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More From The Front Lines

First, the activist part of this blog:

1) from ‘Obama’s ISIS Oil Scandal Deepens as Russia Produces Stunning Photographic Evidence’ - Infowars - December 3
(“On Tuesday, the Russian military produced an impressive array of evidence that clearly shows that ISIS oil is being smuggled into Turkey on an industrial scale…”) 


It's time - and past - for the Obama regime to come down. From the viper's head.

Well, actually, that includes those behind the curtain who are manipulating the puppet.


The whole stinking mess needs to be cleaned out just like Hitler and his gang of cut throats. Is time to put them all on trial for treason because thats just what it is. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
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And power. In the attempted establishment of TPTB's New World Order.

2) from ‘Texas Sues Obama Admin As Syrian Refugees Head For The Welfare State’ -  December 3; orig. posted at Liberty Unyielding - Howard Portnoy - December 3 


This is alll part of The Plan, which includes bankrupting the U.S. for the Cloward-Piven Strategy to kick in, i.e., for socialism to take over from the collapse of capitalism. Only it's not just socialism hovering in the wings: It's the New World Order vulture, with its message of totalitarian control grasped firmly in its beak; supplanting the American eagle, with its message of Liberty. 

Stand your ground, Texas. You do it for us all. For true Americans, that is.


And now, a couple of notes on fundamentals; about this war going on, and where we are at in it:

1) 'In God We Trust' is a nonprofit, founded and now chaired by Protestant Christian bishops, which equates private and governmental moves against Christianity - accelerating, these Marxist/New World Order days - to demonstrations that bring up for them the question: 'Does America Hate God?'   I have just answered their latest entreaty for financial support for their lobbying efforts (having let earlier ones go)* thusly:

'Dear Rev. Chartrand:

'You are doing basically good work.  But the Christian religion is faulty, with human fingerprints all over it, & needs to give way to a fuller understanding of our Creator, & our Chreator's ways, of accomplishing His/Her ends.'

I was referring here to such as what is called the Hegelian dialectic, of thesis-antithesis-synthesis - also, roughly speaking, the Law of equal and opposite reaction; all of which pretty much sums up my understanding of how the evolution of consciousness (and historical movement) works - but didn't feel drawn to go into the details.  Also because I ran out of room on the available space in their material.  I could have written it all out on a separate piece of paper.  But who wants to be corrected, about their beliefs?? especially to their face???

Although, we do need to face this issue.  And rather soon, the way things are going.

In sum:

There is a huge amount of reference material available now that demonstrates that the Christian religion is founded on a faulty premise, including the rather troublesome fact that there very well may not even have been an historical figure like that portrayed in the New Testament, who is, rather, according to that(well-researched) take on the matter, a fictional character; a concoction, of myths about earlier 'saviors' and holy figures, going back at least as far as Egypt, if not long before.  Not to go into the subject in detail here; just to point the interested reader in the direction of some good sources of reference material in particular:

 D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S.); Ralph Ellis; and Joseph Atwill.

But that doesn't throw God out of the picture.  Just a particular personification, of Him/Her/It.

And - truth be told - of our Selves.  Aka our Self-Realization.  

*I have responded positively to other organized efforts to try to block concerted efforts (by such outfits as the 'Freedom from Religious Foundation' and 'Americans United for Separation of Church and State,' who would arrogantly deny the religious origins of this country, in their chafing under the saddle of the majoritarian Christian culture here) to do such things as take down crosses from private or military property.  As I say: arrogant behavior.  And not on the part of the Christians.
   Some people are trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater, having had it 'up to here' with 'the baby Jesus'.  Hey - It's part of the culture of this country, folks.  Deal with it.  Properly.  Not arrogantly.  You are demonstrating low consciousness.  Not higher.


2) Back at the coalface: I have just now received my November issue of The Phyllis Schlafly Report from the Eagle Forum,* wherein she chides the Congress for having surrendered up their Article One power and responsibility to Obama.  After throwing the newsletter across the room (I jest; but barely) in further disgust with the way things are in this country, I imagined a 'lefty' saying such a thing to me as:

'Why are you making such a big deal out of Obama's not literal eligibility under the Constitution?  The Constitution, as originally constructed, is a dead letter; everybody knows that.  Trying to be so literal about its wording, rather than, er, creative - with 'a living document' subject to modern interpretations - is so old hat.  Like the funny hats that they used to wear in those old, well-bygone days.'

Like, honoring the terms of a contract...

And having begun to wind myself up, I think I'll take a break right now.  

But, just to say:

You people....................what have you allowed to happen in this country.....................

Well, actually: I know:


And not just for TPTB to establish their New World Order.

But for us all to move beyond that antithesis stage of historical evolution, and get to

the Synthesis stage.

And not just a preliminary 'synthesis' stage, which historically has become rather the thesis for another go 'round of the process, as it slowly unfolds to its fullness; like a flower, following its encodement.  But now,

the final stage itself.

True Synthesis.

At long last.

Wherein Truth prevails.

Total Truth.

With a capital 'T'.

The kind that I went looking for lo, those many years ago now, when I left university on a determined search for it.  The process having finally come to fruition.

And just having required a little more patience from me, in

the process.


hanging in there.................

just a little more.............................................

* Phyllis and I go a long way back, so to speak; back to the East Bay Area of northern California, where I was living for a time in my peripatetic life, in the early 1970s, and was a 'follower' of Phyllis's excellent material ('A Choice - Not An Echo' anyone???), to the point that I took umbrage at a 'news' report on the local TV station about our nation's military strength, and, based on Phyllis's well-documented material, had my few minutes of fame in a rebuttal comment on camera to that report, which the local station allowed members of the public.  Good for them.  Though I don't see the same sort of thing going on these days, in the mainstream media.  I wonder why...

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