Sunday, 5 May 2013

Of A Sun Day

Sunday.  A Sun Day.  A day of Illumination…

In my blog of a couple of  days ago (Friday, actually) I talked of - concluded with - our getting to our Light bodies.  Which are of our true Selves;  beyond the duality of these forms, these meat bodies, these deep-sea-divers' suits that we have inhabited, been incarcerated in, for so long that we have come to identify with them, think of them as us.  Think of form as awareness.

What do I mean by 'awareness'.

Light contains information.1  A read of David Wilcock's book 'The Source Field Investigations' will clarify to you - remind you - that behind/beyond form there is consciousness.  Consciousness of Self.  Of Self being a 'thing'.  To some degree, separate from No-Thing.  From What Is.  From All That Is.  From The Ineffable, beyond any mere form.

'Form' is dependent on - is built on; takes its beingness from, like a shadow - a deeper essence.  Some old-timers will remember the 'age' of Existentialism, in which various scholarly types - Sartre, and college sophomores, and others - argued that 'existence precedes essence': that nothing came before life, and we give meaning - essence - to all that is. All that we create.  Which attitude was the result of minds throwing the baby of Truth out with the bathwater of Religion - of rebelling against mere constructs of Mind, that they could come up with just as easily, and with much more panache, for being willing to dare the Unknown so.  Prometheans, playing with the fire of creation.2  

Whereas, in Truth - in real 'reality' - Essence comes before Existence.

Light throws shadows.  Shadows don't exist in and by themselves.  Life - 'life', as we know it here on this surface, this produced ledge of an interference pattern - is such an illusion.  Is a phantasm.  Ephemeral.  Malleable.

How do I know?

Because I look around me, and see.  Really see.


Numerous Near Death Experiences have had the Out of Body Experiences associated with them where the person 'came back' and reported on things in their immediate 'life' environment that they could not have known about 'consciously'; for instance, conversations going on outside the room where their body was going through its Near Death travail; for another instance, the OOB Experiencer seeing a tennis shoe on the window sill of a nearby room, which proved out after the 'fact' to be true.  Conclusion: the Mind - consciousness - is separate from, or at the very least has an independence of, the Brain.3  


 Numerous witnesses to UFOs have reported some of them as disappearing in the blink of an eye.  Yes, they could merely have had cloaking technology; but this 'facet' of the picture also contains the fact that there have been numerous reports over the years of human beings/figures likewise disappearing from view.  Hypothesis: There is at the very least one more dimension than the 3D one that we live in/inhabit.4  

And I could go on, in this vein, of 'things that go bump in the night'.  But as perhaps the most compelling Example:

the research by Dr. Ian Stevenson and others into the phenomenon of reincarnation; plus the records - books, videos, articles - of people who have had personal experiences of the phenomenon.  

I won't go into the detail of all those proofs.  They speak for themselves.  And of the fact that, therefore, 'there is something more than man'.  That there is a Plan in and to life.  And therefore, a Purpose; beyond just in and for itself only.  To say: beyond just a mere linear experience, in a material universe.

And as for the still-argument, that all this is merely 'anecdotal':

You've got to be kidding.  

Aren't you?

And only yourselves, if so.5

As for my contention - and many individuals besides me; who are responding to their inner alarm clocks - that we Homo sapien sapiens are now facing a major Turning Point; a shift in consciousness - in awareness - that is going - inexorably - to result in a shift in form itself:

Watch this space. 



1 And 'it' just happened.  I typed these last words with some inadvertent mistakes in them - viz.: 'Llight containes'.  By the time I had gone back to clean up first the word 'Light', my computer had already cleaned up the word 'contains' for me.  Electrical impulses, is all it was.   All it took.  And: a memory, to house them in.  

2 With the realization that 'we make our own reality'.  Well, yes; and… 'No no - that is to say, We make Reality.' * 
     And who is this 'we' you are talking about?  This peacock that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more?  This will-o'-the-wisp??  
     Give me a break, Jean Paul (et al); from your intellectual's attempt to throw off the conditioning of your bourgeois upbringing and your - 'the' - Church.  Which you have presumably - because of your desire to live an 'authentic' way of 'being' - become disillusioned with.  For not living up to your instinctive - rather, more accurately, your intuitive -  expectations.  For being, in greater truth, a being of Light.  Not a believer in the constructs of the Dark.

     * "Each individual - not society or religion - is solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely ("authentically')." - from the Wikipedia definition of Existentialism.  Which also includes the claim: "In existentialism, the individual's starting point is characterized by what has been called 'the existential attitude', or a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world."   Well; how good a job did you actually do in exploring that world, and coming up with that premise, gang?  Even with what is available in your time?? 

3 And as rather definitively reported on by Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, in his recent book 'Proof of Heaven' ('A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife'), wherein he recounted his experiences when his brain, due to an infection, was totally cut off from its sensory links and all his higher faculties (via the cerebral cortex), and caused him to draw the conclusion that consciousness is independent of the brain.     

4 And as for the argument that all UFOs are only of our human invention: that would be to ignore all the evidence extant that they are not; and that the beings 'behind' them have given us (or we took from them) various boosts in our technological development, as the source of those inventions.  
     A good source of information in this regard is the book 'The Day After Roswell' by Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso.

5 How much more will it take, for you?  Your own experience??
     Then invoke it.  And open to it.


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