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What Do I Believe?

First, an update on the current battle of The War, between the Left and The Right in the U.S. (but really, between the New World Order gang and humanity):

further to ‘Will Cruz Be Trump’s VP or Supreme Court Pick?  “We Have Things in Mind for Ted”’ - December 13; orig. posted at - December 12
(a reply to mine of December 13; repeated below, for continuity)

kibitzer3 3 days ago (December 13)

Cruz could be on the SCOTUS. But he can't be VP. For the same reason that he can't be POTUS. And if the American people would grow a pair - led by such so-called conservative bodies as this one - they would call the Usurper on the same issue: because he is not a "natural born" citizen. Which, according to easily accessible historical evidence, means, and meant to the constitutional Framers, one born on the soil of citizen parents. That's PLURAL. As in BOTH. The whole POINT of the exercise on the part of the constitutional Framers having been to make sure that the occupant of that office, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, had NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to. Like Cruz. And like Obama.


And before you say another word, my answer is; TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT.

Else you're living under the rule of men, rather than the rule of law. And your next stop is full-on TYRANNY, from the chaos that ensues when you leave BEHIND the rule of law.

Which any child of the age of six should know. Or could be woken up TO know.

Pam kibitzer3 14 hours ago (December 15)

I usually don't agree with you, but this time I am inclined to do so. Our Founders and Framers DID fully intend that our presidents be 100% U.S., born of TWO 100% U.S. citizens. Since that time, there have been changes made to the "citizenship requirements", but I feel that our PRESIDENT should be held to a much higher standard and that the question of his or her loyalty should be unimpeachable BEFORE they are even put on a ballot. 

And I use Barry Soetoro as the perfect example of why this should be the case. His mother's parents took her and moved to Hawaii, BEFORE it became a state, because they found that the communist community they hooked up with in Washington state was not RADICAL ENOUGH FOR THEM! Then, compound that with the Kenyan commie who was supposed to be his father and you have someone who was clearly raised to HATE THIS COUNTRY.

I have serious reservations about Rubio, as well. He was born of two Cuban parents. He was born in 1971, His parents weren't naturalized until 1975. To prove his QUESTIONABLE loyalty, he is PRO amnesty for those who broke our laws to come here AND he wants to dramatically increase a program (H1-B) that companies have already been abusing for years in order to discriminate against QUALIFIED AMERICAN CITIZENS by hiring low wage, third world "workers".

Now, having said all that, if Ted Cruz somehow wins the nomination, YOU BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY I AM GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM!

  • kibitzer3 Pam 3 minutes ago  (December 15)

  • And if that turns out to be the case, that will be the end of the Constitution, to say the rule of law in this country, and the clear elevation of the rule of men, aka arbitrary law, which is tantamount to tyranny; and thus, the end of the federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A., and the concomitant signal for the entry of the totalitarian New World Order, and its boot stamping forever in the face of humanity.

  • Other than that: Thank you for agreeing with me, even if it went against your personal inclinations. You have served Truth well in that regard.

Next. This blog particularly occasioned by the last song on the album by Jackie Evancho titled Awakening, my dinnertime concert earlier this evening; the song itself titled Made to Dream.  

We are made to dream.  Not of just 'such stuff as dreams are made on'.  But of much more solid, and salutary, things.   Like other lives, and other dimensions...

Many years ago I came across the series of books by Zechariah Sitchin that he called in toto 'The Earth Chronicles'.  Briefly:  Sitchin, a Jew, as a child ln school wondered about things that others seemed to take for granted; and a chance encounter with a teacher, when he asked the pedagogue about the meaning of a word in the Old Testament, sent him on a lifelong journey that took him deeply into the historical material on the ancient Sumerian civilization (which exploded on the planetary scene seemingly out of nowhere) and subsequent Middle Eastern civilizations in particular i.e., not exclusively).  His conclusion, from the clay cylinder tablets of the Sumerians (with their cuneiforms script that he taught himself to read): that we humans were 'created' as workers by the Anunnaki, translated as 'Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came;' the human-like inhabitants of a planet - which they called Niburu - from the outermost regions of our own solar system, which travels on a 3600-year eccentric orbit of our Sun (and thus the basis for the ancient Sumerians' counting system) which brought it to this region repeatedly in that time frame (one of its close-encounter orbits occasioning what we know as The Flood).

