Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Further On Our Window Of Opportunity Closing

from teaparty.org: ‘The Supreme Court Just Dealt A Massive Blow to Gun Rights Across America’ - December 7-8 (orig. posted at newsmax.com - December 7-8)  


All the more reason that the false-flag-op nature in particular of the Sandy Hook exercise and the Boston Marathon Bombing drill needs to be widely disseminated. There is massive evidence in by now (including a densely researched book that was pulled by Amazon) that the Sandy Hook Hoax was just that - a hoax (there was a FEMA drill going on there the day before it went 'live', etc. etc. etc.); and it was even announced near the finish-line site of the Bostom Marathon that "This is a drill...This is a drill" just before the smoke bomb went off, and the crisis actors took their assigned places (including 'Cowboy Hat Guy' - escorting the guy with the hastily-fitted prostheses in the wheel chair - who was identified by a Hollywood producer-director as an actor that he had signed up for one of his films). This is all smoke and mirrors stuff, perpetrated by those New World Order minions who are doing their best to spook the American people into their gun-confiscated corral. 

Don't buy into the con job, America. You need to fight these bastards off, and take back your country. The world needs you to STAND TALL, and prove your worth, as a free people - the last free nation left on Earth. Rapidly allowing your country to be turned into a police state. 

STEM THIS TIDE. And a better world is waiting on the other side of this divide, when we get rid of the Dark forces once and for all, and inherit our proper kingdom. The kingdom of Heaven. Not of malevolent entities; who have had their day. If we do our job properly. What we incarnated to be here FOR.


what does anyone expect with 5 liberal obama judges; Republicans let us down again and will do so in 2016; Trump/Cruz must run as independents even if we lose. It is the formation of a new America and as Ronald Reagan said; the generation that gives up it's freedom will never taste it again. but your grandchildren will.
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Good idea; it is just that we don't have that much time left. If we Patriots don't win this time it is pretty much over.
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It's already over if patriots like you, David, don't understand that Cruz is no more eligible for either of the top jobs (for not being a 'natural born' citizen; i.e., one born on the soil of citizen parents) than Obama is; and needs to be removed from that thus-dishonored office for it just as soon as possible, before he does any more damage than he has already done [while illegally in it]. And just so will we wake up to the fact that the constitutional Framers knew precisely what they were doing, when they made the office of POTUS available only to citizens with SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S. NO NATURALIZED OR [BORN] DUAL CITIZENS ALLOWED, in the job where the occupant also becomes the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - the PRIMARY REASON such a stringent eligibility requirement was put in the Constitution for that particular federal office, and no other. 

American citizens really need to wake up to their own Constitution. And their responsibility to KEEP IT. Not turn over that responsibility to a professional political class; who have in our day well proven the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, in warning against such a class developing in this country. We still have time to correct that error in our judgment.  But not much.


There are also serious questions arising about the San Bernardino shooting, along these same false-flag-op lines.

If the Paris police & other government authorities can mount a Gladio-style operation there, who's to say that our own police & similarly-minded authorities can't do the same here.  

Especially when so many of our police forces have gone to Israel for training in people-control measures. Aka intimidation tactics par excellence.  

Speaking of which: there is an excellent video out, of a former IDF soldier who came to 'see the light,' and has made sincere attempts to redress the grievances against Palestinians over there.  Name of Eran Efrati, of 'Breaking The Silence'.  Check it out.  A brave, honest man.  

Of which Israelis, there are some still.


2) from universalfreepress.com: ‘An Open Letter To The President From A Citizen’ - Rigrimes - December 8
(Giving Obama some benefit of the doubt.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (December 8)

There is not going to be 'business as usual' for an election in 2016. The Marxists in power at this time aren't going to let their position be taken away from them. They are not two-party-system types; they are Marxian types, who believe in such ideological 'principles' as 'the calculation of the relation of forces'. According to which, if you gain a particular advantage, you do not give it up; rather, you apply more pressure, to move it further to your desired end. Which in this case is a totalitarian state out of the former constitutional republic of the U.S.

Obama is not going to listen to reason, Richard. That's not why he is in that position. He was groomed, and put in there, for another purpose. And unless the American people wake up, and very soon, they are going to find out precisely what that purpose is. In spades.

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