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Further On The Likes Of A Trump/Cruz Ticket...

...And Other Tools Of Takeover

further from TPC.C.: ‘What do you think about a Trump/Cruz ticket?’ - posted by Jack Sharpe - December 13
(Oren Long, who signs himself as 'John Galt' (of 'Atlas Shrugged' fame), has moved from the Trump/Cruz ticket subject to the subject of a Convention of States (COS).  A dangerous move, which he has been inveigled into getting involved in in his home state.)  

Permalink Reply by Debra Beatty 4 hours ago (December 19)

It is my belief that we the citizens would loose [sic] the Constitution if we held a COS. 

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Permalink Reply by Oren Long 3 hours ago


Please give me the reasons for your concern that we would loose [sic] the Constitution in a COS.

I am NOT looking for a fight, nor am I looking to attack you.   Instead, I am curious as to the exact nature of your concerns.   How, exactly, do you see that happening.

Please allow me the opportunity to respond.   Perhaps I can assuage your fears.

John Galt

P.S.,  it will have to wait until tomorrow.   I have an appointment.

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Very possible... Debra. You have good instincts.

1) Given the political climate of today and the horrible leadership in both political parties a COS would be stacked with anti-constitutionalist.

2) The Conservative movement is not organized sufficiently to significantly influence the appointment of delegates to the Convention.  The result would be a stacked convention that leans hard left.

3) The MSM would not support the efforts of the conservatives to influence the drafting of Amendments or appointments of delegates.  Although they hold no office the MSM has the power to significantly influence the members of any COS... whether we like that or not.

4) The State Legislatures have shown no real support for conservative reforms... at best they have demonstrated a mixed bag of disappointing attempts to deal with the Fed and our ongoing Constitutional crisis.  I don't see them as a strong ally for reform. They remain solidly in the camp of the Two Major Political Parties.

The public is ill informed on the process in general and would likely be easily confused over the  convention and its workings... leading to their ineffectual support for needed reform Amendments in any COS.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago

I agree.  It is a dangerous move.  A Trojan Horse, if you will.

I don't buy it either.

Good points, Col. Nelson.

We are up against a formidable enemy.  Don't give them ANY opportunity to do any more damage to the Republic than they already have. 

They are like a burglar, trying any unlocked, or easily forced-open, doors... 

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Permalink Reply by Oren Long 31 minutes ago

Colonel and Stan,

O.K., I'll give up IF you can give me an alternative (short of war) that will work.

What, exactly, with specificity, with funding, with leadership, with a plan, ready to go NOW (not later when you FINALLY get around to it), THAT WILL ACTUALLY WORK AND IS LEGAL, PEACEFUL, AND CONSTITUTIONAL!

The COS Movement has EVERYTHING I have demanded above -- EVERYTHING!   Your unspoken, untested, vague, nebulous, ghostly "plan" has NOTHING.    NONE OF YOU ARE VOLUNTEERING TO DO   S Q U A T   ! ! !

I have volunteered to be a District Captain.   I have been asked to apply to be a Delegate in Convention.   I    H A V E    P U T   I T    O N    T H E    L I N E    ! ! !    What have YOU done other than whine and moan?


I hear a thousand reasons why something cannot be done (especially from the fearful), but never ONE why it can.

And NO, I will not apologize to apologists and the fearful.

John Galt

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Permalink Reply by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret) 19 minutes ago


You did not fund the COS movement did you?  Who is paying the bills for this organization?  I am not a millionaire and certainly don't have the funding to put together a National Organization too engage in a national program of peaceful, civil disobedience..  If there were one, I would be in the middle of it working without charge ... just as you are ... only for the wrong cause.

I sincerely believe that the COS IS DANGEROUS... not misdirected... dangerous to our National Interest. As stated earlier... why do you believe that the current batch of political elites should be trusted to hold a COS... it will be they who select the delegates not you and I.  Do you trust the current batch of leaders in our Political Parties... if not then why would you give them the keys to the Constitution and tell them to take it for a spin? 

I will not join in to lead or follow those promoting what I see as a dangerous movement.  It not only is dangerous it is focusing valuable resources on an issue that we don't need to engage.  It is in fact counter productive.

I do not fear anything... including the collapse of America... I put my faith in God not man.  No mater the outcome in this world, I have God's promise of a better world to come...

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago


I very much sympathize with you.  You are at least trying to do SOMETHING.   And I do give you credit for that.  But we are up against very sinister, very evil people, who have been after their main quarry - the U.S.A. - for a very long time, and know how to 'play the game' of takeover extremely well, having thought it through from all angles.  [and done it before.]

I have to go out for some errands, but will get back to you, and this subject.  But I wanted to let you know that I have read your exasperated response, and I UNDERSTAND.  Having been exasperated for YEARS myself at what has been going on to, and in, my country.  Of which I am extremely fond.

