Friday, 17 May 2013

At This Time

In 1961 my world changed forever.  I had an epiphany.  On the bus to work one fine summery day my mind (as a conduit) said to me: 'The answer to all our problems and misery is to do away with money.'  

What?! answered back my personality self.  What is this all about?? I wondered.

What it ended up being 'all about' was, first, a bit of spiritual doggerel that I submitted to some national magazine or other; and second - to put my money where my mouth was, so to speak - a walking trip across the continent (I was living in North Hollywood at the time) to the nation's capital, "to see the President and draw to his attention that the way to rid ourselves of all our aches and evils is to do away with money".1

And now I see that the world has caught up with me.

But first things first.  What was that little bit "of spiritual doggerel" that you referred to, I hear you ask.  As I recall - here, over 50 years later - it went something like:

'In this year it would appear
Auspicious time has come
For some clear thinking, on
The state of the world, and what
We can do about it.
                           I submit that 
A society that thinks of such as war
And crime as inevitable, at least
Until some future time, is already
Well on its way into the dark night
Of insanity, 
In the construction of an artificial atmosphere,
Unintentionally, or not,
Or whatever combination
                    lost contact
With the greater reality around
That never sleeping ever presses in
On the so-called private dreams of men.
                     Only with minds free
From the magnets of the moment
                             can we make
Our way out, before it grows too late
And many pull more back.
                                 To say:
No more money, no more crime.
No more laws to break

How do we do it
Without profit?
                                By installing
A system with no market but a heart:
Unobstructed circulation, functioning
Not on money, or some similar
Device for level differential, but on Golden Rule.
And there you have your principle,
Now Man can produce at will; 
                        and Plenty
No longer a paradox,
Grace without meaning.'

And so on and so forth, in this vein.  I don't recall the rest; but this will suffice, for me to make my point: that we have been heading for this day, and this Crisis point - to say as well, this Opportunity point ; and great Crisis producing great Opportunity (as the Left well knows) - for quite some time.  And it's time now to wake up from the dreamworld that we have been ensconced in - that we have ensconced ourselves in, and been ensconced in, by 'principalities and powers' that have controlled us, and have wanted to control us, since time immemorial; for their own purposes.

And time now to fly, like the eagles that we truly - by our spiritual nature, as sparks, living energy packets of the Divine - are. 

And so, by virtue of my grounding of the idea, the way to escape the trap that has kept us cooped up like chickens for long enough - and for other, more personal reasons; that I don't need to go into here - I lay claim to leadership at this time.  This propitious time; with the collapse of the current econo-politico-social system imminent, from its internal contradictions.2  

And in relation to this matter, of 'leadership,' I want to say a word about a moment of outrage I experienced last night.  In some conservative-oriented blog or other that I was 'observing' - as is my wont; to keep an eye on what is going on in the minds of The People at this time3 - the person was reporting on conversations that he had had with some of his military friends, about a possible 'takedown' of The Usurper in the Oval Office, one, and two, if they thought that the military would fire on Americans, the answer to his first question, almost universally amongst these friends, was that no, the military would not lead a retaking of the high ground of the Republic - and the public shouldn't look to them to do so - because they had taken an oath to support their commander in chief, "and could possibly be fired on thems- " when I almost cried out loud at my computer screen NO!!  You did NOT take an oath to support your commander in chief!  You took an oath TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES ("…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…").  I subsequently realized that that oath was 'only' the officer's oath; that the enlisted men may well have taken an oath regarding following the chain of command.  The mutual point of his military friends, to both points, was that the public - at least the non-socialist-desiring public; to say, the non-seduced public - should not look to the military to lead the way into the retaking of the Republic from the socialist 'wrecking crew' that has inveigled its way into political power; that they would need to do it themselves.4  

What a lousy state of affairs.  

So.  What to do.

I have an idea.

I am your candidate, to get you out of this mess.

Choose me.  And you won't regret it.  For it will be to choose life everlasting; as the biblical saying goes.5

But it is your choice.

Because that's the nature of the exercise.


