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On Beginning Seriously To Lose It - 2

(If I get static from conservatives to my negative response to the idea of a Trump/Cruz ticket, and for the reason given, my - or at least a - response to that:)

Please be more ethical than the Democrats, for God’s sake (literally):

The Constitution is a contract.  Let’s see your amendment to the contract.  Otherwise, you have no firm basis on which to run your government.  You are simply flying it by the seat of your pants; subject to personal whim and pleasure.  

That is called tyranny, friend.  We fought a war (of Independence) over that sort of governance.  Your ilk lost.  Get over it.  This became a New Land, operating under the rule of law; no longer under arbitrary law.  If you are going to go to one-man rule, I’ll take over now, and draw The Play to a close.  

‘The Play’: by which, and in which, to catch our consciences.  

For, make no mistake: Only those who live by, and make a stand for, Truth will be able to advance at this time.  That is of the substance of the Ring-Pass-Not to the higher realms.  That, and the heart chakra opening that allows you to resonate with the vibratory rate of the higher realms.  

And stay in them.

As we enter their vestibule, in and of

the New Era. 

P.S. Why do I single out “the Democrats” for special condemnation?  Since they were only playing roles in The Drama; yes.  But they took to their roles so heartily - so ready to trash the great experiment of self governance that is the United States of America. by allowing the Usurper to be their king!  And if they fail to recognize that they were only playing roles, and fail to release those roles, and that position, they will ‘go down’ - stay stuck on this level - with the rest of those souls who fail to move on with the evolutionary process at work.  

The evolutionary process that brings a natural end to

The Play

and the beginning of

The Real Thing.

P.S. In the event, this is what I wrote, in rebuttal to such a response (including it; and noting that I chose not to spook the horses.  At least not at this point in tine):

Permalink Reply by Little Bright Feather 49 minutes ago (December 14)

America could go down the drain as long  as its done by a NBC !   THAT is what it comes down to in this NBC issue !    Insanity !
The piece of paper (BC) means more then the Country does according to those who push against the only good men running !!

It seems that those who want ONLY NBC's to run, fail to read the rest of that statement in the Constitution. They take only the part they want, and ignore or try to explain away the rest of it.

"NO person except a natural born Citizen OR A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES at the time of the  adoption of this constitution shall be eligible...."

It says OR, not   AND !
Big difference !

Well, that was adopted long ago so anyone naturalized since is eligible as long as they lived here for 14 consecutive years before running for office.  That 14 year stipulation would not be in the Constitution (which was written for FUTURE generations, not just a temporary thing for them back then as some try to pass it off as) if it did not refer to those as NATURALIZED citizens !  Temporary things are not written in a Constitution, they'd be made a separate law or rule just for that time ! A Constitution however, is written as  PERMANENT LAW  for a country for FUTURE  generations.

This says even naturalized citizens are eligible as long as they have lived in America for 14 consecutive years prior to running for office AS A CITIZEN.    It does not say HOW that citizen is to become a citizen.  It just says "a Citizen of the US".  It is written as TWO SEPARATE THINGS.  The word OR makes that very clear.  Some twist that to mean it only applied to the Founders, but since they were all born here, that ends that twisted argument there.   And for it not to apply to all in the future, then it would not have been put into the Constitution to begin with as PERMANENT  LAW. The Constitution was not written to be "temporary".     It was written for the future generations.  Us.
Nothing is ever written in any constitution as "temporary" for just that particular time - it is always written for FUTURE GENERATIONS ! !  Something "temporary" is written as a "law" for that time,  not put into  a Constitution as PERMANENT Law of the Land FOREVER !

This Constitutional statement gives TWO ways for a person to run for office as an eligible  citizen. It's  so plain, why do so many miss it ?
The courts also cleared Cruz to run.

Cruz never realized he had Canadian citizenship too besides American, until someone told him just a couple of years ago.  As soon as he was told he ended it.

