Monday, 28 December 2015

On Teaching Methods

Or: Trained To The Leash

(Teacher:) ‘We can’t have you mentioning that word in class, Diane.  Please refrain from referring to your parents’ primitive - '

(First Student; a bit defensively:) ‘What word.  God?’

(Teacher:) ‘Don’t say that, Diane.  Didn’t you hear me?  We can’t have you kids believing in the Tooth Fairy and the like.’

(First Student; a bit firmer, more rebelliously:) ‘Not even Liberty?  As in the former Statue of - ‘

(Teacher; a bit warningly:) ‘Don’t say - ‘

(Second Student; genuinely curiously:) ’Teacher?  What’s ‘liberty’?’ 

(Teacher; exasperated, to First Student:) ‘Now see what you’ve done?  Now see what you’ve done?’ (glancing at the far corner of the ceiling and then quickly away)

(First Student; calmly, as if more certain of herself, more in charge of the situation:) ‘What, exactly, Teacher?’

(Teacher:) ‘You’ve ruined my record.  My future.  If the word gets out too far that any of my kids were talking insurrection, abominations, in my - ‘

(Third Student; curious about what’s going on:) ‘What are ‘abominations,’ Teacher?’

(Teacher:) ‘Banned words!  Banned words!  There will be no banned words uttered in my classroom!’  (To the whole class:)   DO - YOU - HEAR - ME?’

(A beat.  Then, with some looks back and up at where the Teacher had glanced, and knowing that they are being prepared for jobs, that that is the purpose of their education, and service to the state; the whole class:)  ‘Yes, Teacher.’

(Teacher; calmed down somewhat:) ‘Now back to your textbooks.’  (Dutiful movements from the class. Then, shaking her head, and muttering to herself:)  ‘Parents.  They’ll be the death of us yet.  Fortunately,…’

-  they’re being phased out.  With the likes of Single Mom ‘families’.  Beholden to the state for their sustenance.  And thus, their loyalty having been bought.  And the nation’s legacy of essential liberty thereby sold for a mess of pottage.  So that, e.g., Muslims - having been brought into the country under the contrived pretext of ‘refugee’ status - instead of having to abide by American law, if they want to stay and live in this country, are forcing - with the help of their statist manipulators - American law to give way to Sharia law.  As part of the move by our erstwhile Keepers to demolish the United States of America, and turn it into a mere part of a region of the Dark force’s totalitarian New World Order.  And thus the moves for the likes of multiculturalism, and the airbrushing out of our history books of the inconvenient details.

Student: ‘Teacher, why aren’t we being taught the likes of the national sides in World War Two, and what was it all about, anyway?’1

Teacher: ‘What difference does it make?  It would just stir up old animosities.  We’re all friends now, creating free trade agreements and such.  Let sleeping dogs lie.’ 

And let us get on with creating our wondrous New World Order.  Without borders.  No more borders, no more nation states, possibly to go to war against each other.  Just one big Commune.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Well; in the right conditions - yes, it could be.

But not in your giant concentration camp.  No.  It wouldn’t be wonderful at all.

It would be a disaster, of monumental proportions.2

Creeping closer.

As we speak.


1 from the covering letter of Ben Stein to a fundraising appeal for the programs run by Young America’s Foundation: “I’ve spoken with young people who can’t identify the Second World War or even name our enemies during that conflict.  When I told her we fought Japan in World War II, one young person asked me, ‘Who won?’”

2 Ben Stein again: “But if we can educate our children and teach them about your conservative ideas, we can pass on values that will serve them throughout their lifetime AND preserve America as the country our Founding Fathers intended.”
   Well; yes.  And, that’s precisely the point, Ben.  Precisely why TPTB don’t want our children to be educated to such as the founding principles of this nation.
   Can’t have the individual exalted.  That gets in the way of the New Improved Collective.
   Same as the Old Collective.  Only with sharper teeth.

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