Saturday, 4 May 2013

...And is the Constitution Already Dead??

from 'America has fallen… The Constitution has been rendered DEAD!' - posted by George M - May 3 - article by Edward C. Noonan, Founder & National Committee Chairman, American Resistance Party; former Party Chairman, American Independent Party.

(my contribution, late May 3/early May 4:)

"All State Constitutions get their power from the U.S. Constitution..." 

I don't follow that line of reasoning.  The U.S. Constitution is a contract between the (already-established) States and the new federal-level government limiting, via delegated powers - "few and defined," in the words of the Father of the Constitution, James Madison -  its powers over the States.  They continued to have their own State constitutions, identifying their contract with the citizens of their respective State.  Those contracts still hold true to this day, having preceded the federal contract.   

"...and if the Federal government has been usurped by the Soetoro/Soros/Bilderberg/New World Order/etc, then Alabama has no remedy to oust the illegal shadow government that has taken over and who now occupies our Constitutional Republic." 

No individual State may have a "remedy" to oust a/the rogue federal government; but they are no longer bound in a constitutional contract with it, and any effort by said rogue federal government to impose its power over them is null and void, by its own doing.  

The States can now declare themselves free and clear from that contract, via a Nullification process.  They are now free to go their own ways.  For example, the so-called Red States can now contract between themselves to form a more perfect union.  And the so-called Blue States can join them, if they can meet the requirements.

Personally, I would prefer to see the rogue federal government forced to relinquish its usurped power by a concerted effort on the parts of the States to declare themselves free from unconstitutional impositions on them from it, and the Union remain as is.  But not at the price of essential Liberty.  Which will be the cost, in the current move by this rogue federal government towards a socialist 'paradise' of enforced Equality.  We must tell the Marxists to take their desired 'utopia' elsewhere.  That it doesn't match with the founding principles of this nation; which 'enthrone' the individual.  Not the state.  

And may it ever do so.  Until Kingdom Come; and we start afresh in such matters, from a higher level of consciousness.  Gained from just such an encounter as we are experiencing in our day and age.        

Stan, May 3
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