The purpose of that Constitutional statement is what EVERYONE IS MISSING = = it  is so Foreigners loyal to other countries are not placed in American govt offices. It was a  matter of LOYALTY more then birth, as the finished complete statement says !

Cruz has never been loyal to any other country and has been American all his life. He knows no other country.  You cannot get any more American then he is, or Jindal, for that matter, who was born here.  Both Christians by the way. Seems that is another factor in their being attacked, since the others in the same situation are not attacked or even mentioned - they are  not Christians.. Ben Carson is a Mormon. He's also an Obama the 2nd !

Right now every single DC office is held by a Foreigner all loyal to other agendas and nations. Even those pretending to be Americans, but are not.  They have given their loyalty to the enemy.

But stupid Americans who claim to be "American" will bite their nose off to spite their face and put another Communist in office, betraying America and all its citizens,  rather then put a real American-hearted man in office - all because of a stupid piece of paper (BC) !  That piece of paper (BC) to them is more important then this country is !  They would betray America to get the right Birth Certificate in office !  How stupid is that ?

America is in such deep trouble, at this point I'd not care of a good Christian man who loved this country and wanted to save  it was  born on the moon - we are in that big of a mess and need to go for the man who will do America right, not care if he does not have the perfect BC that please the eyes and pride of a certain few. If they really cared that much they should have spoken up when Obama came on the scene !  I for one, put out all his lying info over two years before he was placed in office !  The media got it and so did hundreds, if not thousands, of my list people.  No one can say they did not know about the Foreign terrorist MUSLIM  Obama !  My newsletters go all over the country and even over the pond, from what I'm told !

If the NBC voters  really cared about America they'd have been going after Obama in a big way for the past 7 years - but they haven't, so they have no right to throw anything at Ted Cruz now, or Jindal for that matter.

NO one says a thing about Rubio because he's a RINO.  Both of his parents were born in Cuba. But since he is not one to save this country, no one brings it up - they want him because he is another destroyer. 

And JEB Bush, well there is another evil story that could fill a book ! He also could be considered a Mexican citizen in his heart - he is loyal to Mexico, not America !  And he is a Nazi !   There is  good example of a NBC who is really a Foreigner in his heart !  Time  that law be changed anyway, even though it's been nullified twice now  via Obama and  McCain !  This is why God looks on the heart as we should too !

That law is killing America today because we have been so infiltrated with NBC's who are actually loyal to other countries - all deliberately designed to take down this country, and it's worked ! The Bushes are the best example of that.. They have NEVER been loyal to America in spite of their good performances pretending to be !    I could list many others going all the  way back to 1861 when this plan was first put into action.
They  never mentioned Romney's family all gave up their American citizenship for Mexican (to escape American law) , yet they changed , or ignored law , to let them run for offices here when they came back because of the Mexican Revolution suddenly happening, or they would have stayed there  - his father, born on Foreign soil to Mexican citizens !  They  lied to say they are duel citizens - not so !  They GAVE UP THEIR AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP !!!   Had they kept it they would have been arrested for breaking American laws.  American law officers were after them, which is why they fled to Mexico !    But American law could not touch them as they were then officially Mexican citizens on Mexican soil !  His father GW Romney also lived in England for a few years on missionary work and those years taught him how to "sell himself" as building confidence and speaking ability that molded the rest of his life when he began in politics.   Years later Romney's father ( wouldn't you know, another GW (George Wilcken Romney) wanted to run for Michigan governor (1963), and became a dual citizen in order to do it and even with dual citizenship (he was born in Mexico) and a criminal background he still ran for President (1968) and no one said a thing about his then dual citizenship !  DC covered up for them.  It was never even mentioned or allowed to be !  DC covered up the fact of them giving up their American citizenship.   I'm  sure by now they have altered that history to cover it up ! I think DC spends more time covering things up then anything else !

