Friday, 18 December 2015

On Being IN The World...

I have just received a covering letter from Mitt Romney for one Joe Heck, running against Harry Reid for the latter’s Senate seat from Nevada.  I have simply torn up previous letters from the Joe Heck camp requesting a donation, but I decided to answer this one.  Thus:

‘Dear Mitt & Joe,

‘I would like to help, but since the Republican Party has at least in effect colluded with the Democrat Party in the illegal occupation of the Oval Office by the Usurper, Obama,* I refuse to support it in any way.

‘Get conservatives to run as Independents, or Constitutionalists, or some such substitution, & I will support them wholeheartedly.  But as things stand, both the Democrat Party & the Republican Party need to be hauled into court on RICO-statute charges, of having colluded in this crime against the Constitution & the rule of law in the country, &, if found guilty, be fined, their authorities imprisoned, & be dissolved, as criminal enterprises.  & the nation get back to the rule of law.   

‘Most sincerely,’


* for his not being an original-intent “natural bern” citizen.  See, e.g.:;; etc. etc. etc.


I have written a similar letter in donation-request reply just recently to another Republican Party candidate for federal office (Kelly Ayotte, incumbent senator from New Hampshire).   Plus some harsh letters back to the likes of the National Republican Congressional Committee, along the same line.  Plus, continued financial and moral support for a female doctor in South Dakota who campaigned in 2014 for the Republican Party nomination for a Senate seat from that state, only to run up against systemic corruption in that state, and be charged with, and found guilty of, multiple felony counts for trivial offenses, and have her license to practice medicine be taken away by a corrupt medical board.  All of which is another story.  Just to say here, that:

It really is time for the corruption in this country to END. 

I for one will have NONE of it.

And I encourage you to join me, in that call, and cleanup.


P.S. And along this same line, I have just read, and made comment on, an article by Judge Andrew Napolitano titled ’Secrets of the Hillary chronicles’ at - December 17 (carried by Washington Times) detailing the case against her regarding her email account; to wit:

Thank you for the rundown on the issue, Judge. Most helpful.

It has all the appearances of her finally having to be held accountable for her actions. She has gotten away with so much for so long that she has obviously come to feel that she could continue on her criminal path with impunity. She needs to be shown, in no uncertain terms, that that is no longer the case. 

Book'er, Dano.

As for my closing pronouncement: TV-goers of the ‘70s will know whereof I speak.  Although apparently, Jack Lord/Det. Capt. Steve McGarrett’s regular episode closing comment - on Hawaii Five-O - was actually "Book ‘em, Danno," issued to his cohort, Danny ‘Danno’ Willliams.  But most of us, I think, thought the spelling was ‘Dano,’ as has been largely carried down through the time since, as an expression, vocabulary and printed, of note. 

Being a man of my times, and all...

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