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On Fables And Realities

from ‘“Fairy Tale”: Many Pastors Don’t Believe Jesus Born Of Virgin’ - Bob Unruh - December 23
(“Is miraculous birth keeping doubters away from church?”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 23)

It's all a sign of reaching our maturity as a race. The Christian story is indeed flawed, even fabricated, according to much research by our time. (Excellent sources: The various works of D.M. Murdock; the book 'Caesar's Messiah' by Joseph Atwill; many others.) The gist: The Christian religion was the creation of the Roman Empire 'class' (particularly the Flavians), in its attempt to control the ever-rebellious Jews, and used various astrotheological themes of previous religions, about sons of God, and being born of virgins (and three days in the tomb; referring to the sun's disappearance at the winter solstice), to create a fable to serve them. (The Flavian historian Josephus was the main culprit.) Any 'thesis' like this sets up a reaction to it historically, and the atheists/secular humanists of our day are finally gaining ascendency in their attempts to dis the Christian religion out of existence - and 'religion' altogether. Which in actuality NEEDS to give way, for ultimate Truth to come through; cloaked not in some religion or other, but incandescent in Itself.  [in its own right, and power.]

Which is in reality what will ultimately save us, from ourselves, and our constructs, and lack thereof.

“Jesus was the invention of the Roman Imperial Court.  Their purpose: to offer a vision of a “peaceful messiah” who would serve as an alternative to the revolutionary leaders who were rocking first-century Israel and threatening Rome.  This discovery is based on the parallels found between the Gospels and the works of the historian Josephus, which occur IN SEQUENCE…”
                             - from Atwill’s website

(“Who was Jesus?
“Why is there no historic archeological evidence of his existence?

“Who wrote the Gospels?
“Why were they written in Greek rather than Hebrew or Aramaic?

“How did the Christian religion come to be centered in Rome?  Why were the first Christian pope and earliest saints all members of the Flavius Caesar ruling family?

“Learn the True Identity of the Jesus Christ that Christianity was set up to worship for 2,000 Years…”)

…and having said that: Another researcher, Ralph Ellis, has an intriguing take on all this, indicating that the answer to the question, Why is there no historic archeological evidence of Jesus’s existence, is because researchers have been looking in the wrong place - that there was, indeed, a Jesus of that era, but he was a king of a neighboring country, Edessa, who figured in the defense of the sack of the Temple in 68-70 CE, as a defender, was crucified for his rebellion against the mighty Roman Empire, but was taken down from the cross and used to serve the messianic ambitions of the Flavians by agreeing to say that their proposed Messiah, Titus, son of Vespasian, had been instrumental in a healing, and, for his service to the throne, was allowed to live - but by being sent into exile, in the furthest reaches of the Empire, in Britain, never to bother the Roman Royal Court again.  The remnants of his place of exile existing to this day, in Chester.  With a curious feature: a zodiac built into the floor of the inner temple (a section separate from the surrounding guards’ quarters).  Which echoes a facet of holy sanctuaries in the Auld Country.  And from the center of which Jesus ‘ruled,’ as a human counterpart ('As Above, So Below'), his twelve ‘disciples,’ or houses, as the Great Bear in the center of our terrestrial heaven.  

Arthur.  Art-ur.  Arcturus.  The brightest star near Ursa Major.

The Great Bear.

And who will return. 

As the Once and Future King.

As we wrap up this,

Our Story.

Full of fable.

And truth.

And it takes some doing to discern the difference.

Bot I will mention one truth for now:

We are no longer going to send our youth into wars around the globe just because the arms industry - the military-industrial complex that Ike warned us about in his Farewell Address -  needs the business in order to keep the economy ticking merrily along.  Those days are OVER.

And so should say all of us.

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