on in her life to model his techniques and philosophy grandly.  'What is right is whatever advances the revolution.'  So Hillary, having imbibed deeply of Alinsky's philosophy for success, went on to become a corrupt player in the Watergate unraveling, according to her boss at the time; and on in her life, after playing second fiddle to Bill and striking out on her own, not being corrupt in her own eyes (There Is OnlyThe Fight), could lie about landing in Bosnia under mortar fire.  And if someone happens to dig out a videoclip of the event, proving it to be a lie, well, the public has a short attention span...
     It's all a far cry from Siddhartha Gautama's Noble Eight-Fold Path, isn't it...)

5 Stop and think: Once you get to the point where you get - really get - that all that 3D life is is playing, and exchanging, various parts - now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female, or something in-between; now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another -  why would you want to continue on the reincarnational wheel??  By then, you would have realized that there is something more behind it all.  Something that it has all been for.
     And that something is obviously of major worth.  Like a pearl of great price.
     As a being called Saul has just said (on Sunday, as I write this), via a fellow named John Smallman: "Consciousness loves to evolve; evolving is one of its many purposes..."
     But then that's just mere conjecture.  At this point.
     Curious?  Enough to find out for yourself???......  :-)

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