Friday, 24 May 2013

The Time Has Come

'The time has come' - it is said that the Walrus said - 'to talk of many things.'  Well, I don't have quite the mustache of a walrus, but I'll give it a go nevertheless.

Let me put it in the form of a talk to the American people.

'My fellow Americans:

'I come before you at this time to announce some major changes in the scene of human affairs, both in America and as to the world at large.

'I think that many of you sense that it is time for change.  Real, substantive change.  Not the sort of mere cosmetic change that the current occupant of the office of the presidency of the United States apparently alluded to, in his first run for the office.  I say 'apparently,' because things seem to be pretty much business as usual in the nation; which is to say, a whole lot of corruption going on.

'But change that helps wake people up to their true identities: as sons and daughters - currently - of The Most High; our mutual Creator.  Sparks - fractals - points of view of the All That Is.  Hallowed be the Name of The One.

'Humankind has gotten off the track to its highest potential, and has been wandering in a desert of its making, for a long, long time; wandering in circles, that have resulted in their reincarnation time and time again; trying simultaneously to work out their karmic lessons on the one hand, and see the way out of the maze on the other.  It has been a daunting task, for many.  But now it is at an end, for all.

'All, that is, who choose for it to be an end.  And a beginning.  On a higher turn of the spiral of life, back to our Source, in the Light and the Love of the Creator, Who wishes only the best for us Parts of the Whole.

'The religious poet spoke movingly of our being 'a piece of the continent, a part of the main'.  It has been our job to try to bring that Whole back together again.  Unfortunately, many of us got lost in the wilderness; succumbing, over and over again, to the temptations of the flesh.  Among the chief of which has been power.

'Power over.  Rather than the power with that is our rightful destiny.  Reflecting the power within, gift of our Creator.

'You will have noted that I speak rather sure of myself regarding this business of our Creator being a being of sentience; not just blind rules of physical evolution.  The survival of the fittest, and so forth.  Why am I so confident in my assertion?

'Because we live at a time that that assertion can be engaged in comfortably, off the evidences available to us in our time.  I speak in particular, but not exclusively, of the evidences for the truth of the process that we call, and have called for quite some time, reincarnation.  The process has been talked about for a long time, and believed in by many souls over that period of time.  But in our time we have been able to bring more factual evidences regarding it to bear, in the forms of detailed case studies, and reports on the increasingly widespread phenomenon of Near Death Experiences, aka Out of Body Experiences; whereby people have, through our modern medical technology, been brought back to life from the very threshold of death, and reported, over and over, on the same sorts of experiences -which have included evidential reports on things that they witnessed and heard going on around them while their body was being worked on with various forms of resuscitation, or simply, in the cases of comas, palliation.  One person saw a pair of sneakers on a window sill in an adjacent room of the room where his body was being worked on, for example; another reported on a conversation he listened to briefly going on outside of his room between two of his relatives.

'And videos of children who reported to their parents facts about a past life that were then able to be confirmed.  And so forth and so on, and on, and on.  Anecdotal?  To the extent that the literature on this subject has grown??

'I really don't think it can all be written off so easily.  The clearest answer is the simplest: that it is true.  That we are, as the expression has it, spiritual beings having a human experience.  That we have come from a far country.  To which we will return permanently, in time.  In the time it takes for us to get our lessons here - gain sufficient awareness to graduate.  And move on.

'I go into all this in detail, because the fact of who we are really is behind the question of where do we go from here.  That is to say: Where do we best go, from here.  For, we still have free will.  Individual souls can still choose not to progress.  But for the bulk of humanity, a new, better world awaits us.  As we now leave leave our childish things behind; and grow wings, as it were.  Caterpillars, learning now how to fly.

'What does that metamorphosis mean.  It means that we are now to engage in a process, a transformation of consciousness, that will carry us into the light of our New Day, dawning.  And that means, for example, the end of wars.

'For, consider.  If We Are but One Another; just having been playing, and exchanging, parts in a drama (of our making, presumably); then it stands to reason that We Are also All One.  Of One Body; or Consciousness; or whatever our brains can try to come up with to call, to grasp, That Which We Are All a Part of.  Like a hologram.

'You are not your body.  You are a Being of fathomless potential, as part of a Being of fathomless potential.

'I won't belabor the point here.  Suffice it to say, here, that there is enough evidence in for the truth of all this sort of scenario that we can act on it, in our human drama -

' - and now begin to draw that drama to a close.  Because, once you get who you are - that you are far more than these roles that we have been playing, and exchanging, for eons of third dimensional time - what's the point of continuing to play parts??  Why not move off the stage, remove our latest costumes, and don an outfit more closely resembling who we are really???

'News flash, to some: We are already doing that very sort of thing.  It's called moving from a carbon-based body to a crystalline-based body.  From two-strand DNA to 12-Strand.

'From caterpillar to butterfly.

'And so, we are already into the metamorphosis stage, drawing closer to our true selves.  Which, in our next stage, are called our Light bodies.  Wherein we don't need food and drink to sustain our vehicles any longer, because we are closer then to our Essence: as pure energy.  Pure Light.  And Love.  Purer reflections of The One, of which - as I say - We Are a Part.

'So we come now back to the realm of practicalities.  One of which - as I say- is to engage no longer in wars.  For why would you go to war with Yourself, once you understood that that is all that it is??  That there is - in truth - no Other???

'And further, with this scenario gaining root in our consciousness, do we see the need to stop playing games of corruption.

'One is regarding money.  This is the end of the era of interest-bearing money, and its companion training wheel, fractional-reserve banking.  For why would brothers and sisters on The Path need anything other than gratitude towards their Creator for life with meaning, for the motive to share goods and services with one another?  And give of their best in the process??

'And thus does the time of full Abundance come about, in the time of this Golden Age that we are talking about.  But there may need to be an interim monetary stage, before we reach that level of consciousness.

'Whatever it takes, to begin to ring in The New.  And I understand that there is already such a scenario in place, just waiting to be activated.

'What also needs to be activated is a summing-up stage of the process that we have been involved in, which can be called a Truth & Reconciliation process:

'All those souls who in their current parts have been engaging in corrupt practices, need to be stood down from those parts, and 'face the music'.  That Justice be honored, in a just universe.  For us to be able, then, to move on - having mined the drama of all the insights that we can gain from it.  Before moving on, to our next stage.  Of unfoldment.  And fulfillment.

'As the sparkling facets of a Great Being, Who has given us Life that we might learn lessons from, and grow therefrom.  And thereby, inherit the fullness of the kingdom that awaits us, on the other side of our growth.

'Join the parade.

'It is, after all, for You.

'And for those who do not choose to come with us at this time:

'Hold the vision.

'It is a just Creation.

'And we WILL be One again.

'Sometimes, these things just take a little time...

'But for now, there is no holding the rest of us back.  Because

'It's that time.'


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