I personally would prefer that the choice were now rather than later; say, waiting for the end of The Usurper-in-Chief's normal period of occupancy of the Oval Office.  That period is, of course, according to the Constitution; according to which, he is not eligible to hold that office in the first place.6  So if you are going to uphold the law - to say, the Constitution - in the one instance, you really need to uphold it in the other.  But can you impeach an ineligible president?? Does that give him or her legitimacy that he or she doesn't deserve???…

My answer to this somewhat-of-a quandary is to recognize that the Congress has been collusive in this crime of usurpation as well, and needs to face justice for its accessory to and after this crime committed against the Constitution, and therefore the Republic.  So, between The People rising to the occasion - and marching on Washington, to dissolve the Congress, and appoint an Officer OF The People, whilst calling on The Usurper to vacate the office voluntarily - and the military, being led by its oath-taking officers, supporting The People in this move, of nonviolent disobedience, the United States of America - as a federation - can rid themselves of an illegal occupant in current time at their collective helm.

Having been supported in the job by the excesses of the current administration, which has put it on a major collision course with the States, in many ways, already.  

God moving in mysterious ways; as (S)He often does…..

So: Here am I.

Send me.

And watch the fur fly.     



1 "If, after considering the matter thoroughly, you agree" - my letter, that I posted to the Letters to the Editor sections of newspapers all the way on my trip, continued - "and wish to raise your single voice also, may I suggest you write a letter saying so to Mr Kennedy."  And on I would go.  Starting out walking all the way, but when I hit the Mojave Desert, I realized that that scenario was not going to work; so I switched to walking through the towns and cities on my way, and hitchhiking between them.  
     Met some interesting people on the way.  But that's another story.  

2 as the Marxists would say, from their understanding of such things.  Limited.  But understanding.

3 I don't follow liberal-oriented blogs so much.  It is depressing - admittedly just to me (well, you know what I mean) - to read of that mindset.  
     May I say to many liberals: You really are not so far from the 'right' as you appear to think  The 'right' is NOT primarily made up of 'fat cat bankers' and their partners in crimes against The People.  The Tea Partiers and the Occupy Wall Street crowd sing from almost the same song sheet.  They don't want those system-destroying people in power either.  And that's why the Republican Establishment makes fun of them, and disparages them, the same way that you do.  They are a threat to the fat-cat, Neocon ('War is Peace'), don't-rock-the-gravy-train Establishment.  Less power over people is the cry of their enemies as well.  The only difference between your two camps - I take that back; the main difference - is that they don't want a 'big government' of either the right OR the left; whereas a large portion of you lefties just don't want a big government of the Right lording it over you.  But of the Left, well, just so long as it doesn't go crazy, and start firing drone missiles at me
     ('The main difference': admittedly there is a fundamental difference regarding values.  They want a return to 'family values', and an emphasis on the individual; 'the old time religion' and such - as the Tea Partiers put it:  'fiscal responsibility, limited government, free and open markets' - and you want a 'progression' to a welfare society, of free education and other subsidies to enthrone a 'redistribution of wealth', and such.  You would kill the goose that lays the golden egg.  They would attempt to drag you back to a way of life that is not only boring to you, but unfair.  Unfair to single moms, and other minorities, and unbelievers in religious fairy tales, and such.  But don't lose sight of the fundamentals: You both don't want a fascist New World Order lording it over you, as an individual.  Not a serf in and to their desired system, of Total Information Awareness; aka total control.
     It's true that we should not go back.  That we should go forward.  Just not into the 'socialist paradise' that you envision.  Talk about being old hat…)       

4 Their answer to his other point was that they felt that indeed, 'the military' would fire on American civilians - their own people - because again, it could enlist their being fired on themselves if they didn't follow their orders.  And just so is The Nuremberg Principle dead in the water.  
     Under current leadership; military and political.

5 Being an avid seeker of the truth of things - and Truth itself - I have major concerns about the Bible, and the institution of Christianity.  Any even somewhat avid reader of my blog site will know this about me.  So I do not come from a ''religious' perspective, when I say things like this.  But from a purely spiritual perspective.
     There is a wealth of difference.
      And I will say no more about that at this time.

6 I don't need to go into all that here.  If you have any doubts about the constitutional Framers's meaning of the term 'natural born Citizen' - that it requires that the candidate at a minimum  has been born of two U.S citizen parents (and may as well need to have been born jus soli - of the soil; but I haven't personally researched the matter to that extent, i.e., beyond the jus sanguinis requirement: of the blood - just ask.  I am sure that many of the Framers have reincarnated at this time, to see the results of their well-considered handiwork.  And to see where we go from here.
     Up.  Or down, down, down; back into the karmic pot, for even some more bloody seasoning.
     Speaking of 'boring'...

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