Thursday, 16 May 2013

Are There Ten Righteous Even in The Entire Land???

from 'Newsboy Challenges Illegal White House Usurper 'Obama' via Vermont Supreme Court' - George M. - May15

  1. It is unbelievable that challenging the [p]Resident’s right to hold the Oval Office is so difficult. Minor vs. Happersett (1875) clearly defines a natural-born citizen being one of parents, both of whom are US citizens. Perhaps a large class action suit representing as many Americans as possible from every – or the majority – of states of the union would get attention. If a large group of “We the People” do not have standing, then who does, I’d like to know? We must never hesitate and continue our efforts. Benghazigate is now breathing down the usurper’s neck, and there are other efforts in progress against this fraud. He is ineligible, and this is the only way to go to dismantle this Evil Empire.
    William Homolka, 11 hours ago

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    An excellent report. Thank you, George; and many thanks to Mr. Paige for his indefatigability in this matter.

  3. My sense of Justice is enraged regarding all the stonewalling and obfuscation that has been going on in regards to this issue. But somewhere in this nation there has to be a good judicial man, or woman, or majority, to step forward, and do the right thing. Or the nation has lost its exceptionalism, and is just another run-of-the-mill corrupt enterprise, unworthy of its founding energy. What a terrible shame that would be; to all concerned, and on some in particular.

  4. Stan, 7 hours ago
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How long do I have to continue to play the game in this density, this realm, this matrix?  Partake of the drama??  Pretend that this reality is a true reality, and not just a phantasm???

I'm getting tired of the illusion.  I want the real thing to kick in; and let me do my thing.  

It's beginning to feel like Sodom, to be saved if there were ten righteous in the city.  Are there ten righteous even in the whole nation in this day???

Or even one????…


the last word, for the evening:

Jesus vía John Smallman: 'It is As Though You Had Confined Yourselves Within a Minute Dwelling With No Windows' - May 15 (posted at Golden Age of Gaia)

"Only Love exists. But within the illusion your belief in Love became more and more restricted as your fear grew and persuaded you that Love was weak, and that you could only survive by rejecting It and allowing fear to guide you through the vast maze of dangers with which the illusion had presented you. To develop and encourage personal physical strength and mental acuity became the aim of nearly every individual, because it appeared that those characteristics were the only ones that would make survival possible. Then the need to prove that you were superior to another, could not be destroyed or defeated by him, led to your present state of destructive competition in which humanity has been engaging for so long.

"Fear is intensely restrictive. Love is infinitely inclusive. The two cannot co-exist, you have to choose between them, and only Love is Real! So, truly there is no choice, just the requirement that you open your hearts to release your belief in fear, to let it go and refuse to acknowledge it. When you do so Love will flood in, filling the space that fear had occupied, had fenced in, so that your heart center will expand, and you will feel Love and see It and recognize It everywhere.
"Love is your nature, your Source. It is all that exists. And by shutting yourselves off from It you have caused yourselves immense pain and suffering throughout the eons. Having had enough of this insane way of experiencing life you made the collective decision to awaken, and collectively you most definitely are stirring in your deep slumber, moving positively and inexorably towards the moment of your awakening…"

I fervently hope.

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