Saturday, 5 December 2015

Speaking Truth To Power

Some 'Lightworkers' are trying to concentrate on the positive in the leadup to the change afoot in the human Drama.  But I must confess that it is difficult for me to go there, with all that is going on, in this country, and the world.  I get there occasionally.  But perhaps I had a past life involved deeply in the founding of this country.  For whatever reason, I still see red when TPTB continue to attempt to take this country over, and merge it into being simply a part of a region of their New World Ordure.  Hence this sort of response, even still, this close to The Breakthrough:

from ‘Is privacy now protected against massive telephones spying?’ - Lyle Denniston - December 1
(It turns out that “there is still not a final court ruling on [the NSA’s bulk data sweep] constitutionality”.  

This is all arrant nonsense on the part of the politicized judicial branch - it's the spirit of the law that counts. Plus, the 4th requires a warrant based on probable cause.

We are getting perilously close to a police state in this country. If we're not already there. We must tell the federal government in no uncertain terms:

'Not my country, you won't.'

And so there’s been a change in the law; so now what??  From Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Washington Times article posted at the same site on December 2, titled ‘The spies who ruin us’:

“How can the NSA get instant access to your emails and phone calls? 

“Quite easily. Both the Patriot Act and the USA Freedom Act unconstitutionally do away with the probable cause requirement for warrants. Those two laws permit the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to issue warrants based on the standard of “governmental needs” rather than probable cause. This is a profoundly unconstitutional standard, and one that has resulted in spying on all people all the time.

“In reality, “governmental needs” is no standard whatsoever, as the government will always claim that it needs what it wants. “Governmental needs” is the hateful standard that was used by the British government when it secretly obtained warrants to enter the homes of the colonists. This provoked the American Revolution and produced the Fourth Amendment…”

Just so, Judge.  Just so.

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