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Good Advice On A 'Medical' Procedure

There's a HUGE story here; including the seeding into society of the very diseases/conditions that the vaccines are presumed to treat for - and of their contaminants (as, e.g., SV40 in the polio vaccine).  But, briefly:

from Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth: ‘Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines: DO NOT SIGN the Refusal to Vaccinate form!’ - December 5; orig. posted at - August 18

kibitzer3 says:

Thanks for posting this, Jean. Extremely important info, and link.

It’s not just that the vaccines have more, and more severe, adverse effects than the public is told about. (Vaccine-induced encephalitis and subacute encephalitis, like ADD/ADHD, the autism spectrum, etc.; autoimmune diseases of various kinds; SUID/SIDS; etc.) It is not just that the medical-pharmaceutical complex makes big bucks off of a) the vaccines, and b) the return business from their side effects. (Sweet.) It is also because we have evil people in charge of us these days, who are attempting to put us totally in their control; in this case, by lacing vaccines with a) substances like anti-fertility agents, and b) substances either to kill us or ‘brain fry’ us (a GM bacteriophage) or to ‘people control’ us [like RFID chips]. It is all 1984-ish, and it is NOT PRETTY.

Do your homework. And DON’T SIGN ANYTHING, unless you have researched it, and it it meets with your informed consent/satisfaction. The bastards need to be sued, on a number of charges and ‘fronts’, but until then, you may have to homeschool your children. It is a small price to pay for their health.

And on that last note: Included in your homework should be info on how to a) beef up your child’s immune system, and b) treat a childhood disease naturally. Find a good naturopath or holistic medical practitioner for this sort of info. (Some good treatments: vitamin A for measles; very large amounts of vitamin C for polio; colloidal silver for the DPT triad. The list goes on.)

We need to take our lives back from the erstwhile people controllers. It’s that serious, and that time, folks. (As many of YOU are aware [of] already.)


It is, really, time for the counter-revoution.

Note that I'm not saying a 'revolution'.

That has already taken place.  Aka a coup.  With our erstwhile masters already sitting atop the mountain of power. With their king.  

And a Usurper at that.

Choose to go, Barry.  And save us all a lot of trouble.  

Your call.


P.S. All this stuff about the downsides of vaccines, and including the despicable use of EMFs and RFs on us, and etc., is part of the Draco-Globalist NWO Agenda (that nest of Reptilians in coordination with MJ kingpins) to incarcerate all of humanity in their global concentration camp, and take us out individually and collectively as they choose.  It is a total perversion of the free will realm of our 3D matrix; but that has been the choice of these monsters.  However, humans like V. Putin are calling them on their best-laid plans.  And more power to him, and his like.

   Two things to say here to all of this:

   1) God will not be mocked; and

   2)  I'll go into all of this aspect of Life In Our Times in more detail another time.

   In the meantime:

   Practice discernment.  And know, that:

   All is not as it seems.  We live in a world of multiple illusions.

   And of Illusion itself.  (Aka a holographic projection.)

   And one of those specific illusions is that we citizens of America are - at this point in time - technically freemen, and women.  Somewhere back in time - around the 1868-1871 mark  - we were surreptitiously 'sold' to a corporation, ka U.S.A, Inc., and became, via our birth certificates, registered as human chattel to that corporation.  So 'the government' owns you and your children, as assets backing the debts of the corporation.  And so it can 'legally' do things like force you and your children to take their damn vaccines; and so forth.

   But don't worry.

   It's all going to 'come out in the wash'.

   Of the New Day dawning.  Not just for us Americans.

   But for all of humanity.

   'Watch this space.'

   As they say...

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