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Had Enough

A couple of things have happened to me today to make me want to say, either 'Stop the World - I Want To Get Off!' - or 'That's It - Things Have Gone Far Enough.  The Play Is Over'.

I have chosen the latter approach to the matter: to Stand and Deliver.  Opting out is no longer an option.  The world itself - Earth herself - is at stake.

Item.  From The Tea Party Economist: 'The Internet Sales Tax: Taxation Without Representation' - by Gary North - May 8.  
(The new tax on Internet sales, which has just passed the Senate, rather overwhelmingly.  My comment:)

kibitzer3 - May 8 · less than 1 minute ago
I'm still trying to get my head around this; something doesn't compute about it [for me]. If I live in a state with a state sales tax and make a purchase of an item from a store in my state, I pay the state sales tax on it. If I live in a state with a state sales tax but make a purchase of an item from a store in a state without a state sales tax, I don't, nor should I have to, pay my state's sales tax on it, regardless of whether I went to that state physically or electronically. My purchase was FROM that non-sales-tax state. 

This seems to me like an attempt to do away with state lines and sovereignties, and make the whole nation just one big centralized pot of tax monies. I say it's spinach, and I say to hell with it.

[Foreigners may well miss the closing allusion.  It refers to a classic cartoon in The New Yorker of many years ago, wherein the young man, at the dinner table with his obviously very well-off parents, is captioned as saying, "It's not broccoli.  I say it's spinach, and I say to hell with it."  

It also picks up on a similar statement reportedly made by the first President Bush: "I'm not going to eat this.  I'm the president of the United States, and I don't have to eat broccoli if I don't want to."]


Item.  The May issue of 'Verdict', the monthly newsletter of Judicial Watch.1  It is chockablock with damning commentary on the Obama administration and its manifold abuses of power.

* "Judicial Watch earned a major victory against the Obama Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in its efforts to uncover records detailing the Obama administration's 'back-door amnesty' initiative. And with DHS now releasing thousands of illegal alien criminals onto the streets, it could not have come at a better time.

"The United States District Court for the District of Columbia recently ruled that the Department of Homeland Security had failed to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in a Judicial Watch lawsuit seeking records related to the agency's policy of suspending some illegal alien deportations...

"Regarding JW's lawsuit and the court victory, the original FOIA request was filed with DHS on August 30, 2010, followed by a lawsuit on March 23, 2011 [i.e., 7 months later], after the DHS refused to release the requested records.  On January 27, 2012 [i.e., 10 mos. later], the U.S. District Court denied a DHS motion to dismiss it in part criticizing the agency for its inadequate explanations and giving it one 'final' opportunity to establish the applicability of certain privileges in withholding the information from Judicial Watch.

"In the February 28, 2013, decision [i.e., 13 mos. later!], the District Court ruled that with respect to a substantial number of documents at issue, DHS had continued to improperly withhold information..."

This is madness.  From August 30, 2010 and still counting (the DHS has yet to comply with the court order), the Obama administration is acting like a law unto itself.  And not only in this instance.  The beat goes on:

* 'JW Files Three New Lawsuits Against Obama Administration for Concealing Benghazi Records.'

* 'JW Sues Obama Treasury Department for Records Detailing Authorization of Chinese Corporate Takeover.'

("...a very curious and potentially threatening decision to approve a deal that puts China in control of drilling interests in the Gulf of Mexico and puts cash in the pockets of Obama campaign donors and bundlers...")

And perhaps most pernicious of all:

* 'Vindication for JW: Inspector General Confirms Lies, Racism Rampant Inside Holder Justice Department.'

"This OIG report [the Justice Department's own Office of Inspector General]...i entitled 'A Review of the Operations of the Voting Rights Section of the Civil Rights Decision.'  And it reveals a brutal truth that will only fan the flames of controversy about the operations of the nation's top law enforcement agency.

"It is a particularly disturbing read for scandal-ridden Eric Holder and [acting head of the DOJ's Voting Rights Section, Thomas] Perez, who - as this newsletter goes to press - is President Obama's nominee to serve as Secretary of Labor.

"With respect to the details in the report, one of Judicial Watch's partners in its election integrity effort, J. Christian Adams, who, along with former Justice official Christopher Coates, was pilloried by the Left for testifying about racism inside the agency, produced a thorough review of the report for...his Election Law Center blog, and found the following:

+ "[DOJ officials and career lawyers] stole the OIG that they believed that the reason the voting rights laws were enacted was to protect historic victims of discrimination and therefore the Section should prioritize its resources accordingly.  Additionally, some of these individuals, including one current manager, admitted to us that, while they believed that the text of the Voting Rights Act is race-neutral and applied to all races, they did not believe the Voting Section should pursue cases on behalf of white victims.