And am not about to let it go to the highest bidder.  Using huge amounts of Federal Reserve fiat notes - that didn't cost them anything, except the cost of printing them - as they are.

I'm talking about the New World Order crowd.  More on all of which, later.  

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (December 19)

And from the top, let me clarify where I’m coming from; and say that this whole thing has a happy ending.  Why do I say that, believe that? Because the universe has Purpose; and that Purpose is Good.

We are not at the untender mercies of a malevolent god, who gets off on our fears and terror and pain - literally, for using such emotions as food.  Besides consuming human flesh itself.  There is considerable evidence that there is such a consciousness in the Creation.  But it is subject to the laws OF the Creation.  Which Creation allows free will.  But for a purpose.  The purpose of our spiritual growth.  For having opposition, to hone our decisions against.  The two parts of a scissors; both having their role to play.  

Which brings me to the subject of America, as a nation, and as an idea.  The idea, of a nation of peoples living by the principle of self-governance.  Not to be the subjects of Royalty or Church, or Oligarchy, or Despot.  A self-governing peoples, given much leeway, to say freedom, in their actions.  In part, to learn that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.  And so does inaction. 

Specifically as to that latter point: It has been said, and with considerable wisdom, that freedom is not free.  You have to ‘keep on it’.  Work at it.  Pay attention to it.  Or you will lose it.  Because this is a ’universe’ - a realm (more accurately: a matrix.  A holographic projection.  But to continue) - of Choice.  And we are faced with opposition in everything that we do.

The so-called Law of Cause and Effect.

To learn lessons therefrom.  To grow, in consciousness, therefrom.

Life is a school.  And the purpose is to graduate.

I’ll move on.  You may well be familiar with some - or all - of this, but let me just create a thread of thought here, to hang some awarenesses on.  Awarenesses, of such as Prof. Carroll Quigley’s magnum opus ‘Tragedy And Hope’.  Of James Perloff’s ‘The Shadows Of Power’.  Of John Coleman’s ‘The Committee of 300’.  Of the various excellent works of research of Gary Allen, and of Antony C. Sutton.  Of Ted Flynn’s ‘Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World’.  And to end this brief bibliography on a note that I wish to follow up specifically: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s ‘Brotherhood of Darkness’.  

Long story short: We are up against ‘principalities and powers…spiritual wickedness in high places’ - agents of the Dark side, who wish to rule the world - its subjects - with an iron fist.  Because people - in their estimation -  should never have been allowed to have free will, because they will inevitably make the ’wrong’ choices, and the dark ’We’ don’t want to allow that to happen.  Not in their kingdom. 

Which this one is no longer to be.  Is coming into the Light of a New Day.

And you will note that this ‘take’ on matters turns the Old Testament story of Adam and Eve on its head.  I can’t help that; I have to follow my awareness on these sorts of subjects.  Bear with me, letting me make my point.  Which I will ‘cut to the chase’ and get to now, to speed this explanation up, of where I am coming from in the matter in question.

It also involves the assassination of JFK.  He was getting too close to the truth of things, and TPTB couldn’t have all that come out in the open.  Not from such a respected - and relatively powerful - figure as the president of the U.S..  A few scholarly books here and there, ‘leaking’ on it, they could put up with.  But not from a figure of such national prominence as the president of the U.S.  Who began talking about such things as ‘secret societies’ (and “repugnance” to such an attitude, of secrecy, in a free society).  And began doing such things as pull back from the money-spinner and power-piece of the war in South Vietnam.  And break away from the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on currency printing, and the interest that they made from the scam, if the U.S. government took back its proper power, and controlled its currency by itself, not needing a big-bankers’ intermediary; as was created long ago, with the two National banks, and in our day, with the creation of the Federal Reserve.  Which has reached its use-by date.  But to continue. 

But just to mention at this point: Do I worry about all of this being surveilled by TPTB?  No.  They already know all of this.  And yes, the NSA will have it, in their collection of metadata on us peasants; and TPTB’s trolls will be monitoring it online.  But hey.  Truth is truth.  And it will out, sooner or later.  This just happens to be The Time is all.  So, as I say: To continue.  And more briefly now, in summary.

I am getting to the salient point I wish to make: that America has been set up for takeover for a long, long time, by very powerful people.  Not just Marxists; although they are involved.  But the so-called other side of the political aisle as well: the fascists, on the very far Right.  Who plan to rule the world, with the aid of their cannon fodder, the naive ‘leftists’/socialists, who believe in such tools of takeover as Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), now transmogrified into the bugaboo of ’Climate Change,’ because the Global Warming thing was beginning to be too widely proven to be a canard.  And they NEED the CO2 ‘thing’ because that’s how they plan to control us CO2 emitters.  

