Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More Of That Crazy Loon

from brietbart.com: '"Fox News Vs. The Cult Of Obama' - Joel  B. Pollak - May 28

kibitzer3 a minute ago
A very perceptive article, Joel.  And it is that hubris that will bring them down; for they are making mistakes in their arrogance in wielding power.
By the way, don't discount "the Hegelian notion" as just a fantasy.  Hegel had his finger on how socio-political organisms evolve. The mistake in this case is the far Left thinking that they are the crowning, Synthesis stage of such development; whereas the truth is that they are just the antithesis of the Established Order.  Including the religious/atheist face-off. We are heading toward the true crowning stage of human history, which includes a move beyond competition vs. cooperation/individualism vs. collectivism, and religion vs. atheism, to 'the best of both': all contradictions resolved, in moving into an awareness of the spiritual dimension (beyond mere religions), including awareness of ourselves as parts, fractals, points of view - emanations, of One Holy Being.  And thus, the time to claim our place in the pantheon of galactic civilizations.

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