Friday, 11 December 2015

On Tabs Coming Due

‘There are a number of things that I don’t understand about how you have been operating here.  One of them is your Social Security system.  That is a Trust Fund; correct?’

‘Yes sir.  That’s correct, sir.’

‘And my understanding of such a Fund is that it is available when called upon according to the terms of the Fund.  Is that correct?’

‘Yes sir.  That is correct.  Sir.’

'And presumably the federal government could have been using that 'credit' to invest it, and make some interest monies off of it, while holding the principal intact.  Is that correct?'

' - Uh, that sounds...  yes, that sounds correct.  Sir.'

‘So what is this business about its running out of money?’

‘…Um, ……’

‘I don’t have all day on this issue.  Let’s cut to the chase; okay?’

‘…Um, ……’

‘I’ll take that pause in the affirmative.  

‘It is my understanding that the Congresses have been raiding that Fund.  Is that correct?’

‘…Er…well……sort of.  Sir.’

‘Sort of.  That means…’


‘That means that the Congresses have been raiding that Fund.  And putting IOUs in it.  Is that correct?’


’To use those monies for your operating expenses.  Your operating budget.  is that correct?’

‘… - Um….Well…That would appear, …to be…the case……but…’

‘That would appear to be the case.  That you scoundrels have been acting illegally in this matter.  Is that correct?’

‘…I’ll have to check…with…our counsel.  Sir.  On that…interpretation.  Of……the……er…matter.’

‘That interpretation of the matter.  Yes, you people do have some history on ‘interpreting’ things, don’t you.  On interpreting the law in very creative ways, sometimes. 

‘Let’s move on.  I don’t have all day to check you people out on what you have been up to, in my absence.  But I have to say, even at this early point in the review, that there have been a lot of shameful things going on in this country.

‘Now, I accept that that sort of thing ‘comes with the territory,’ when people are allowed free will.  But come ON, folks. This is just silly stuff.  Just very shameful, silly, stuff.  Did you actually think that you would get away with it?’

‘ - Are you…asking…me, sir?  A question?  That question?’

‘No.  I’m asking myself.  What a lot of hooey I’ve been up to.  The part of Me that is You people.

’Sad, sad stuff.  Basic, minimum, immature, stuff.  I wish that I had been more up to the job, than what this experience, and expression, of Me, has shown.  

‘But, at least, it has shown - and in spades - that

‘people can’t make it on their own.  

‘But then, some of Us already knew that.  Why the rest of Us have to keep going through it, I don’t know.  

‘I guess some of Us are just not very good learners.

‘Well.  Better luck next time.’

‘… Are you - does that mean - that you’re going to give us another chance?  Sir??’

‘Always, friend. Always.  

‘But some of Us have had enough of alt this lower-grade nonsense, and are going to be moving on.  You’ll be on your own, in the next go ‘round.’

‘…And how long will that be, sir?’

‘The same.  Twenty-six thousand of your years.’

’Twenty-six thousand years!’

‘Indeed.  But some of Us are just slow learners, I guess.

‘Well.  That will be all.  For now.  I have other nations to fry today.

‘See you. Whenever.’

‘Wait!  Wait!  - Sir.  When will that be?’

‘When you’re ready for another crack at’

the Truth.

And nothing but.


And that includes about so-called ’smart meters’.  Better to be described as surveillance devices.  Used by the malevolent beings, and their minions, who are behind the worldwide push for total control over the populace of the entire planet.  And so forth - like vaccines with nefarious substances in them; and noxious items in our water and food supplies; and on, and on and on. In the battle going on on Planet Earth

between the forces of the Light

and the forces of the Dark

as we speak.

P.S.  Did you ever wonder why the Fed was fighting so hard to keep from being audited?  And did you ever think that they could have been flooding the world with bribery money??  Since they have personal, and exclusive, access to the money-printing machines.
     Just asking.

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