But first things first: They came here (according to the record, and Sitchin's interpretation of it) looking for, and finding, gold, which apparently they needed as some sort of repair for their atmosphere.  Tiring of the menial labor (in their deep mines in southern Africa, called, for whatever reason, the Lower Abzu) they asked the leaders of their mission for help, which came in the form, first, of a gene-splicing operation between their DNA and that of the native hominids, and then, when that resulted in a hybrid form that could not reproduce itself, their scientists (apparently in particular a female 'Chief Medical Officer' named Ninhursag) went back to the drawing board, and came up with a full-fledged hominid, and hey presto - homo sapiens sapiens was born.  Of a lesser nature than its creators, of course, since their job was to do the scut work for their 'gods,' and thus they were created with shorter telomeres on the tips of their DNA strands, so that they wouldn't live as long as, become more 'equal' to, their masters.   

Where am I going with all this (and admittedly I may have some of the details wrong; it's been years since I read that material)?  I am trying to lay the groundwork for a comment on our day and age.  For it feels to me - and I am not alone in this feeling; far from it,  considering things I read on the Internet - as though we have come to a major Turning Point in our evolution.  Both as to our scientific ability to alter our DNA, e.g. to lengthen our telomeres; and as to our scientific ability to destroy ourselves, in a nuclear holocaust.  Which major catastrophe has also, very apparently, happened in our past, when our similarly inclined 'creators' got into warring with each other, and with the Humans that they managed to win to their sides in the various scenarios that have been played out on this sorely put-upon planet since our beginnings here.  

But fortunately for us, these gene-tinkerers merely created the forms, for further substance - essence -  to inhabit.  The essence of life.  Calibrated down into such aspects of the  larger Creation as  


And we have reincarnated* sufficiently now, on this planet (with perhaps some incarnations on other 3D planets along the way, for further seasoning in duality consciousness), to have learned our lessons, in the lower grades of the school that we have been seasoned in.  And are ready for our 

graduation time. 

From this stage of our schooling, at least.

Are well primed for that graduation, because of our past experiences.

And we don't - deep down; very deep down inside - don't want to go there anymore.  Are waking up from our trance (induced to keep us in The Play until it comes to its natural end), and are ready, now, to say, not only



Bring on the higher stuff! -

Because in between incarnations -

call it in Summerland - 

we also go to school. 

And have brought that schooling back with us also. 

Which tells us that

it's time.

To wrap up The Play.  And engage in

the Real Thing.      

Now, there is more to the story of Life on Earth than just this take on it.  Sitchin didn't go into other matters, such as the interesting array of races on this planet, and other ETS in the universe, who have also made appearances on this planet, and left their marks as well. (Including some very nasty entities, who have become so matter-bound that they have given up on their souls' evolutions, and have tried their damnedest to entice us Humans to stay stuck on this level of consciousness, so that they can use us, and our emotions, as food.)  But his take on it is sufficient enough, to give us a boost up 

the memory ladder.      

At least, them's my thoughts on the subject.  For now.

Except just to say, that, in the light of Where We Are At

I don't see that there is going to be an election in 2016 in the U.S.   

We're going to wrap up The Play by removing the present set of our 'leaders,' and installing new governance, that is aligned with Spirit.  Not Matter.  Which alignment will take us into a post-money system era.  At least, the travesty of interest-bearing money - to say, money as debt - until we get the New System functioning at top efficiency.  Which involves what are called free energy devices.   And what are called replicators, or manifestors.  And oh, a whole lot of goodies.

Just waiting for us, to inherit.  For having accomplished our graduation.  And having entered into

The New.

Which also includes meeting our friends from the galaxy.

Cheering us on.

As we speak. 

Of things, like     

And being made for them.

So: Dream into the New Earth, and our New Story.  And thus, help make it so.


* part of The Plan for which there is much evidence; which I won't go into in this particular posting.  Suffice it to say that the evidence is now undeniable, in our time; from studies and NDEs and 'anecdotal evidence' up the old gazoo.
    If you don't know about it all, you've been watching too much of the wrong kind of stuff on your flat-screen telly.
   As Big Brother has been watching you.

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