Thursday, 31 December 2015

To Sir, With Recognition

(Lecturer:) People are basically selfish.  That’s why they have to be forced to pay more in taxes on a progressive scale…What is it now, Johnny, my little class nemesis.  (Chuckles emanating from the other students)

(Johnny:) Excuse me, sir, but I have heard that Americans are the most charity-giving people on the planet.  Per capita, they - 

(Lecturer:) If you stole other people’s money, you would be more inclined to give it away, too. 

(Johnny:) How so ’stole,’ sir?

(Lecturer:) By raping other countries of their wealth, in the form of their resources.  By living on a higher standard of living than anybody else.  We owe them.  We should have no higher standard of living than anybody else.  That would be more fair and equitable; wouldn’t you agree, if you had an open mind?  Don’’t you agree, class?  (A unanimous ‘Yes sir’ in response)  Did you hear that, John?  

(Johnny:) …i hear that.  Sir…   

(Lecturer:) But what.  I heard a ‘but’ in your voice.  But what. 

(Johnny:) It’s just that…

(Lecturer:) That you’re so much smarter than all the other students?  Your peers?  You are better educated?  Where were you educated anyway, if you don’t mind my asking.

(Johnny:) I was home-schooled.  Sir. 

(Lecturer:) Aha.  Well, that answers that, then.  We really should have closed that door a long time ago.  

(Johnny:) Excuse me, sir.  Who’s ‘we’?

(Lecturer; snarling his reply, all ‘gloves’ - pretenses - off:) Your masters.  
    (A short stunned silence in the room; then, slipping back into his moderate persona:) 
     Now, where were we.

We were getting to the core of the matter.


Reading the Young America’s Foundation latest donation-request letter this early evening, I was myself stunned into a short silence when reading the following:

“…polls of U.S. students prove that our children and grandchildren aren’t being taught real and unbiased American history.

“** Only one in three fourth-graders can identify the purpose of the Declaration of Independence.

“** Less than half know why George Washington was an important American leader.

“** And most fourth-graders have no idea that the Pilgrims fled England so they could be free to practice their religion…”

The bit about the pilgrims was bad enough - airbrushing inconvenient info out of our history books and education; just like, and no better than, the old Soviet Union, airbrushing the images of ‘fallen’ leaders out of pictures.  But I was particularly struck - saddened, and angered - at the bit about George Washington.

My mind went back to my experience in the second half of my first grade in school, when we colored in some sprigs of cherries, and a hatchet, to ‘land’ and help remind ourselves of the story we had just been told about George Washington as a little boy.

And if you don’t know what i’m talking about, you just made my, and the YAF’s, point.

Anyway.  Back to the full-court press going on, with our erstwhile masters pulling out all the stops now, in trying to keep us from being successful in our anticipated reaction to their machinations, in such actions as 

(1) trying to block their flooding of the country with jihadists and other Muslims - to stir up animosities and turmoil, and try to balkanize the U.S., in order to weaken it, so that it will, like a ripe fruit, fall into the hands of the New World crowd - and 

(2) starting to heat up our securing of weapons of self-defense (as Obama and his merry band of nation hijackers try to block American patriots any way they can from such purchases, via such clever techniques as (a) buying up available ammo, and (b) pricing it out of availability via taxation, plus (c) keeping such weaponry out of the hands of veterans); and 

(3) rebelling against such people-control agents as Smart Meters on the one hand (both for their surveillance nature and their EMF/radiation toxicity), and vaccines on the other (with their intentional toxic ingredients).


And on that note:

I wish you and yours the best New Year that we can muster, against these miserable creatures trying to lock humanity up in their prison planet.  

May we rise to this august occasion.  So that we can see the wondrous view on the other side of this particular mountainous range of challenges.

So be it.


A footnote to the national world we have been living in:

from ‘The Crummy Deal ‘Progressives’ Sell’ - Joseph Farah - December 31
(‘Exclusive: Joseph Farah hears Obama explain realities of 'new economy' under his watch’)

kibitzer3 4 minutes ago (December 31/January 1 on the mark)

Good point, Joseph.

I am reminded of the confession of one of the younger Rockefellers on video once when he admitted that 'they' were behind the feminist movement. Why? They wanted the extra taxation money to flow into D.C., so they could have more dosh for their corporate-welfare shenanigans. Sweet.

And now we suffer the results of their selfish actions.


And another:

from Co-Creating Ou Future on Planet Earth: ‘Guess Which State Is Planning Gun Confiscation Starting January 1, 2016?’ - December 31 (orig, posted at - Wes Walker - December 30)

kibitzer3 says:

Ah. The authorities in California can now confiscate your weapons of self-defense if a “potential for violence” exists. This, at the same time as the Obama DoJ has a body now that is going to go after ‘potential domestic terrorists’. Which list includes – in their minds, and intention – ‘anti-government extremists’.

Just so, the noose tightens…

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