+ "Threats were made to African American employees by other Justice Department staff.  The threats were made because the black employees were willing to work on cases like the New Black Panther voter intimidation case and a case in Mississippi involving a black wrongdoer and a white victim..."

And it goes on, and on, and on...2

A couple of comments.  One: Hubert Humphrey, where are you when the Democrat Party needs you?3  Two: Republican Party, where have you been while all of this nonsense has been going on??

'Oh well.  It was ever thus,' you say?

If so: The hell you say.

Not on my watch you don't.

Back and forth we go, back and forth; and around and around; there's nothing new under the sun?

I am - and many others are - here to tell you differently.  That Yes, there is.

That it is time to put to put an end to all of this karmic posing, this sound and fury signifying nothing but the same old, same old; time to clear the decks of our accumulated debris from this dense realm; to clean house, and move on, out of the Age of Darkness.

You see, if you are deciding to abrogate the rule of law in this country - this special country; set up for a spiritual purpose: to assist individuals in standing in their own power and sovereignty (and thus taking self-responsibility), and not to give it away to either Church or Royal or State - if you are going to break that sacred mold, then I'll take over now, thank you very much.

As we draw The Play to a close; and have a self-evaluation Review, before we draw the curtain on the past, and leave it behind, as we enter the real thing - mount a real stage, of real life.

And stop with the Let's Pretend.  Before it gets too seriously out of order, and threatens not just us.  But all those around us.

Including Gaia herself.  Who deserves better, much better treatment than we have been giving her.

A little gratitude will go a long way, friends.  As we learn - apply - the old lesson:

to treat each other as we wish to be treated.  With Love and respect.  And now to add an updated awareness to the lesson plan (fitting with our increased movement on our individual spiritual evolutionary paths; in harmony and alignment with 'the times', to say with our increased understanding of 'how things work'): that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves.

For We are all One.  And All IS One.    



1 "a conservative non-partisan American educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.  Judicial Watch advocates high standards of ethics and morality in America's public life and seeks to ensure that public officials do not abuse the powers entrusted in them by the American people."

2 and is of a piece with other actions of the Holder DOJ (like suing police officers for doing their duty) demonstrating that to them, illegal aliens have that status (known to the hard Left as 'undocumented workers') as a 'civil right'.  And is of a piece in general - with drones over America and so forth and so bloody on -  with the Obama administration and its DHS arm preparing for civil war and the imposition of a socialist system on the United States; as he tries to make good on his campaign-trail boast in 2008 that "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."
     Little did many Americans - including me - know precisely what he meant by that statement.  Not knowing his background at the time, I thought he was merely referring to backlash to the 'crony capitalism' going on under the likes of Bush Jr. & Co., that had ultimately brought the U.S. into war in Iraq, and threatened the U.S with a takeover from the hard Right, and the imposition of the Cabal's fascist New World Order.
     And so we have been caught in a see-saw battle between the two extremes.  A pox on the both of which.

3 A leader of the Democrat Party in the Senate at the time of the Civil Rights Acts in the '60s (and later, their candidate for the presidency), he swore up and down and sideways that the legislation would NOT result in 'reverse discrimination', what was even then. as I recall, beginning to be called 'affirmative action'.  'The law in this country must be color blind!' was the cry; echoing the arguments at the time of the passing of the 14th Amendment, and its statement/declaration about everybody having "the equal protection of the laws".
     At what point do reparations stop???


P.S.  And there's this, from yesterday and today:

from '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?'  posted May 7; reposted from Global Research - May 2:

2 Responses to You Are The Hope – by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

  1. wbbourland says:
    The Time is NOW for Americans of – BOTH Parties(or NO Party)…to REALIZE that our Country has Been Taken OVER, during the Past 40-50 YEARS, by a Cabal of Ruthless Gangsters who Have some…VERY Bad Plans for us ALL. We MUST Pressure Congress, and URGE Patriotic Men in the Military…to HELP us Rid this Nation of this Evil MOB !!!
  2. kibitzer3 says:
    Well said, Dr. PCR.
    It’s a funny old world, innit. From respected talking head to persona non grata, all because he questioned what he was seeing on his screen of reality rather than taking the official word for WHAT he was seeing. “Here; all this was caused by these 19 hijackers. See? We even have their pictures. Here. Look here. See?’
    I see, indeed. And so does PCR.
    It’s time for the perps – the REAL perps – to be dragged out from behind the curtain. If they won’t come freely.

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