Wednesday, 23 December 2015

More On The Power Of Imagery

The Jews have learned a lot from their experiences in Hollywood...

from ‘This Video Proves Trump Was Right, Muslims Did Celebrate 9/11’ -  December 23
(A report from MSM on various purported Muslim celebrations on the day of 9/11.  The video itself did not show any of the reported celebrations.  I remember one such shot, of a group of cheering Palestinians, that has proven to be a false-flag type setup. )

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 23)

As usual in these sorts of things there is info and there is disinfo. At least one of the 'reaction' shots of Muslims cheering was proven to be a setup, by - guess who - Mossad, and their lackeys in the U.S.'s MSM. And then there were the Five Highfiving Israelis on top of their Mossad business-cover moving van across the river, one of them gleefully flicking a cigaret lighter for the camera with the burning WTC towers behind him in the shot, which event they as well knew was going to happen.

What was going on there? One question to ask yourself: Cui bono. Who benefits.

Oh, and just what DID happen to those Israelis afterwards? (Hint: They surfaced on Israeli TV, bragging about their exploits that day. Which included driving a van loaded with explosives over one of the bridges to Manhattan. Got away clean, they did. Wonder how that happened...not.)


Michael Chertoff, and assorted other Jews & Israelis, have much to answer for, for that day of infamy, and its aftermath.

And then there is the Bush Family bunch.  And Cheney.  And...and......and..................

Disgusting stuff.

And, I am still for free will, both the outcomes and the concept.  

That's how we grow.  Are more than just automatons.

Or the Transhumanism creatures being planned for us.  By incarnate souls who have lost their way, in the maze of matter. 

More on which, some other time.  For now, I have some errands to run.

On my stil-humanoid legs.


...and conservatives are not immune to living their lives by imagery either; more's the pity:

Harry Riley
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