The Romneys only came back to America because of the Mexican Revolution or they would have stayed there ! They took up American citizenship but kept their Mexican citizenship too !  NO one ever mentions this (in fact it's even denied), the Romney's are always pushed as being "American" this and that.  They have British Romney relatives who have always lived in you could say they have some loyalty to England too !  Plus Mitt's  father lived in England for some years. Mitt is his middle name. His real name is Willard Mitt.
DC covered up for John McCain as well (in more ways then one), who also ran not NBC certified. The court changed the law for him too !   Even lying saying he was born on a military base and in a hospital that did not even exist at the time !    ALL LIES !  He was born in Panama where his both parents lived at the time, NOT on  American soil  and not on any military base.

Americans are only allowed to know what DC wants them to know and HOW they want them to perceive it !   It's all part of the crooked DC politics.  DC thrives on "crooked".
AS far as I can see, anyone who is willing to throw a good man away over  a stupid piece of paper (BC) when Obama could not even produce one, is no American in my book ! They are just as much a destroyer as Obama is !
You are suppose to vote for A MAN, NOT A PIECE OF PAPER ! They are not 'registered' dogs in a dog show !
Because of this, we have lost or country.
WE have two generations of Muslims born here now (planned this way ready for them to take over) - so according to those who only go by a half of phrase in the Constitution and a BC, they are more qualified then someone who wants to save this country because he has one parent (or both) not born here, even if they have been an American all their life. Even the Bible does not support that, or Ruth would have been thrown out on her ear rather then incorporated as equal to the others of that family, as she was !!
Also all of us not Jewish would be thrown out of God's family, but God says once in His family all are equal and there is no
 Jew or Gentile !
It is always a matter of the heart !  The LOYALTY !  Like God said - Man looks on the outward appearance, but GOD looks on the HEART !  We are suppose to be striving to be more  God/Jesus like !  And that is why the Constitution is written that way.    IT was the LOYALTY TO  ONLY  THIS COUNTRY THEY WERE  SEEKING  AFTER.  Everyone is missing that point !
But some don't care about loyalty, obviously, going after Ted Cruz and Jindal like they are, but nothing  about Rubio or Obama is even mentioned anymore. Only those truly loyal to America are attacked - and it's noticed !

Those are NOT true Americans who do that kind of attacking ! Only those with right hearts for this country are being attacked !  So typical in this evil world. Unwise people fall for the ploys of Satan and they are totally blind to it, and are being clay in Satan's hands.
If Obama had been a true NBC, and still his evil self, and all others running were not NBC, everyone of the NBC crowd would have voted for him in spite of his being pure evil and those voting knew he would destroy their country, but it would not matter to those who only look at that NBC status,  as long as he had the NBC Birth certificate and status !  - America could go down the drain as long  as its done by a NBC ! THAT is what it comes down to !    Insanity !

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now (December 14)

LBF: You are being sophistic.  You are the perfect example of someone trying to make two wrongs make a right, just because you have a dog in the fight.

Please try to be more ethical than the Democrats, for God's sake (literally); and listen closely:

The Constitution is a contract, between the States and the federal government.  Let's see your amendment to the contract.  Otherwise, you have no firm basis on which to run your government.  You are simply flying it by the seat of your pants; subject to personal whim and pleasure.  That is called tyranny, friend.  We fought a war (of Independence) over that sort of governance.  Your ilk lost.  Get over it.  This became a New Land, operating under the rule of law; no longer under arbitrary law.  America MUST NOT GO DOWN THAT ROAD.  That road - as we already know, from having been on it for the last 7 years at the very minimum - leads to DISASTER.

And to point out that both major political parties KNEW what they were up to, in this attempt to overthrow constitutional government - i.e., the rule of law - in this country, I draw your, and everybody's, attention to the fact that both parties tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08, to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress INCLUDING THIS VERY SUBJECT - i.e., the attempt to water down the strict NBC requirement, of a presidential candidate needing lo be born on the soil of citizen parents - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around the NBC issue.  So, as I said: THEY KNEW.