We are talking here, then, not really about the Bernie Sanders’s of our time (who has made some good points).  But about the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The (so-called) Bilderbergers.  The Trilateral Commission.  The PNAC ‘soldiers’ - the NeoCons.  And (at least the higher echelons of) the Freemasons.  Whose ‘god’ is not the creator of All That Is.  But is a ‘god’ called Lucifer.  The ’Light-bearer’.  Whom they believe was, is, our real creator and benefactor, in a rebellion against the Source.  When in reality, the Most High has allowed all that is TO BE.  For its educational purposes.  Its spiritual evolution purposes.

I’ll leave it there.  I’m just saying all this, to point out that we are up against very powerful people, who infest every aspect of our national life, up to very high places; and we are going to need to muster all the discernment that we can, to deal with them, and the matter at hand.  

The matter, of our potential enslavement.  And - due to our Awakening - of our release from long bondage; and the start of a New Day, for all of humanity.  
And to bring that about, we need to leave the ’heavy lifting’ to the experts.  Our Oathkeepers; current and retired.  Who can legally arrest the Usurper in the Oval Office, and hold him for trial - on a whole host of charges by now.  And dissolve the sitting Congress, for having failed in its constitutional duty to rein in the rogue Executive - who has been put in there IN LARGER TRUTH in order to teach us a hard-learned lesson.

And we start anew.  Having earned

the kingdom of Heaven.

IMHO, of course.


To clarify: I'm not advocating succumbing to the Stockholm Syndrome.  I'm just saying, Don't hate your erstwhile captors.  They're just playing roles; in a larger role.

Some of them.  Most probably the most of them.  But some of them will have become ensnared into identifying themselves with their roles, and, like stuck to a tar baby, can't release it.  Those souls will need to be taken care of, on another 'thread'.

The rest are free.

Like us.

To go.


In consciousness.

To, in a word:


Like I say:



...and the beat goes on...:

Permalink Reply by Debra Rae steinman 2 hours ago

Ted Cruz had a American citizen as a parent when he was born.  So yes according to the constitution (as defined by constitutional experts) he is indeed qualified to run.

Again, if the candidate for POTUS had to have 'two' American citizens at the time of his or her birth .. then Chester Author would not have been a one term POTUS.  He would have been impeached.

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Permalink Reply by Little Bright Feather 39 minutes ago

CHESTER  A.  ARTHUR WAS ALSO BORN IN Canada in 1829 - I saw a documentary on him and saw the tiny house he was born in up there.  Has a huge sign in front of it as his birth place. He was the 21st  US President. To cover up his real birth place, they list him as born in Vermont, but that is a lie.  Par for the course  for DC. His father was born in Ireland and came to Canada to settle, and his mother was from Vermont.  Pretty much like Cruz situation.

Because the people of that day knew he was born in Canada, they distrusted him but once in office he was an amazing president and he left office being well loved and respected.

You can never trust  or believe what is WRITTEN about anyone since DC makes sure it all reads as THEY want it to. most all of our "accepted"  written  history is a lie.

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (December 19)

Debra Rae: I have the feeling that even if one of the main constitutional Framers showed up on your doorstep and explained that they were going by E. de Vattel's 'The Law of Nations' on the NBC issue - a classic by the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1787; a textbook used in the universities - you would say 'My mind's made up - don't confuse me with the facts,' because you have a dog in this fight.  Nevertheless, a few points:

1) Your sources have bought the Kool-aid that the Framers were going by English Common Law - which talks about "natural born SUBJECTS".  The Framers were certainly NOT going by English Common Law - they were going by American Common Law, which was based on Natural Law, as expounded on by Vattel.  The Framers were no longer 'subjects;' they were FREEMEN - and damn proud of it, building their own nation.  There is PLENTY of historical evidence that this was, and is, the case. 

2) It was not widely known at the time that Chester Arthur was ineligible; all that only came out largely after the fact.  This example is a red herring, used by people who are trying to lead people off the scent, of a TRUE 'natural born' citizen, as defined in the de Vattel treatise of the day.

3) You are ignoring the fact that both major political parties of our day tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and 2008, to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on THIS VERY ISSUE - and failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around the issue.  So what did they do?  It's obvious what they did: they colluded.  And have been trying to keep their crime covered up ever since, by leading people away from the facts of the matter.  Which ultimately won't work, and ultimately they are going DOWN, for being the criminal enterprises that they are, because the truth WILL out.

And the Usurper is going to be removed from the office that he, and the PTB, have purloined.  But all of that is another matter.  What matters now is that we don't make the serious mistake of trying to make two wrongs make a right, and thus compound the crime against the rule of law in this country - its Constitution.  And continue erroneously to function under the rule of men.  Aka arbitrary law.  Also known as TYRANNY.

And I for one WILL NOT HAVE IT.  

Not MY country, you won't.

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