Thursday, 2 May 2013

Further on The Rule Of Law

In my last blog I referred to a position by Attorney General Eric Holder on some issue as "of a piece with" especially some other measure he was taking, which signaled an arrogant, totalitarian frame of mind, of someone who presumed to be above the law.  But let's lay the blame at the feet of The One to whom it really belongs.  And that is the arch Deceiver himself.

To say, at the feet of his boss; who, e.g., unilaterally imposed a tax on the American people - not his constitutional prerogative - having done an end-around of the Congress, with whom such measures properly reside,1 by directing his EPA executive-branch department to fasten a cap-and-trade tax on American private industry.  There is a word for this sort of thinking.  It's called tyranny.

No matter the 'good intentions' behind such a move.  It's still a result of a tyrannical mindset.

And the only mindset that can legitimately dissolve the Constitution, and the rule of law that it affords the nation, is one that replaces it with what has been called the Kingdom of Heaven.  Not a socialist New World Order, of a law unto itself.  Or a fascist New World Order from the far reaches of the other side of the political aisle; as the Bush Jr. administration was angling for, under the driving power of the NeoCons who gained ascendency in that government, with their desire for American hegemonic control over the whole world; to be ruled by what is called the Cabal.  

The American people should say to both camps: A pox on both your houses.  If we're all going to be under one roof, and abide by one law, it will be the Law of our Creator.  Our mutual Source.  Not ruled over our minds and bodies by Force.  But in our hearts, by Love.  

And that makes all the difference.

The bottom line: the man currently occupying the office of the American presidency2 is a tyrant; is evidencing tyrannical tendencies;3 and is stoppable by nothing but a citizenry aroused from its apathy.

Or not.

Your choice.

Some choice…



1 Shall we never forget that the American Revolution was based, in large part,  on the perverted principle of 'taxation without representation'?  And an Executive ruling by decree??  
     Congress is the rightful voice of the people, in our form of government.  Not the executive.  The Executive's job is to lead; yes.  To 'sound a note' for the nation.  But is limited to enforcing the law.  Not making it. 
     All these Executive Orders need to be stopped.  But to continue. 

2 and not even to go into the issue of his ineligibility for the office; which is a subject in its own right.

3 carried deep into his administration; especially - and especially atrociously - including his Department of Justice.  Which has become a Department of Injustice.



Federal vs. State:  'Game On: Eric Holder Issues Threat' - Tenth Amendment Center - May 2

email letter to Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas, May 2:

Dear Governor Brownback,

I urge you to continue the good fight regarding upholding the Second Amendment to the Constitution spelling out in no uncertain terms a specific limitation on the federal government's powers.

Hold true to the Constitution, in the face of ALL those who would attempt to make of our federal form of government a purely centralized one.

The so-called Supremacy Clause of the Constitution only refers to laws "which shall be made in Pursuance" of the Constitution.  Not of whatever strikes the fancy of either the Congress or the Executive.

Stick to your guns, Gov. Brownback.  And so to speak.

Sincerely yours,

Duane 'Stan' Stanfield
a Constitutionalist from the hurting state of California

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