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On Short Fuses Getting Shorter

from ‘Anatomy of an American book banning’ - Michael Thompson - December 18
(David Barton’s ‘The Jefferson Lies’ - of which I happen to have a copy - had been pulled from the shelves of retailers by its publisher some years ago due to - according to Thompson - “political correctness” (the ownership of the publisher conveniently changed just weeks before the book was pulled).  Some commenters say that some of the particulars in the book are wrong.)

kibitzer3 4 days ago (i.e., December 18)

Good for WND Books for bringing this book "back into the marketplace".

I am so angered by the bookburners. Such arrogance should never have been allowed to gain a foothold in this country. Freedom of the press is sacrosanct, to any real American.

The Left has much to answers for, in the demise of the value of America to the world, as a beacon off freedom. Get OFF of it, you totalitarians. This really makes my blood boil.

          Chris Falter kibitzer3 2 hours ago  (December 21)
  • Proverbs 18:17. Go read it. Now. Then read Throckmorton's comments above.
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                    kibitzer3 Chris Falter a minute ago  (December 21)
    • Context, Chris, context. Jefferson was deeply concerned about the fate of his slaves [which he inherited]. Barton has BASICALLY been right in his revisionism against the liberals' slanders, in their attempts to demonize the Founding Fathers, as part of their agenda to bring down the United States, and make her but a part of a region of their masters's planned-for New World Order (being slaves themselves to that end).

    • If Barton is wrong in some specific particulars, of course, let those points come out. Truth IS the issue here.

After receiving email word of a response to my original posting, and replying to it (see directly above), I went back and reread the original article, and it turns out (I had forgotten this detail) that there is a ‘subplot’ here,* inasmuch as the book’s major critic is involved in the Sexual Identity issue, and has a grudge against “conservative Christians” for their stand regarding homosexuality.

As the article says: political correctness, at work and play.

As for where I stand on the Sexual Identity issue.

I have said many times, in various Comments threads on this subject over the years, that my understanding of the matter (mostly, but not exclusively, based on the book ‘BrainSex’ by Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel) is that ’sexuality’'gender identity is not just a matter of genetics; that the brain of the developing fetus is sexed at a particular, early stage of pregnancy (around the 8-10 week’s mark, as I recall), which action is affected by the levels of hormones in the mother’s system, and can result in male-patterned brains being wired into genetically female bodies and vice versa and every, yes, ‘abnormal’ spectrum-stop in between, like trannies.  The mother’s hormone levels can be affected by such factors as: abnormal adrenal glands, of either the developing fetus or the mother or both; estrogen mimics/endocrine disrupters in the environment; stress, of all kinds (it is known, e.g., that more homosexual babies are born in the wake of wars than the ’normal’ background ‘noise’ could account for); and perhaps most tellingly, alarmingly, and outrageously, by the effects of drugs like barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females without sufficient regard for their effects on the developing fetus.  And thus, the increase in Sexual Identity issues in our time.  Which then, of course, spills over into social - political and economic - issues, and of major import.

This is similar in its way to the effects of the maternal diet in producing such fetal anomalies as spina bifida and harelip.  To say: a lot of what is going on in our day has nothing to do with genetics per se; is environmentally related and induced.   

But don’t get me started.  That is a subject all unto itself.  This, here, is mainly just to comment on the subject of ’political correctness’.  And its threat to the basic rights of the citizenry in a free country.

Such as this one is.  

Or was. 


* beyond just the issue of how the NWO crowd and their minions have a habit of taking over things such as tv stations or book publishers who engage in activity detrimental to their larger takeover plans.  It is part of their MO.
   A very disgusting part.  But, give them credit: they are, if nothing, well committed to their cause.  
   As we must be to ours.   Not just in reaction.  But in taking the historical process a step further.  To, now 
   its conclusion.

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