Saturday, 25 May 2013

In Memoriam

On this Memorial Day weekend, I thought it was rather fitting that last night I came across, on the Internet, a reference to an early 20th century socio-political attitude in Finland about voting rights, whereby no citizen who was living off of 'the public weal' (to say, the general good) - for example, those in public servants' roles, and those on welfare - had the right to vote; at least not on issues that would allow them to vote themselves money out of other people's pockets.  To be, in effect, pickpockets.

It put me to mind of a couple of things.  One: Our Founding Fathers' admonitions; first, John Adams's observation that "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  And second, Benjamin Franklin's comment (among many of his famous sayings): "When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

That was the first thing that I was put to mind of: thinking in memoriam of the Founders of this nation, and the sacrifices they made to bring it about.  Lest we forget.

And secondly, it put me to mind of our 'collective' future - i.e., of the whole world - and how best to get there.  Though actually, not how 'best' to get there; but even 'to' get there.


If you are living off of someone else's money - i.e., tax money - you have no moral right to vote yourself more money out of those other people's pockets.  That is theft; pure and simple. Which cultivates an arrogant, decidedly unspiritual attitude of 'entitlement'.1  But if 'you' are all living with the degree of consciousness that allows you, inspires you, to realize that there is in reality no 'other' - that We Are All One; aspects of One holy Being - then you will naturally provide each 'other' with everything you all need, because 'you' are providing 'you' with your best efforts.2

Marx had the right 'idea'; he was just trying to get there in a spiritual vacuum - by way of that missing ingredient to the soufflĂ©.  Otherwise, all you have is broken eggshells, and a right sorry mess.3

So: Right 'idea'; wrong means.  Marx, and his main disciple, Lenin, were trying to get to the Promised Land by, and with, the use of Force; when all you need is Love.  Sweet Love.

Saul Alinsky,  the so-called 'community organizer' who was a main inspiration to the current resident of the White House occupying the Oval Office,4 was a big believer in the perverted philosophy of tyrants "down through the eternal ages":5 of the end justifying the means.  'By Any Means Necessary,' to achieve your ends.

Not good enough, to enter the real Promised Land.  We will have to be a little more humble than that attitude of arrogance implies.  Rather, will need the attitude of gratitude: to our Creator, for life with meaning.

And when we do so humble ourselves, with that insight: All else will be added unto us.

Have a rewarding - and perhaps even memorable - Memorial Day weekend, everybody.

Lest we forget.



1 Tax money is properly to be spent for the public good: roads, parks, police and fire departments, libraries; that sort of thing.  It is not properly to be handed out to individuals (ergo, a handout).  Churches and charities exist for that sort of thing, where people donate their monies freely for the cause; give of their own free will.  It is not extorted from them, by the state.  As in socialist, and communist, countries, with a misplaced attitude about 'equality', wherein and whereby everybody is considered equal to the point of a 'redistribution of wealth' to make it so.  Forcing it to be made so.
     As opposed to living by essential liberty.  The way of the American Republic, from its inception.
     Lest we forget.
     To be an ensign, and, even more importantly, an exemplar to the nations of the world.
     Lest we all forget.
     And P.S. Am I being a hypocrite because I am living on Social Security?  Perhaps one could think that.  But I am simply living under the terms of the society in which I was born, and of which I am a part.  Until I can help it transform into a society living in the New Age, by New Age principles.  The reason I incarnated - that I chose to incarnate - at this time.
     Along with a lot of the rest of you; awakening, at various stages of your human lives, to your mission: as Lightworkers.  Bearers of the Light.  Sending the Dark forces now into the shadows of our social order; on their way to absolution.  Or annihilation.
     Their choice.

2 And that is why I have posited an update to the Golden Rule for humanity to live by now; a step up in consciousness, and awareness: that As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.

3 This is, of course - for those who know - a play on the idea expressed by Lenin, that 'If you want an omelette, you have to break some eggs'.  Which attitude has resulted in a right sorry mess the world over; and for time immemorial.

4 Enough said on that subject, for this particular blog

5 a play on my last blog, where I quoted from a high school essay of mine. Loaded with as many big words from my developing vocabulary, and with as much high-falutin' language, as I could shoehorn into the particular vehicle of my budding erudition.  (Or should that rather be 'pedantry'??...)

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