Tuesday, 29 December 2015

On Good Citizenship

To: Cong. Alan Lowenthal, U.S. Congressman, California 47th District

Issue: Civil Rights 

Subject: The Strong Cities Network

Dear Cong. Lowenthal,

I have very recently come across some disturbing information, that I would like your opinion on.

On Sept. 19th last [actually, the 29th], U.S. AG Loretta Lynch spoke to the UN General Assembly regarding a UN initiative called the Strong Cities Network.  The UN is usually involved with environmental issues; I wondered what the U.S.'s AG was doing talking to that body.  It turns out that the SCN has as part of its brief to 'combat home-grown domestic terrorism'.  

What is this all about, I wondered.  Until I found a more recent quote.  This, from the Asst. AG for National Security, John Carlin, who lumped people with "anti-government views" with groups he considered under the label of 'domestic terrorism' (like the KKK, e.g.).  

So, under the well-known strategy of incrementalism, we are being faced with the very real prospect of UN forces coming into U.S. cities with a mandate to outlaw criticism of the state - the UN to do it, because the Obama administration does not trust U.S. [domestic] forces to do such a job, presumably.

Your comments on this extremely disturbing matter and chain of events, please.

Thank you.

Very sincerely

'Stan' Stanfield

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