And so what did they do?  It is obvious what they did.  They colluded.  They met in the equivalent of a smoke-filled back room in 2008, and did a deal, with a Republican Party rep saying to the effect to their Democrat Party counterparts: 'We won't say anything about your candidate if you won't say anything about any of ours in the future on this issue.  And because between us we control the mainstream media and the courts system - and of course the legislative branch - we can get away with it; capiche?'  And so they have.  So far.  So far...

You decry that nothing was done about Obama.  It has not been without trying.  Many voices have been risen over this issue - and from the very git-go.  But because of the power of the New World Order gang, they have been stifled, sidelined, and ridiculed; taking a page out of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' manual, on how to get your way: Don't debate your opponent on the facts.  Smear him. Ridicule him [with artfully chosen trigger words)]  Sideline him in the minds of the public.  And the public, being too busy in their little lives to look into the actual facts of the matter, will believe YOU.

Well, no more.  The rot stops with the attempt to make two wrongs make a right, and the 'good guys' stooping to the level of the bad guys.  We are mad as hell, and we aren't going to take it any more.

Get on the side of the good guys.  Or get out of the way.  Because we're coming through.

As for doing your homework on this issue - or anyone - I recommend, for good example: puzo1dotblogspotdotcom.  And the two videos of Prof. Herb Titus.  And the site of CDR C.F. Kerchner (Ret.).  And...and...and.........

It's out there.  It just needs support.  By the good guys.

Make YOUR choice, friend.  A lot rides on it.  Including your own soul's evolution.


(I will just note in passing that LBF's icon, or whatever il's called, was/is of a Confederate flag.  Go figure.)


2) from ‘Major San Bernardino Cover Up Revealed’ - Andrew Spalding - December 12; posted December 13/14

The whole political machine in this country is corrupt and it needs to be changed now or there will be no country left. Slowly but surely we are losing all our freedoms to this madman Obama and his cronies
Unlike · Reply · like.png68 · Dec 13, 2015 11:25am

You got Mike....The solution to our problems is written in the Constitution. The Liberal Socialist Muslim is no longer using an ice pick on the Constitution, he's using a jack hammer.
Unlike · Reply · like.png39 · 5 hrs (December 14)

2016 VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP - The only one that is putting his money where his mounth is. We do not need anymore BOUGHT AND PAID FOR POLITICIANS - They look at their position in office as a life long job (after all someone did buy them and pay for them) VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP 2016 - Ted Cruz Vice President and Dr. Carson Surgeon General
Like · Reply · like.png33 · 5 hrs


Patricia Kuhlman: Right idea, wrong lineup. Cruz is no more eligible for the VP slot than Obama is/was eligible for the top job, and for the same reason: neither of them is a "natural born" citizen, as required by the Constitution for those jobs (the VP slot by a subsequent amendment). The term as defined historically, and with no constitutional amendment to the contrary of the requirement, being a person born on the soil of citizen parents. That's PLURAL. As in BOTH.

And the sooner that the American people wake up to the fact - that their country is being hijacked by New World Order minions on both sides of the political aisle - the sooner we can have the Usurper arrested (no impeachment process needed for a common criminal), or force him to resign; and the nation gets back to the rule of law - its Constitution. Or we will be taken down very shortly now, because we have allowed the rule of men to take over. Otherwise known as TYRANNY. 

Wake up, so many of you conservatives. You are being part of the problem, by thinking to try to make two wrongs make a right. That is not the way to go. That is the way to go deeper into error. And ultimate disaster.


Sigh......Why is this issue so difficult for conservatives/patriots to get?  Are they THAT drugged out by their flat screens, and un-understanding of the extent of the perfidy that has been going on??  In their OWN COUNTRY, for heaven's sake???......

On Needs And Wants

             I want
To go home.  But first,
             we need 
                   to do
     the work - the
     Great Work -
         there is
      before us
To do.
           And then,
Go home.  At


       There has
      to be more
       than this.

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