Thursday, 23 May 2013

Grrrr...... Revisited

Another pet peeve.

from Western Center For 'Go Gay Or Go Home / DOJ Employees Compelled To Embrace Gay Lifestyle' - Christopher Agee -  May 22
'…it appears the department tasked with upholding constitutional law reached the height of hypocrisy by issuing guidelines to employees that blatantly abridge their First Amendment rights.  The document, which concerns gay and lesbian 'inclusion' in the workplace, goes much further than merely protecting employees from discrimination.  Language drafted by the DOJ clearly coerces staff members at all levels to openly support a lifestyle they might find morally objectionable…the internal guidelines issued by the DOJ is forcing employees to affirmatively support the lifestyle.  'Silence will be interpreted as disapproval,' the document warns…Staff members are expected to place a 'DOJ Pride' sticker or some other pro-gay paraphernalia in their offices 'indicating that it is a "safe space" while 'gender-specific terms like "husband' and 'wife" are unacceptable…'"    (I am kibitzer 2, in this instance:) 

camlim says:
Seems to me what the DOJ is doing is reverse discrimination, in addition to infringing on and abridging Constitutional rights of free speech. I find noting in the Constitution, the Code of Justice, or US Code that says I must embrace all lifestyles and just because the DOJ says employees must affirmatively support the gay issue it is not a law, and DOJ employees have a recourse and must pursue the matter legally.
  • dusel1 says:
    May 22, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    ‘Reverse Discrimination’ phrase is an oxymoronic statement.
    Discrimination is discrimination.
    To reverse anything is to undo it.

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    • kibitzer2 says:
      May 23, 2013 at 12:54 am

      You’re not being totally fair here, dusel1. It’s an historically legitimate expression, based on the various Civil Rights Acts outlawing discrimination, but then a ‘fudge’ came into the picture, called hiring ratios, or ‘affirmative action’, when minorities were discriminated FOR. It carries the sense that the white majority, who were considered a class of discriminators, are now being discriminated against. Hence: reverse discrimination. The rationale: ‘It’s our turn.’ Aka reparations.

    • It wasn’t ever supposed to be this way. Hubert Humphrey – the guiding liberal light in the Senate at the time – swore up, down and sideways that the Acts were not going to, and were definitely not supposed to, result in just what has happened. What used to be de facto discrimination – i.e., not by law but by cultural preferences (and shortsightedness on the part of the white majority) – has become, via hiring/school application ratios and ‘affirmative action’ preferences, de jure discrimination. Not a pretty sight. 

    • And here, in this article, Christopher Agee has put his finger right on one of the results: the DOJ (of all government bodies) has pushed that envelope beyond all semblance of legal legitimacy, into the realm of arrogant tyranny. ‘We are a law unto ourselves. Get used to it.’ Well, actually, folks: You’re not. And I won’t.

It's of a piece with so much else that is 'going down' regarding this administration in general, and the DOJ in particular.  I've covered some of this before, in referring to articles in the Judicial Watch's monthly newsletter 'Verdict' ('JW Uncovers More Radicalism Inside the Obama Department of Justice', April issue; 'Vindication for JW: Inspector General Confirms Lies, Racism Rampant Inside Holder Justice Department', May issue).  The conclusion - and with so much else, regarding Obama resorting to Executive Actions and memoranda and letters to bypass Congress and rule directly from the Oval Office - is not farfetched: Obama thinks he is a law unto himself; and the fish has rotted from its head.

The country - America, the Beautiful; the Gem of the Ocean; a light unto the world; the last, best hope for humankind - is being run by people for whom Right and Wrong are relative.  How foolish.  How demeaning.  How belittling of, insulting to, Truth.  

The man, and his tyrannical-minded minions, have got to go.  The nation - the federal constitutional Republic; for which the U.S. flag stands - is under attack.  And just because it is a 'slowly slowly' operation, it is no less deadly - and in fact, is more deadly because of that tactic: for the camel to be able to get its nose further under the tent, before it is stopped in its action of overturning said tent.

The U.S. may be a large tent.  But it cannot accommodate determined Marxists, like the current mob in charge.

Anymore than it could accommodate the fascist threat under Obama's predecessor in the office.  

We are faced with End Times, ladies and gentlemen.  

And I mean that in more ways than one.


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